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    Will look at the patch, a dev told me a couple months ago this change was somewhere in the woodworks but didn't know when it would hit live. Will fix it shortly.
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    New version up, minimal testing because I am in a rush atm. Let me know if there are any issues.
    -Update for latest patch
    -Should now ignore links from Ignored players
    -Added minimum distance option
    -Very minor code changes
    Link in first post as usual. Please note Melder one-click download is currently broken. See the Melder thread for details.
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  3. xTrogdorx Pyromaniac

    It seems to be working fine now :)
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    Very nice. Will try it out in a bit. :)

    Works like a charm. Thanks :)
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    thank for the update.. I had no idea how much I had grown use to this add on until it was not working after the last patch.. I felt sort of lost there for a few days.. lol

    like I would look at the chat window when a random loc would come in and just wait for more info for a second or two.. then remember, oh that's right that mod is sort of off line right now..
  6. Loraith Storm Rider

    This is one of the Simplest and best addons I have used. Simple in Idea, Simple in Execution, and does a fabulous Job letting me know If I am close enough to matter.

    Awesome, and Thanks.
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    Need a new version of it I think.
  8. Nalin Rookie

    I have made a new version of this addon that works with patch 1.6. I am confused as to why this addon was moved out of the archives if it doesn't work.

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    TemPRIuS already beat you to it in the thread I made requesting an update.

    This one is just going to confuse people who will try to use the Meldii link from the first post and won't see your (or his) update. I updated the OP in my thread with a Meldii link to his version for 1.6.