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    Have you been inspired by one of the awesome trailers to defend New Eden against Chosen forces?
    Or have you ever wanted to do something for the Accord, but it was something specific, which wasn't available on your instance at the moment? Good news! NewEdenDefender comes with a rescue: now you will be able to decide what to do more freely by switching instances to the ones which have what you need!

    Red:red5: has hinted that this idea may be bad, because (if I understand correctly) they think people will run AWAY from defending their instances. When I have discussed this with other players, it turned out that people want to run TOWARDS the invasions and strike teams, not away from them. The goal of this project is to enable changing instances, gather data about player behavior and SEE what really happens. Enough with guessing.

    Last Tuesday (before launching this addon, mind you!) I was on an instance with 30 players when an invasion spawned.
    Green: amount of players on the Asejib instance
    Red: amount of invasions on the Asejib instance


    it went from 30 to 100 in 10 minutes.
    People are trying to fight for the Accord, but they need to rely on IRC or their friends for invitations. This addon just makes the process more efficient.

    The addon does two more things that you need to be aware of:
    1. If you are not in a squad or if you are a leader of a squad which is not full AND another player wants to join your instance, the addon will give this guy a hand: invite him to your squad for a few seconds (just enough time for him to attempt to jump to your instance). Then it kicks him :)
    2. It sends some data about you and the instance you are on to my server every now and then (it does so in the background, while you play). If you want to know what data is collected, read the current source code of the addon (amount and type of data may differ between versions). I do not collect data about players which don't use the addon. Example status data upload from version v1.0.6 is here:


    Convenience methods of jumping which do not require providing an explicit reason ("/jump mess" is the preferred option):
    |     command     | throws you to a jumpable instance with (a high amount of)... |
    | /jump mess      | hostile outposts, chosen strike teams, invasions, incursions |
    | /jump chosen    | chosen strike teams                                          |
    | /jump hostile   | hostile outposts                                             |
    | /jump incursion | incursions                                                   |
    | /jump invasion  | invasions - THIS IS DISABLED AFTER RED5 REQUEST, see page 6  |
    | /jump tornado   | tornadoes                                                    |
    | /jump ares      | ares missions                                                |
    | /jump carbon    | towers with carbon around them                               |
    |                 | (works for other resource types too)                         |
    Methods that require providing a reason for wanting to jump:
    |          command          |                      description                       |
    | /jump anywhere REASON     | just throws you to another instance                    |
    | /jump fingname REASON     | throws you to an instance with a specified fing name   |
    | /jump 17843 REASON        | throws you to an instance with a specified NED_ID      |
    Current instance list with NED_IDs is here:

    Other commands:
    |   command    |             description              |
    | /jump abort  | cancels the outstanding jump request |
    | /jump cancel | cancels the outstanding jump request |
    Full command list is here:

    The initial version has some bugs, but it's good enough for open beta. Expect updates every day or two.

    This is a research project. This means some data which is not really directly needed for the addon operation will be collected (like sum of XP of the addon user) and an attempt to derive some conclusions from the collected data will be made (like if there is a correlation between the frequency or reason of jumping and sum of XP of the given user, in other words "do experienced players jump more - and why"). Results may get published. I may also create some kind of leaderboards or player matching one day, or do something else with it. By using the addon you agree that all rights to the collected data are mine.

    Jump requests need between 0 and 60 seconds to be processed. Sometimes the jump will fail after two minutes or so, for one of many reasons (not worth describing here now). I may be able to improve the jump reliability and wait time by improving the server later.

    This is how I felt when someone suggested that I will run away from Chosen forces.

    I'd like to remind the following story to the Red:red5: people who will be reading this tread:

    Back in the days there was a website where you could upload your photos and share them with others. Everyone had a profile to put pictures on. People could comment and send messages to one another. After some time, an odd thing has happened: people started using this website as a dating service. Said website became a go-to dating site in the country. The website owners didn't like that, so one day they modified their page and send an email to all users, saying that they implemented mechanisms to prevent this kind of unwanted behavior from taking place.

    The next day their traffic has dropped 90%.

    They reverted the changes and send an email with apologies, saying they have learned their lesson. Some users have returned the next day. Website owners have later implemented new features which helped people date and their traffic has increased, where it stayed high for years.

    EDIT: some people seem to regard the mentioned story a threat. This was not my intention at all. I wanted to say that if instance hopping is blocked, people will stop hopping instances, but it may be hard to tell upfront what else will happen. I don't think hopping instances is a game-maker, but the fact that people do that tells something. I just don't know what.

    How to stop players from jumping instances to hoard invasions? Give them loads of resources, experience, massive challenging multiplayer cooperative fights and fun for staying as far AWAY from invasions as possible ;)

    Thanks to Virtia for helping me write all that up.
    Thanks to #Firefall.Addons guys for helping me test the addon and the server.
    Thanks for all the people who helped me test the addon.

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    I'll bite! :D

    EPIC EDIT: *first o.0
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  3. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    I'd say this would be more useful to :red5: than us. :) lol

    In any event it should be interesting to watch what happens. :p
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    In essence, this is the first iteration of the zone & server-switching-menu. Truly something that I for one have been wishing for ever since the forced migration to Irish-datacenter.
    Thank you for the work so far; time to put this for a test! Call of Duty must be answered even beyond dimensions!!!

    In fact, I really hope :red5: will actually study this addon / helpful tool for the possible "HQ"-system which is something we really need in future considering the situation and "architecture" us players are residing within.
  5. Dionysaw Founder

    Great addon and great concept. Can take awhile to jump me over in which I usually get distracted doing something XD But great none the less.
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    I would recommend you mention the exact data you are sending and/or give people the option to opt out of that part of the addon. TDDB had a bit of backlash due to this and I'd hate to see it happen again.
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  7. Sayan Descended Into Hell

    hmm, interesting stuff.
    It just struck me what instance hopping reminds me of

    What is the delay on kick after the invite? Sometimes when servers are overloaded on weekends the recipient gets the invite with a noticeable delay, yet invite helpers count the time from when the invite was sent.
  8. BTrayaL Apex Predator

    I am at work right now and can't test it just yet, but I was wondering what happens if I'm in a squad doing stuff, and I activate the addon, looking for active invasions, for example.
    Does it kick me out of the squad before the jump attempt? Does it fail alltogether? Does it work with me in a squad or do I need to be solo?
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  9. WidowMakerz Roi des Flingues|1Reine des Flingues

    This addon is a really nice idea!
    GJ dude!
    It could be awesome if the extent possible you could add an option to disable jump between US and EU servers because some people (like me :p) has heavy lag on foreign servers.
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  10. Raaya Black Cats

    Tried /jump invasion and /jump tornado

    In both cases I jump to a shard that has neither. :(
  11. Yuanjia Beta Commando

    This is a great Idea, and i really hope :red5: will implement it in the future instead of avoiding the shard travel features.

    I tried NED for a short amount of time searching for Tornados, it actually seems that the addon will pull me often to shards where are no ones, even when everything is controlled by accord. Does it check the "red" chosen taken areas for nados, too?

    Could you please add multiple jump options like "/jump invasion, tornado"?

    So far, thanks for your work.
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  12. Raaya Black Cats

    Oh, I have a request!

    Can we get
    /jump low
    to jump to shards with a low population count? :eek:
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  13. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    That would be useful to some of us that get really bored fighting on high population shards but the funny effect it will have is it will end up shifting a lot of players to a low population shard(s) and all of a sudden we have a high population shard. :p
  14. Arkii Apothecary

    If anything it should help more evenly spread out the players acroccs all the shards the server knows of.
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    Good job, Rhef!
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    nah, it's a self-regulating negative feedback loop. Unless you get a hundred people to all run the command at the same moment you'll just end up spreading evenly across shards :D
  17. Andur Field Marshal

    The addon is useful for other purpose as well: you get to choose which PvP queue you enter :)
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  18. Sylow Mad Scientist

    You above state that anybody who'd want to know what the addon does should read the source code. Bad form. While i might actually do that, it's not what everybody likes to do. Clearly stating what is being transmitted is essential.
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    I have been waiting FOREVER for someone to make this addon :D you ROCK!

    Wish you would put options to enable in the addons section. Like I have no problem showing my user name in your list, or the usernames of any of my multis. :) (Since the point of having them is to find invasions more often)

    Now if only someone would find a way to break red5's anti afk bs and I will leave my multi boxes on so people have many more shards to hop to :)

    What else would be neat is to add a meta-refresh tag to your webpage. Maybe a refresh of 1sec? :D
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    2 seconds after the invite is accepted, I think (as of 1.0.6).

    You need to be out of squad or /jump will fail with a message.
    Jumps time-out after about two minutes.

    Good feature request, but how would you like to set it and unset it? /ned same_zone enable, /ned same_zone disable ? Or some kind of options in the menus like other addons?

    In fact you have landed on a shard which had most tornadoes from all instances the server knew about. But the number was zero. That is a bug. It should require at least one to jump. I'll fix that later, thanks for reporting it!
    EDIT: this has been fixed the next day, now it requires a non-zero value of interesting instance traits

    It's a bug (look above), fix soon. It only looks in the area controlled by Accord.
    EDIT: fixed on the following day

    As for multiple options, it may be done but it would be a bit unfeasible in current design. I could add "/jump big" (or something else) as an alias for "jump to an instance with maximum available amount of tornadoes and invasions" to solve this particular combination. Would that work?

    I can do it, but please first tell my why would you like to use it? Also see below

    No. Red:red5: pays for renting virtual machines. If they are able to shrink the amount of used servers by avoiding shards with little player numbers, they save money. I don't want to prevent them from doing that. Each dollar saved on a virtual machine rental is a dollar they won't have to pull out of players by making the game pay2win (yes, uncraftable copa arcporter, I am looking at you!)

    I will post an example status data request in a readable form.
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