Dec 24, 2010
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Back from vacation! If you sent me a PM while I was gone, I'll get to it as soon as I can! I've got 2 weeks of stuff to catch up on :) Jan 5, 2015

    1. Gnubee
      Hi, do you realise that the FF loader screen is still promoting the Tigerclaw Weekend, without any dates?
      Just lettin' ya know. ;D
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      2. JBWill
        Jan 23, 2015 at 1:58 AM
      3. Gnubee
        Ah, found it - but mines invisible!
        I don't know how to attach an image...
        Jan 23, 2015 at 2:20 AM
      4. Gnubee
        Just messed with Gamma, contrast etc, and still no (visible )bar
        Jan 23, 2015 at 2:29 AM
    2. fipmip
      *suddenly jewish*
      1. JBWill
        Oh, right, forgot to change my avatar back after the holidays. I'll do it when I get into the office tomorrow (we're closed today for Martin Luther King Day).
        Jan 19, 2015 at 8:23 PM
    3. JBWill
      Back from vacation! If you sent me a PM while I was gone, I'll get to it as soon as I can! I've got 2 weeks of stuff to catch up on :)
    4. JBWill
      Out of town for the holidays, if you need something contact another member of the Community Team and they should be able to help you :)
    5. Garrison McRory
      1. JBWill
        Done! In the future, if you report the post and ask for a move, then all of the moderators will be able to see it (in case I'm away from my computer). :)
        Nov 20, 2014
    6. albireohawk
      Hello sir! I was wondering about applying to be a Mentor. What should i do first?
    7. MasterChief319
      Do you know if the Mentor thing is still going ?
      1. JBWill
        Yup! Pez just added a new wave last week in fact :) He'll keep expanding it in the future as well, but exactly when he adds waves is up to him, I'm not sure when he's planning on adding more.
        Oct 4, 2014
    8. JBWill
      If you see my border turn grey, it's because Xenforo hates me, not because I left R5 :3
    9. a vehicle
      JBWill, you got un-deved again...
      1. JBWill
        Oct 2, 2014
    10. Wyntyr
      What's the word on the tiki mask migration? I have most of them left but I haven't seen them in my inventory yet. Thanks!
      1. JBWill
        Should be soon. A minor technical glitch popped up and people have had their hands full with stull like the support site migration and the emergency maintenance from today. I don't know exactly when they'll get sent out though.
        Sep 25, 2014
      2. Wyntyr
        I hope all is going well over there with everything that's been happening today. Thanks for the info!
        Sep 26, 2014
    11. irondana
      Can you please tell/help me login to the game? As you can see I can login to the website but not the game. HELP ME D:
      1. JBWill
        Hey irondana, contact our Support team and they should be able to help you :)

        support.firefall.com or the support section of the forums are the easiest way to contact them.

        Sep 25, 2014
    12. Earth_Soldier
    13. Dukhat
      Nothing beats Lebowski :)
    14. nitpicker
      JBWill you might want to send a dev to look at the forums asking for answers about the ever shrinking 40 end game content
    15. Heartbreak
      IT'S JESUS!!!!
      Oh wait... It's only JBWillness.... Hello dear.
    16. kaikura
      Hello Big fan of Firefall. I was watching some live streams today and i won a starter pack from each one. I tried to redeem the second one but couldn't. If i give you the code could you at least let me have the 100 red beams? thanks
    17. Dread1313
    18. Moriarty
      The wall of your room is the finest decorated wall I have ever laid eyes on. *sheds tear*

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      2. JBWill
        COYG! :D
        Aug 26, 2013
    19. SambalBrandal
      Thanks for closing that thread: every time when people say something being a turn-off for the new players whilst actually meaning themselves, the discussion gets annoying. I'm a new player and my inbox is strangely absent any requests for my opinion :D
    20. TheJayde
      OMG! Grats on the Red Status!
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      3. JBWill
        May 6th was my first official day, so a couple months now.
        Jul 19, 2013
      4. TheJayde
        Well shiiiiiiiiii.... grats mang. Surprised it took this long...
        Jul 19, 2013
      5. JBWill
        Thanks man, I appreciate it. Hope all is well for you.
        Jul 19, 2013
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