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    Thread: AMAZON MELDING in PvE Discussion

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    Moved to PvE Discussion. Please note, that the Amazon Warzone will have some reworks based on community and internal feedback after every other zone had some dev love. Might take a while from now on, but Amazon will get some additional dev love too. More details will be shared, when the time is right :D
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  2. Thread: On launch in Win 10, error reported in Technical Support

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    Moved to Tech Support. The Error obviously seems to implicate, that you have a memory issue. Please try to close every not needed background application before launching Firefall. Also make sure that you run the game with full admin rights and optional with compatibilty modes on (Win 7 / 8). At least that are some first aid remedys. I'm sure our Rangers will have additional help / information for you. :)
  4. Thread: Firefall + Evolve ?. in Community Vorschläge / Feedback

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    Also ich kann die Kritik mit den SIN-Leveln verstehen und dass es teilweise etwas auseinander gerissen wird. Allerdings gibt es dazu auch noch diese "automatische Levelanpassung" - also dass der Charakter entsprechend des Gebietes runtergestuft wird. Und da stimme ich auch zu, sollten eigentlich die Belohnungen (XP und Beute), wenn man niedrig leveligen Content macht, auch entsprechend angepasst werden - zumindest bis zu einem gewissen grad. Denn anderherum kann es dann nämlich auch passieren, dass überwiegend nur der "leichtere Content" zum Leveln gespielt wird, während man die Spieler dann in den höher leveligen Gebieten vermisst. Es ist immer eine Gradwanderung.

    Wie genau ist das denn mit den World-Leveln gemeint?
  6. Thread: [Contest] SIN Tower Sound Off in General Discussion

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    I'll say yes, but in terms of raffle entries you only get one. :)
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  8. Thread: [Contest] SIN Tower Sound Off in General Discussion

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    Hello pilots!

    Have a knack for making things sound epic and immersive? Are you new in the sound field and want a chance to make some wavs? If so, this contest is for you!

    We are holding a sound off competition for pilots to possibly replace a sound from within the Firefall world! Your target? The sound effect given off of by our SIN Towers!

    Here is a sound clip of how the SIN Towers sound currently:

    SIN Tower Ambient Sound

    One of the two situations will occur:

    = We will incorporate the winners sound into Firefall and they will receive a Founders pack!

    = We do not incorporate the winners sound into Firefall. However, they will receive a Lieutenants pack!

    All entrants will be entered into a raffle to win one of two Ensign packs!


    Start: August 28,2015
    End: September 24, 2015

    Submissions/ Formatting

    Submit your sound here on the forums via sites such as Soundscloud and Media Fire. The file will need to be in 48k 16-bit wav file.

    Some suggestions on programs you can use are Audacity and Reaper.
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  10. Thread: Firefall Live Recap: August 28, 2015 in News & Announcements

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    FFL recap is UP
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  12. Thread: Virus in PTS Software? in PTS Discussion

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    This is definitely a false positive and the issue has been reported. Thanks for reaching out! :)
  14. Thread: We need more Tinkerers in PTS Discussion

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    We hear your feedback.
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  16. Thread: When is the grind going to end? in PTS Discussion

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    Just in case anyone missed it on the first page...the version that is being used for Chinese testing has the same content that is available on our PTS client.

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  18. Thread: Cannon FastTravel in PTS Discussion

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    Haha ok my main thought was that it could happen fairly easily on accident. It seems like it's something that a player needs to mostly be attempting to cause and generally physics aren't something you want to be adjusting as that touches ALL sorts of stuff. As long as it isn't something we have players reporting and upset about then it's probably fine for now. :)
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