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    Daniel J. Bernstein. :D
  2. Ghur Founder

    /jump invasion is still taking me to shards without invasions.

    It seems I was still getting squad chat even after being kicked out of squad automatically. Maybe it needs a slightly longer pause between the events? - nvm, it wasn't.
    I also noted I'll have a trailing "squad invite" message on my UI, pending accept/decline after jumping.
  3. Andur Field Marshal

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    Well, in-game advertising by players on chats and this thread are probably the main culprits for that.
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    lawl this guys panties are knotted up 24/7 :)
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    I guess I dont quite understand how /jump invasion works then. I thought you had to type it only when you knew an inasion was going on.

    So if I type that, does it just scan the whole time I'm on and if it sees them it jumps me? what if I'm already in a squad?
  7. Andur Field Marshal

    Small feature request here: /jump {region} (eu-west, na-west, na-east) .

    (Edit: Derp, that's already implemented, didn't read thoroughly )
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    Getting this on your page very often....

    ImproperlyConfigured at /

    InstanceTraitAdmin.list_display[6], 'region' is not a callable or an attribute of 'InstanceTraitAdmin' or found in the model 'InstanceTrait'.

    Request Method: GET
    Request URL:
    Django Version: 1.5.1
    Exception Type: ImproperlyConfigured
    Exception Value:

    InstanceTraitAdmin.list_display[6], 'region' is not a callable or an attribute of 'InstanceTraitAdmin' or found in the model 'InstanceTrait'.

    Exception Location: /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/django/contrib/admin/ in validate, line 38
    Python Executable: /usr/bin/python
    Python Version: 2.6.5
    Python Path:


    Server time: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 17:19:09 +0000
  9. Ranexi Beta Warrior

    Not working.

    tried /jump invasion, /jump ares, /jump mess, /jump eu... none works.
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    Keep in mind that someone has to be online from the servers that you want to jump too. on top of that you won't get an invasion jump until there is an invasion to jump to.

    this addon is not an instant "I win" button.
  11. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    hmm wonder how long :red5: will leave this addon be? :confused:

    In any event lets see how good it can get before than. :p
  12. WidowMakerz Roi des Flingues|1Reine des Flingues

    Well, I was the other guy :p
    Logii doesn't work because of too large log.
    So here are my logs. (yep "are" because I don't even know which one is good)

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  13. Andur Field Marshal


    /jump eu should always work. There's always at least one "jumpable" EU addon user.

    Although probably a better test would be /jump anywhere.

    Yup, :red5: explained his reasons against a manual zone jump a while ago. Jumping away from Chosen-controlled environments was only part of their concerns (broken immersion was another, for example).
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    I have added jumping to regions:
    |   subcommand    |          description          |
    | /jump us        | jumps to a us-east-1 instance |
    | /jump us-east   | jumps to a us-east-1 instance |
    | /jump us-east-1 | jumps to a us-east-1 instance |
    | /jump us-west   | jumps to a us-west-2 instance |
    | /jump us-west-2 | jumps to a us-west-2 instance |
    | /jump eu        | jumps to a eu-west-1 instance |
    | /jump eu-west   | jumps to a eu-west-1 instance |
    | /jump eu-west-1 | jumps to a eu-west-1 instance |
    Beware. This may fail because it seems some data is corrupted on the server. It is unknown why one instance id is reported to be on a different regions by two different players. We'll see.

    This looks like a horrible lag with the squad server - or whatever it is. The way addon handles the squad client side is, let's say, "not optimal yet".

    This looks like a reoccurence of a bug and will need to be looked into. Report if this keeps happening. It should tell you that there was no instance available with the stuff you seek.

    There should be something like "jump timed out" already. Isn't it there? Can you see any errors on the console when that happens?

    Correlation between the type of activity player engages in, number of jumps he makes per hour and the amount of crystite, xp and resources he receives per hour.

    Instance id is an unsigned int32.

    I must investigate this further to make jumping to regions more reliable. As for now an instance is pinned to region when my server first learns about it's existence. This might not be good.

    This has been considered. The probablility that the puller is where you want to go is low unless there is an invasion. I, for one, wouldn't like people hanging out in my squad for 30-40s until they connect properly. Are you sure people would be fine with it?

    BTrayaL: I translate your requests for:
    • watching for an instance which matches the jump criteria and then triggering a jump as soon as one is available. It's good. I have considered that, but haven't implemented it yet. Bugfixes need to go first.
    • leaving squad automatically when jumping. I'm not sure if all players want that. This could be a client-side option maybe? What do others think about it?

    I fixed that earlier today. Thanks for the report.
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    Could you send me some links?

    As for the data collection issues: as I have stated the rules and intentions in the first post along with the example data upload (which is all saved with an exception of "is_pvp" flag which the server ignores).

    You can use this addon with my server if you agree to give me all the data.
    You can NOT use this addon with MY server if you disagree to give me all the data.

    I am not planning to do an opt-out-of-logging-some-data feature. I'll rather spend that time to implement other features.
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    It certainly did tell me if there weren't any available. This probably happened about 2/3 of the times I tried it. But every time it 'found' one, there was never one there when it jumped.
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    I added a http redirect for now and changed url in the ini file for next release.
  18. Aggras Field Marshal

    Really amazing work!

    I am going to use this addon, but I am going to change the code to not report XP, cy, resources, etc. I hope you do not mind.

    I understand why you need to report the location, so I guess it stays though I dont like reporting it.

    Also, is there a quick option to disable it ? Keeping it enabled will keep kicking me from PvP queue.
  19. Azrell Apex Predator

    It sends some data about you and the instance you are on to my server every now and then (it does so in the background, while you play). If you want to know what data is collected, read the current source code of the addon (amount and type of data may differ between versions).

    Errrhhhh...hmmmm.... Any way to turn off the information reporting? I would like things like my account information and credit card #s to remain private. Its questionable at best, if this add on will be a good thing for the game, but downright deceitful to be mining players for there data.
  20. Azrell Apex Predator

    I'd like to remind the following story to the Red:red5: people who will be reading this tread:

    Back in the days there was a website where you could upload your photos and share them with others. Everyone had a profile to put pictures on. People could comment and send messages to one another. After some time, an odd thing has happened: people started using this website as a dating service. Said website became a go-to dating site in the country. The website owners didn't like that, so one day they modified their page and send an email to all users, saying that they implemented mechanisms to prevent this kind of unwanted behavior from taking place.

    The next day their traffic has dropped 90%.

    They reverted the changes and send an email with apologies, saying they have learned their lesson. Some users have returned the next day. Website owners have later implemented new features which helped people date and their traffic has increased, where it stayed high for years.

    How to stop players from jumping instances to hoard invasions? Give them loads of resources, experience, massive challenging multiplayer cooperative fights and fun for staying as far AWAY from invasions as possible ;)

    your assuming people only play firefall to do invasions? to that they only play firefall to gather resources? or maybe that firefall will lose 90% of its player base if you have to actually travel to anything in the game vs just being instantly teleported? because im not seeing the comparison your trying to make. Why are we trying to make this game into something its not? didnt we want an open world with with dynamic content? this just reduces firefall to an instance based game.
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