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    I just had a run through character creation in our internal build. Based on what I saw, it looks like you'll get dropped into the Battle Lab in the battleframe you've chosen as opposed to a civilian outfit. The jets are disabled until you reach that portion of the tutorial.
  2. Thread: Why the name "Red Beans"? in General Discussion

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    I love Red Beans & Rice, but those are kidney beans, not the same Red Bean that we're referring to. :)
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  4. Thread: Firefall Datacenter Restructuring in News & Announcements

  5. Swarley created a post a while back on "how to netgraph" here:

    Traces are very helpful as well. These aren't automatically generated when a player opens up a support ticket, but knowing what's happening along the route your client takes to the server can be helpful. We also have the round trip time for each client that connects to our server I'm told, which will also help our Tech Ops team with determining any potential issues. Net graphs, though, tell us a much better story about what exactly is causing lag as far as the client goes.
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  6. Thread: Firefall Datacenter Restructuring in News & Announcements

  7. Support tickets with netgraph information will be very helpful for us. I've already spoken with Tech Ops in terms of latency to US-W and we're going to get some data on our end to look at potential causes.
  8. Thread: Aperçu : Equipement in Annonces Officielles

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    Mais c'est tout naturel, en ce qui concerne le contenu du serveur test il ne me semble pas que tout le contenu soit déjà présent non, des patchs sont régulièrement ajoutés au fil du développement et il y a donc plus à venir.

    En ce qui concerne les embuscades de bandits je ne connais malheureusement pas la réponse, je vais voir si je peux me renseigner quand les devs se réveillent.
  10. Thread: Bastion Battleframe Weekend [7/2 – 7/6] [Starts Thursday] in News & Announcements

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    This weekend, Omnidyne-M is showing off their powerful defensively focused Engineer frame, the Bastion. The Bastion will be available to all players for free from Thursday, July 2nd at 5:00pm PDT until Monday, July 6th at 5:00pm PDT (Click here to view in your timezone). All players using the Bastion will also get a 25% XP boost, and it will be on sale for 25% off its regular Red Bean Price. Read on for more information.

    Please take note that the Bastion battleframe weekend starts on Thursday instead of Friday due to holiday celebration.

    Click here for more information.
  12. Thread: Why the name "Red Beans"? in General Discussion

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    Red Beans are a very popular treat across the world (Red Bean ice cream is delicious); used in many deserts and treats. We wanted a name that would work across multiple games, regardless of the game genre or theme and something that tied the currency back to Red 5 as a company. Thus, you get Red Beans.
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  14. Thread: Aperçu : Equipement in Annonces Officielles

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    Une partie de l'équipement existant sera reconverti dans des emplacements du nouveau système, tant que cela a du sens. Il existera effectivement certains emplacements vides qu'il vous faudra combler en partant explorer et faire des missions. Notez que ceci vous permettra également de vous familiariser avec les nouveaux emplacements tout en recherchant les pièces d'équipement qui vous conviennent le mieux.

    Une fois le niveau 40 atteint vous conservez la possibilité de débloquer des battleframes supplémentaires, de manière similaire au système actuel. Vous devrez donc choisir entre l'un ou l'autre une fois niveau 20, et ensuite lorsque vous aurez atteint le niveau 40 avec le frame choisi vous pourrez débloquer son autre variante.
  16. Thread: Raptot (and maybe NH) needs work in Battleframe Discussion

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    Thread locked by request of thread owner.
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  18. Thread: Ein Blick in die Zukunft: Itemization in Offizielle Ankündigungen & News

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    Dann warte mal ab, was noch alles kommt Hoka :D