A Note About Item Changes in 0.8 and a Thank You

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FadedPez, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. FadedPez Community Manager

    Hey everyone!

    As you know, last night we released a new patch to Firefall that provided many new updates to the game including more content, the first story campaign missions, an iteration on the progression system, UI reworks, and more. As part of this update, the way gear and equipment is calculated changed, requiring us to mark your old gear as un-equippable.

    To get everyone started after these changes went out, we provided temporary gear that would be appropriate for the progression level of your Battleframes. This gear had constraint values that were scaled too high for the quality of the equipment, making it difficult to equip your battleframes with the set. This mistake is on us, and we will be providing everyone with new crates with equipment appropriate for each of your Battleframes' Tech Level. These new crates will provide two sets of equipment per Battleframe. One set at your current Tech Stage, and another at one Tech Stage below your current so that you can mix and match to be able to equip more of the gear provided in these crates.

    We also realize that many of you have spent large amounts of time and resources to craft gear that is now obsolete. As our way of saying thank you for your understanding and patience with these changes during our Beta process, we will also be giving everyone some extra rewards. These include:

    • A 7-day VIP package giving you access to a 50% Crystite bonus, 8 additional Marketplace slots and 2 more slots in the Molecular Printer.
    • 5 one-hour 20% resource boosts that will increase your resource gains for their duration.
    We are preparing a hotfix to address some other major issues. When the hotfix is deployed, you will get your new equipment crates as well as a mail with the resource boosts attached.

    You guys are important to us and we want to thank you for all the efforts you have put forth in the Firefall Beta so that we can make Firefall the best game it can be.

    Again, on behalf of The Tribe, thank you.
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    Fantastic, much appreciated. :)
  3. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    i was sure they banned Pez for this thread at first, when i couldent access it :p

    But nice one :) and Thanks Red5
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  4. Yew

    Trying to pay back for the "little*" mistake you've done?

    *ruening fun by reducing mov speed,loss of gear and unexpectedly low progress conversion?(for example 7/7/7 turned into 10/10/10 only.. and 8/8/8 to 13/13/13 only.. that only gives us access to cheap 2 perks while forcing us to go through lots of grinding to get the truly wonderful 25pts perks..tsk..tsk..and people so hoped.. thought it will be like 7/7/7 converted to 14/14/14/ and 8/8/8 to 16/16/16.. 9/9/9 to 18/18/18..well you get the idea.. multiplier of 2.

    Anyhow,glad you decided to bring a good surprise for once,cheers!(free package of chinese fireworks would be good addition though)
  5. Fatal3RRoR War Machine

    thats Damn Awesome as I Salvaged the stuff in my Crates by accident lolz & IAmJohnGalt cracked up laughing at me as I am a new player and new Member of 1month in FireFall & FADA, you just made my day as my Bastion was not able to wear anything decent even though hes T2.5 nearly T3
    Thanks Guys and what an Awesome Dev Team :)
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  6. CosmicD Mentor

    This is like milions of redbeans going right out of the window for them, you'd have to be plain disloyal to the company if you don't appreciate this :p
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  7. LoR_NiKoN CoopComrades

    Thanks Guys thats much appriciated :)
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    Personally, the extra gifts were not even necessary for me but a token of appreciation is always welcome by everybody I am sure. You all do try to go above and beyond to make sure compensation keeps the players happy. I know things change and will continue to change and take everything in stride, including gear being obsolete. I would be fine with a full wipe and still believe it would be healthy, but I know circumstances do not allow such a thing to happen.

    Keep up the good work Pez and other community developers. You are appreciated even though it may sometimes feel that you are not by some.
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  9. Panthera Founder

    Quite impressive, red5. Much thanks. So, have any of you slept yet this week? ;)
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  10. Harven90 The Wave

    Its beautiful how, after so many insults and downs from the community, they still say they love us <3, I love you guys too.
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    Cool, but I still say you guys are way too gifty for your own good. :)
  12. CosmicD Mentor

    It's that or a major forum-ordered-riot, which could also potentially be bad press.
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    You guys will not be taking the gear we already got from the first crates away right?
  14. Vidrak Commander

    Can't really complain about that. Thanks! I am more excited about the gear packs though, will be nice to be able to equip everything of some quality. I was struggling with the T4 stuff it was giving some of my lower frames.
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  15. FadedPez Community Manager


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  16. Phobos Producer


    Actually, no. We'll be removing any crates not yet claimed, but the items are temporary items, so we won't be deleting them. Too many other issues that could come from that (including some required downtime). It's not a big deal if some folks have extra equipment without repair pools. It'll go away after a few weeks.
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  17. Thyl Commander

    Will it be given as package, or just applied to account instantly? If the second, what if I'm not going to play right now, or more like right when it'll be deployed?
  18. Chapple Interloper

    Well, this pat on the back is most definitely enough to make up for royally screwing over your players. This newest patch infuriates me, as it makes gear I have invested an insane amount of good quality resources, time and money making completely obsolete. And why? When you guys announced that it was because you wanted to change the entire power curve, I could swallow it, but when you replace my gear with gear that is at the same power level as the previous generation, I don't get it. I crafted a new Charge Rifle IV for my Raptor, and it has the same stats as my old Charge Rifle IV. WTF?! Why do you choose to make perfectly useable gear obsolete? Is it just because you can't be bothered/are unable to put some effort into re-organizing them? This is just added to the line of many changes that I personally hate, and I am sure I could ramble on about the millions of crystite and time me and several of my friends now have lost, or the ridiculous reduction in difficulty to progress, the removal of PvP and the MANY broken expectations, but I don't feel like I need to. I have watched friends play your game, and quit because of changes you make around every turn. I always told myself it wouldn't happen to me. I tried to hold on, and I loved your game, but you guys at R5, and the direction you have taken this game, disgusts me.
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  19. Asolar Founder

    Sounds great, and again good work keep it up ^^
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    It will be given as a consumable that you can use when you choose.
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