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    Thread: ''Unable to get operator settings, client will be unable to connect'' in Technical Support

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    I'll take a look as soon as I get time.
  2. Thread: Re-implement ultra textures setting. in UI, Art, Sound, & FX Discussion

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    No, we never had ultra settings for textures. We used to have low, medium and high. Very high got added not too long ago. It only changes the quality of character textures excluding ornaments (hats, visual progression).

    Texture quality only has a minor impact on performance.

    The game should look the same, no matter whether you are installing those textures or not. If they are not installed, the game is supposed to download them and cache them locally. This usually happens within a few seconds. If you have a good internet connection and low ping, it's not even noticeable.

    If you are seeing a difference (and I'm not arguing with that), it means that this system doesn't work for you. It's not a matter of an ultra quality setting. I'm aware that many people have this streaming issue. I've been redoing virtual texture streaming in the last two weeks and even though I can't reproduce the issue, I'm confident that I may have fixed it. At the very least there will be a ton of extra logging and debugging capabilities (and performance improvements), so that we should be able to track it down.
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  4. Thread: Patch Notes for v1.6.1942 in Patch Notes

  5. No, we have the list.

    Not everyone has been processed yet - I'm still waiting to be processed as well. :)
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  6. Thread: Patch Notes for v1.6.1942 in Patch Notes

  7. Yeah there are ~70ish people that had this issue, we're going to get those people their extra Titan Token. I asked Brogrammer to review his script and he said that it should be working fine as of today.
  8. Thread: Patch v1.6.1942 in Offizielle Ankündigungen & News

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    • Hardcore Operations sollten nun korrekt epische oder Prototyp-Ausrüstung Belohnungen nach erfolgreichem Abschluss gewähren.
    • Ein neues Script, um alle alten, gesockelten Module wiederherzustellen wurde gestartet. Spieler sollten nun alles vollzählig beim Login erhalten.*
    • Beim Login* sollten Spieler nun für jeden Scorcher, Demolition, Draconis, oder Bane Chitin core (im Besitz vor Update 1.6) eine epische Kiste mit Ausrüstung bekommen.
      • Jede Kiste gewährt folgende Items: Granate, Medical System, Operating System, Kopf, Torso, Reactor, Arme, und Beine.
      • Diese Kisten sind gewichtslos.
    • Beim Login* sollten Spieler nun zwei Titan Tokens pro Kanaloa Waffe (vor 1.6 im Besitz) erhalten.
      • Alle verbliebenen Kanaloa-Primärwaffen werden nun für 1 Titan Token recycelt.
      • Wir raten allen Spielern drigend, sich auch entsprechend Items mit Titan Tokens zu kaufen, bevor sie weitere Kanaloa-Waffen recyceln, damit sie auch wieder unter dem maximalen Limit von 8 Titan Tokens sind.
    • Es wurden einige Verbesserungen an Zone-Transfers vorgenommen. Dadurch sollten Spieler nun keine Probleme mehr haben, wenn sie in eine neue Zone übertreten bei der Nutzung von /joinleader oder wenn sie Instanzen beitreten oder sie verlassen.
    * Um die Performace für das "Give You Stuff Script 2.0" zu verbessern, packen wir Spieler erst beim Login in eine Warteschlange für das Script. Für euch startet das Script also erst, wenn ihr euch aktiv einloggt und im Hintergrund arbeitet ein tapferes Schneiderlein daran, euch eure Items wiederzugeben. Die Items erhaltet ihr dann egal ob ihr online oder offline seid. Euer Platz in der Warteschlange hängt von eurem ersten Login nach diesem Patch ab.

    Bug Fixes (Englisch)

    Open World
    • Fixed a bug where Nian would not attack some players.
    • Fixed some encounter crashes with Nian.
    • Nian's difficulty should now properly scale based on the amount of players participating in the event.
    • Fixed a bug with escort missions near FOB Sagan where ambushes would spawn but the encounter would not get cleaned up.
    • NPCs and pets should no longer gain the effect from Relic Glider Pads.
    • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in mouse mode after a tutorial popup upon completion of the Trespass mission.
    • Fixed a terrain issue nearby The Nest where players could not leave the alcove by normal means.
    • Fixed an issue where Accord Thumper encounters would not properly display a timer.
    • Fixed an encounter crash caused by Tarantus and Aliyan in S.O.S.
    • Fixed a bug where enemies were not leaving spawn closets in S.O.S.
    • Fixed a bug where S.O.S. would always grant first time rewards.
    • Fixed a bug with enemy deployables in the Agrevian mission.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not use Power Override Terminals in the Boss room during Gatecrasher (hotfixed earlier this week).
    • Fixed an encounter crash on the final island in Operation Hightide.
    • Fixed a bug where encounters would crash following a restart of Operation Miru due to a party wipe.
    • Fixed a bug where a miniboss encounter would crash if a player logged out prior to engagement during Operation ARES Team.
    • Fixed a bug where a group larger than five players was able to enter the Bathsheba mission.
    • Fixed some encounter crashes within the Unearthed mission.
    • Fixed an encounter crash with Vagrant Dawn.
    • Jericho should now award items of the appropriate level.
    • Fixed an encounter crash with the vents in Defense of Dredge.
    • The Defense of Dredge encounter now properly awards a Titan Token upon first completion of the week.
    • The main encounter rewards for Defense of Dredge now has a one week lockout as intended. The rewards chest does not have a lockout or limitation.
    • Fixed a bug where standing directly in front of an object would affect aiming.
    • Fixed an issue where armies with special characters in their names or tags would not appear in search results.
    • Fixed a bug where the clip of the Biotech's weapon would float in the air while reloading.
    • Players should no longer be missing perks caused by the progression migration.
    • The Extinguisher perk now properly displays a description.
    • Fixed an issue with warpaints displaying incorrectly on the Tigerclaw.
    • Fixed a bug where certain warpaints could not be purchased.
    • The Nian Jr pet should now properly follow its owner.
    • The Brinewyrm pet should now properly follow its owner.
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  10. Thread: Feiert den Valentinstag in Firefall! in Offizielle Ankündigungen & News

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    Es ist wieder die besondere Jahreszeit, in der Liebe in der Luft liegt und wir wollen das mit einigen speziellen Items feiern! Das Accord hat sogar Fotoautomaten aufgestellt, in denen ihr mit einer euch besonderen Person unvergessliche Bilder anfertigen könnt!

    Cherub LGV

    /blowkiss Emote

    Jack of Hearts

    Love Glasses

    Heart's Desire Warpaint

    Heart on Fire Pattern

    Revealing Hearts Pattern

    Pure Heart Decal


    Wir sehen euch im Spiel, verliebte Piloten!
  12. Thread: Patch Notes for v1.6.1942 in Patch Notes

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    Can you list me some specifics? As far as I'm aware the only thing that we have is the migration, which I communicated immediately about (and also mentioned multiple times that this is not tied to a client patch). Well, that and someone sneaking in giving people more blue loadouts with the intent of giving everyone more salvage fodder for parts.
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  14. Thread: Patch Notes for v1.6.1942 in Patch Notes

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    Just to repeat from earlier, I can't stress this enough - this is why you are not seeing all of your modules yet.

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  16. Thread: Mammoth Gun in PVE Bugs

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    Thanks for the very detailed information, Lou. The rate of fire and charge speed stats directly affect the weapon simulation, so in my mind those are the most suspicious.

    If anyone else still has this problem with 100% consistency, please let me know so I can take a snapshot of your character. If the particular combination of gear and upgrades is causing a problem, I may be able to use that snapshot to find out why.
  18. Thread: Celebrate Valentine's in Firefall! in News & Announcements

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