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    Thread: Being accused of aimbotting in pvp when I DON'T use one in General Discussion

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    Heya Shadowkisser,

    Our support team takes reports of aimbotting seriously and will investigate users when they do receive these reports. If you're concerned you may have been reported for something along that line, please feel free to contact our support team to open a discussion. You can do so by submitting a request at this link:

  2. Thread: Free Ensign Tiki Mask Codes! in General Discussion

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    /necro = closed. Plus - as it was mentioned already, those codes are no more.
  4. Thread: Der letzte Buchstabe. in Off Topic

  5. Thread: Firefall Live Recap: March 27th, 2015 in News & Announcements

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    I completely understand that people are worried that the changes will make combat either too hard or too easy. I could sit here trying to describe the difference all day, but in the end the experience will probably differ from player to player and it's not the easiest thing to describe in detail since there are so many adjustments being made. Again, just wait until you get a chance to try it and see if the changes line up with your hopes then. If they don't, remember that these changes still aren't being put on the live servers anytime soon and there's plenty of time to hear feedback. :)
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  7. Thread: Firefall Live Recap: March 27th, 2015 in News & Announcements

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    It's definitely not faceroll. I'd say you have to be more careful and aware of your surroundings, but that doesn't mean you have to just hide behind cover to survive. I should clarify that I haven't been going 100% run and gun, but if you can land headshots pretty consistently, you can usually kill things faster than they kill you, and even when you do use cover it's just to shield yourself from a couple of bad guys while you shoot at a couple others as opposed to just hiding behind to avoid being shot.

    I enjoy it a lot more personally, it feels much more fun and satisfying. If you still don't like it when you've tried it, then tell us what you don't like about it. There's still plenty of time to make adjustments and we're eager for your feedback once it's on PTS. :)
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  9. Thread: Firefall Live Recap: March 27th, 2015 in News & Announcements

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    We definitely appreciate your concerns, but I'd ask that you (and others) refrain from making too many definitive assumptions about the final results of the combat upgrade based on a couple playthroughs of a very limited test area on a very early and incomplete work-in-progress build. A whoooole lot of changes and adjustments have been made since that video was taken, and a whoooole lot more will likely be made before the updates ever hit the live servers.

    As an example, I've been playing through the most recent build as a squishy Recon over the past week or two, and it's been pretty rare that I've felt the need to hide behind cover other than when I'm either reloading or fighting some sort of boss. That's also been with me using entirely stock looted/awarded equipment (no crafting, marketplace, tinkering, or dev cheats) and no perks.
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  11. Thread: Ein Blick in die Zukunft: Module und Tinkering in Offizielle Ankündigungen & News

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    Ja, auch Kerne können aufgewertet werden.

    Wann es auf die Testserver kommt, kann ich derzeit noch nicht genau sagen. Wir planen aber die Features nach und nach auf die Testserver zu schaufeln, damit ihr sie vor dem großen Patch testen könnt. Wir werden euch aber hierzu rechtzeitig informieren.

    Und zu deiner Waffen-Frage: Nein, dazu ist Tinkering nicht gedacht. Alle jetzigen Gegenstände bleiben ja weiterhin so, wie sie jetzt sind. Tinkering ist nur zum Aufwerten dieser Sachen da. Ihr könnt damit also eure jetzige Ausrüstung dann noch stärker machen und deren Werte erhöhen. Umgestellt wird an den Items nichts. Nur das Power Rating wandert weg von den Modulen direkt auf die Fähigkeiten.

    Warum sollte es das? Selbst jetzt sind doch wohl blaue Items um einiges "günstiger" zu erwerben als epische Items. Was soll sich denn ändern, wenn man ein +9 Blaues und ein +9 episches Item im Marktplatz sieht? Genau, nichts. Denn das epische wird auch weiterhin teurer sein, als ein blaues. Durch Tinkering werden die blauen Items aber deutlich stärker als sie es jetzt sind. Also ist das ein Mehrwert. Und Spieler die sich kein Epic leisten können, werden auch weiterhin auf blaues Equip zurückgreifen. Daran ändert auch Tinkering nichts.
  13. Thread: Firefall Live Recap: March 27th, 2015 in News & Announcements

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    This week on Firefall Live, Fadedpez and JBWill hosted an extended Q&A session to make up for the lack of call-ins the last couple of weeks, pulling questions both from chat and from TeamSpeak. As always, they rounded off the show with some great community content in the ever popular Do You Even Art Bro and Caption This segments.

    Click here to watch the replay on YouTube

    Click here for the text recap
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  15. Thread: No music after Amazon patch in Audio, Graphics, or Performance Bugs

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    I've commented on this before in a different thread. We're aware of the problem, we've been working on a fix and we're in discussions of ways to get a fix in on this issue.

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  17. Thread: Accord Recon Battleframe Weekend [Now - Mon @ 5pm PDT] in News & Announcements

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    The Accord Battleframe Weekend has begun. Have a good weekend everyone!