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    1. DeckerBlack
      I have to disagree with your status message. I'm not saying that I'm a fanboi, hater, casual, or hardcore, I just think that FireFall will succeed and do good, contrary to your opinion.
      1. Asmodai
        All fine and well mate, you're entitled to your opinion. I won't guess as to how long you've been around but I've been participating since not long after friends and family beta ended and while I hope for the best, the evidence doesn't leave me much hope for a positive outcome at this point. Games with a lot better planning/funding etc have done badly in the current environment.
        Jun 23, 2014
    2. Asmodai
      This game is on a fast LGV to nowhere.
    3. Coryza
      Hi, Lets not start a flame war. I posted my thoughts, felt I was attacked by another poster with the sexist Lipstick comment, returned fire. The topic is a sensitive one and its for R5 to deiced if its in game or not.
    4. vonWolfehaus
      LOL true enough.. Well done though, I'm sure it was a battle ;) My girlfriend will give me grief when I make big purchases actually.. whatever happened to bachelor's rights? *le sigh*
    5. vonWolfehaus
      Holy cupcake that is badass! I'll be getting a dual setup soon but 3 is nutz.

      What do you mean it took some convincing? Was it her money or yours ;)
    6. vonWolfehaus
      Hella jealous of your Eyefinity setup. Why do you have it, are you into graphics, like a workstation, or just for kicks?
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