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    1. CrystalKill
      Hey McFierce! I sent you a personal message regarding my log in issue! I cannot seem to log in becasue it says it does not recognize the device! However when I click send nothing happens! Please let me know what you can do!
    2. xiaofeiji
      Tip: your account is currently unable to send or receive attachments. Please contact customer service for details.Send mail to the customer every day, there is no response, hoping to deal with as soon as possible, thank you (Last week)
      1. xiaofeiji
        May 8, 2016
    3. healboy
      hello GM。 I come from China, use the VPN, I can not receive the mail and send mail, hope to lift. My account is,Thank you!
    4. 星空下的一只兔子
      Hmmm,I gona buy some red bean,but the screen shows "FOR YOUR PROTECTION, YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE TRANSACTIONS HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT",so I need help ...
      My game ID:ToadSparKer
    5. china peng
      hello。 Dear RED5 customer service. I can not extract attachments from the mailbox, the account can not use the red beans. Account name is This situation has been a week, please help me to think of a way
    6. nonstopgamer33
      Hi i have a problem im in steam and i wanted to login as a different character but by mistake i deleted my existing character i bought lots of red beans etc.
      i cant believe i lost it all could u help me. my ingame name is nonstopgamer33 and my email address is
      plz help me
      Request #404110
    7. Saifx
      Hey u there?
    8. Zonder
      hi i have a problem . i accidentally deleted character. i wanted to remove the unnecessary character and accidentally deleted the main . can you help me plz.
      Request #401114
      1. Zonder
        help me please (((((
        Feb 29, 2016
      2. McFierce
        Hi there, you should be all set. :)
        Feb 29, 2016
      3. Zonder
        Thank you so much you just saved my life))I owe you. If ever you're in Estonia, I invite you to dinner.)
        Mar 1, 2016
    9. 若爱别离
      Firefall when to start steam or Alipay buy red beans?
      According to the Chinese player's reaction, there is no convenient payment options, only the use of third party purchasing the purchase of red beans.
      Request steam or Alipay. Plz!
      1. McFierce likes this.
      2. McFierce
        I will definitely forward that request over on your behalf. :)
        Feb 22, 2016
    10. 若爱别离
      Thank you for solving problems for us. I would like to seek your help.
      I can't purchase Red Bean tokens or by anything off the market. I can't miss the Valentine's day sale!!
      ID: Tomohisa
      thank you.
      1. McFierce
        Hi there,

        Can you try relogging and let me know if you're able to make a purchase now?
        Feb 18, 2016
      2. 若爱别离
        Yes, that'd be great thanks.
        Sometimes, the game will be lag, unable to connect to the server.I had to use VPN for the game.
        Feb 18, 2016
    11. satanhades
      I cant send or receive mail for 4 days is sad. please save me ! and I can't purchase Red Bean tokens or by anything off the market. my id is satanhades, please help. thanks.

      and my friend , same as me , her ID is SenJouGaHaRaQ, thank you.
    12. CrystalKill
      Heya! I can't seem to purchase Red Bean tokens or by anything off the market. Anytime I do, it simply tells me. "For your protection, your ability to make transactions has been suspended. Please contact support". Ive already contacted support and they assigned my issue to you XD so idk whats going on but ya :) Please help me out XD <3
    13. XaCeoIkeDa74
      Hi I have a problem with the purchase of "Red Beans Token". "For your protection, your ability to make transactions has been suspended. Please contact support.". I do not know where this topic on the forum. Therefore, please help with this.
      1. McFierce
        Hey there,

        I have re enabled purchasing for your account. If you still run into any issues, please send me a ticket at

        Aug 28, 2014
    14. Starpod
      this is you screaming: "EU SERVERS ARISE!!!"
      Thanks again for the fun and thank the TEchops for me and other R5 peeps for the great support, only R5 and Grinding Gear Games have this ultimate player feedback.
      You guys heard it a million times and will probably hear it a million more :D

      Maybe cya ingame sometime!
      1. McFierce likes this.
    15. Thyflox
      1. View previous comments...
      2. McFierce
        Hi there! Sorry for the delay, I was out of the office yesterday. I'll take a look and get back to you shortly.
        Jul 5, 2013
      3. Thyflox
        Hey! I got it fixed, contacted the internet company to check if everything is stable now. Have a nice day.
        Jul 6, 2013
      4. McFierce
        Ah that's awesome news! :D
        Jul 7, 2013
    16. Logic-Core
      I am trying to respond to the your inquiry about my ticket "Beta Crystite Conversion" (#18505). I'm trying to log into the support page so that we can chat in real-time, but the support page is not allowing me to log in.
      1. McFierce
        Thanks for getting back to me! It looks like there's some issues with our support portal. For now, I think we're limited to responses via email. :( I'll let you know if anything changes!
        May 15, 2013
      2. Logic-Core
        If you could email me with a direct email address, I'd be happy to talk it over with you.
        May 16, 2013
      3. McFierce
        Could you send a support request in via and put ATTN McFierce in the summary line? If this is too tedious, we can start a PM on the forums. :) Let me know what works best for you!
        May 17, 2013
    17. EragonShadeSlayer
      Both methods failed
    18. Raggelen
      The link to your twitter account is still broken :P
      1. McFierce likes this.
      2. McFierce
        Fixed it! lol
        Apr 13, 2013
      3. Raggelen
        Yay! It works :D
        Apr 17, 2013
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