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    Thread: I am stuck at the BattleLab and i can't get out. in PTS Bugs

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    Gotcha, your character should now reset to Coral Forest upon login. :) Let me know if it didn't work.
  2. Thread: Laser Prefixes Display And Deal Incorrect Damage Type in PTS Bugs

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    Hi Branchizio,

    Iv'e checked this weapon internally and it looks to be resolved. I'll be keeping an eye on this weapon. :) Thanks for the info.
  4. Thread: Coral Forest dropship taxis: Gone forever, or a WIP? (Devs plz read) in PTS Discussion

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    You'll still see them quite a bit.
  6. Thread: A hole in the wall at Helder's mine. in PTS Bugs

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    Hi Freakbyte! :)

    This issue is already being looked into internally thanks for the info and the video. :)
  8. Thread: Prison Break - Ranok Battle: Am I missing something? in PTS Discussion

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    Yea, it appears you are missing something. I'm curious if anyone else has figured this boss fight out and might be able to lend you advice. If everyone is stumped i'll spoil it.

    Thanks for the heads up. It's good to know when people get stuck.
  10. Thread: rhino primary in PTS Bugs

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    Hey phnx,

    This issue existed with all battleframes but has been resolved internally. Thanks for the post!
  12. Thread: Change-Weapon doesn't change Elemental type in PTS Bugs

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    Hey ilr,

    So the issue seems to be that your rare biorifle should have a prefix but does not. I need some additional info on this.
    Do you remember where you got that biorifle? Mission? Encounter?

    Also was it always like that or did tinking it change it?

  14. Thread: locked in incapacitated animation? in PTS Bugs

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    Heya! It's is true that this effect is caused by the trapjaw. However, as of our next PTS build the trapjaws should no longer be appearing for now. We want to get some more time to work on them before they're added in to the game.

    After the next PTS patch if you run across trapjaws, please put in a bug report and let us know where you encountered them. I'm marking this as not a bug for now since these are being temporarily removed.

  16. Thread: Game not launching, and repair systems failing to find the right path in PTS Bugs

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    Heya all, just a quick heads up that we've been able to receive this error internally and we're looking into it. Thank you for all the information you've been providing!
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  18. Thread: Let's talk about bikinis in PTS Bugs

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    Thank you for the info on this issue. The QA team is tracking the issue internally now. :)