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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by grimeysmurf, Aug 27, 2012.

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    ok i understand i shoul friends but i ont know any 1 here from the start -_-
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    What is this post about? It's not readable :/
  3. raqyee Lieutenant

    He is sad because game gives him an option to add people to his friend list, but he doesn't have any friends.
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    I can be Your friend bro if You need it, then
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    Grimeysmurf, I will add you when I get into the game, I don't have it downloaded just yet but I will have it tomorrow. I also do not know anyone here but I am really looking forward to making new friends while playing Firefall.
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    You want an option to "buy Friends"? If so, you may elaborate in the beta section.
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    That is cruel Kyno. He just has to make friends over time.
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    Oh, sorry if I offended someone, wasn't my intention. However, here's my advice, Joining an army might be the best bet for OP if you want to know people better. If you're a hardcore gamer, join a hardcore army if you're more casual then join a casual oriented army.
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    You didn't offend anyone it just sounded a bit harsh to say the least, but that is a much better message to give unlike your last one. Very informative, thanks.
  10. twistingnether Unbroken

    alot of people here on the boards will be willing to join you in game at any time.

    if you look in the army page there are bunches of groups that are active and eagerly waiting to get their people into firefall.

    alot will have chat programs and websites where they will talk or inte to other games also it is a very useful thing to look into if you are bored and waiting.

    if i am ever on i am willing to run thumper missions or just pvp if anyone is ever interested.
  11. Traith Commander

    Army friends is best friends :p
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    Once I join an army that is active around my time (GMT+2) then I will know what you just said Traith. :)
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    Grammar is my best friend.
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    Grammar Nazi!
  15. Traith Commander

    I did it that way on purpose. And I'll take my army friends over your grammar friend any day. ;)
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