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    Thread: Items dissapearing upon relog? in Items & Resources Bugs

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  2. Thread: Where did Goldah go? in General Discussion

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    Hey guys,

    We've actually employed some methods to cut down on spam. Good to see some have noticed. :)
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  4. Thread: Good Morning, Copacabana! in News & Announcements

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  6. Thread: ‪#‎QuizRally‬ Rätsel #4 in Allgemeine Diskussion

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  8. Thread: Vote : Faire parler la poudre in Concours & Evènements

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    Bonjour à tous !

    Afin de déterminer les gagnants du concours "Faire parler la poudre" nous vous proposons de voter ici pour votre image favorite. Les gagnants seront déterminés en fonction des votes données ici.

    Merci à tous les participants pour leur effort et bonne chance à tous !

    Participations :





    Bonne chance à tous ! Le vote prendra fin dans une semaine, le vendredi 31 Octobre (Halloweeeeen !)
  10. Thread: Concours : Faire parler la poudre in Concours & Evènements

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    Merci à tous pour vos participations ! Je met en place le sujet de vote ICI :)
  12. Thread: COMMUNITY EVENT: The Pumpkin Hunt (Thur., OCT. 23rd - OCEANIC, GMT, AND PDT/EDT) in General Discussion

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    Check the pm I sent you :]
  14. Thread: Extra Life - Be The Predator! Surviving the Most Dangerous Game of Running Man to Help Kids & Get $$ in General Discussion

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    We'll be mentioning this on FFL tomorrow, along with Armitag3's stream :) Thanks for everything you both are doing!


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  16. Thread: Oct22 Mail Bug - says can't send, but send anyway in PTS Bugs

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    yep, old text is old, how bout
    "Must be friends or members of the same army for 3 days before mail with attachments are allowed to be sent to this character"
  18. Thread: Mailbox feedback 10/22 in PTS Discussion

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    Working on a solution that uses ghosted text of the last sent when the input box is empty. The last sent will get cleared whenever the mailbox is closed to prevent later confusion.