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    Thread: Cannot progress in campaign in PVE Bugs

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    Hi Mooshoomahn,

    Which ARES job is this is particular? I would like to test this for myself internally.
  2. Thread: DropShip Down Mission broken. in PVE Bugs

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    Thanks for the post. We now have this issue tracked in our system.
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  4. Thread: FOB Sagan mission, Strange Chemistry in PVE Bugs

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    Thanks for the info, we are now tracking this issue.
  6. Thread: Heavy Armor/Thunderdome: One shield dropping disables the other in Battleframe Bugs

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    Thanks for the heads up on this. We are now tracking this issue.
  8. Thread: Collect Ares Jobs in PVE Bugs

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    Hey everyone,

    We've confirmed some bad spawn points in DT and are currently looking in the issue. Thank you for the heads up! :)
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  10. Thread: Still have to reload your glider everytime you log in or warp in! in PVE Bugs

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    Can you guys list which gliders you are using? This will help me narrow down any potential issues. Thanks! :)
  12. Thread: No working jobs at The Nest in PVE Bugs

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    I have figured out what is causing this and is now being looked into. Thanks!
  14. Thread: Glider pads not spawning at end of missions in PVE Bugs

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    Hey guys!

    Just to you all let you know, I have updated the issue internally with all the new and relevant information. Thanks to all for the new info.
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  16. Thread: 1.7 Hotfix Update? in General Discussion

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    We're working on getting many issues fixed, but don't have an ETA on when it will be deployed yet. In the meantime, we've reset the DTE on all DT shards.
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  18. Thread: Friday Live Stream: Devhax Day in General Discussion

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    As a side note, thanks again for everyone who came out to the DevHax Day substream! Hope you all had a great time today, and hope to see you all again soon!
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