1.6 Cupcake Brawler League [1.6 CBL]! Volunteers wanted

Discussion in 'Community Events' started by DarkByke, Feb 22, 2016.


Sound like fun?

Yes 11 vote(s) 39.3%
No 17 vote(s) 60.7%
  1. Dangasa Centurion

    Try Broken Peninsula :) I love the views there ^^ (I would pay real money to get to play there again... srsly)
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    Yeah i would pay money too ... for a ... you know .. private show.
    What ? I like to watch... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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    Friends, heros, volunteers, donation, party goers, goofballs, nerds, aliens , midgets and many many more are needed

    Em8er is a project that will turn heads you think i am kidding check it out for yourself spread the word easy to find search on the internet once you see it you will believe

    yours sincerely

  4. DarkByke Founder

    whyyyy this thread.
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    Hey the cupcake drew my attention i do not really have much thoughts on cupcakes other than they are cute i do like big cakes that have lots of chocopops and smiles

    oh hi hi hi there you are!!,

    might be wondering what is EM8ER it is the SUCCESSOR of firefall


    Look for EM8ER on the internet the development of the game is going smoothly and with an even stronger community
    it looks like the project shall come to life even more so as opposed to firefall

    But your a bit worried or have doubts if you see and talk to the community you will find out a lot about what is happening
    and to also be involved with the shape of how EM8ER will eventually turn out to be so yes hop on the EM8ER BUS the journey
    is a long one but the destination gradually gets closer and closer

    SEE YOU AT EM8ER !!!

    thanks a million poop activist defender of trees
    poopy mc poopseron the 4th