Sep 5, 2010
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    1. Kempomeester
      The Repopulation might interest you.
      Do you PvP with the thermal needler?
      1. Andur
        I don't PvP much these days (it's awesome WHEN a teamfight happens, which is 2% of the time spent there).

        Repopulation seems to use a pseudo-shooter mode like Star Trek or Defiance, not a "real shooter". I loathe tab-targeting.

        I'm way more excited for Star Citizen (own a cheap Mustang Alpha), and I'm content with playing Planetside 2 and Firefall during the loooong wait until its release :-)
        Jan 13, 2015
    2. BloodyKharma
      Hey, whats up! I was just wondering, do you still play GA?
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      3. Andur
        I actually started playing Warframe again, lots of interesting frames and weapons (and quests, and social hubs etc.) have been added during 2014.

        BTW, I play with an i5 2500k+GTX560 and the game runs at constant 60FPS on ultra, on borderless windowed mode (to disable the horrible mouse acceleration you get on fullscreen).

        I'm Mastery Rank 6 currently.
        Feb 24, 2015
      4. Kempomeester
        Yeah i'm going to be the best Asteroid miner of the galaxy ^-^@Star Citizen. I should start it up again(Warframe), I did enjoy all the electricity hehehe
        Feb 24, 2015
      5. Andur
        Volt is my favourite frame so far :-) shields+speed+force lightning...
        Feb 24, 2015
    3. Mithur
      Hey! tu por aquí!

      Que pequeño es el mundo xD
      1. Andur
        Ya ves, he estado entre los primeros 10 españoles en la beta, hace más de un año :-) Colaboro con de hecho.
        Sep 18, 2012
      2. Mithur
        Yo llevo jugando (y betatesteando) algo mas de un mes, y la verdad, estoy encantado :)
        Sep 18, 2012
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