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    (First addon, with massive amounts of help from hanachi, yay!)

    I got a little tired of the day being too bright, or the night being a little too dark (as i'm sure many players do).

    So this addon gives you a variable gamma level. You can set a different value for daytime and nighttime and the addon will smoothly transition between them depending on the actual in-game time of day.


    Flashlight Boost *New*
    This feature puts new batteries in your flashlight, changing it from a dainty keychain light to a classified cold-fission radius emitting light source. (It slightly turns up your gamma when you turn it on, everything gets brighter). For when you really need it to be brighter RIGHT NOW.

    Nightvision - Dynamic Gamma
    This feature is a complete remake of the gamma option from video settings. Instead of picking and sticking with a single gamma level throughout the entire day/night cycle. Nightvision's dynamic gamma system will smoothly transition between a night and day gamma level. The result, your days aren't too bright and your nights aren't too dark.

    Nightvision - Dynamic Exposure*New*
    Exposure (Until now) has not been a video setting the general public has been able to tweak (It adjusts the saturation of colors on screen). With the dynamic exposure options in this addon, you can not only adjust exposure and change how bright or colorless your game world will be, but you can also adjust it on the same smooth day or night scale you can gamma! Yay!

    These are the default values, you can make it brighter or darker if you want.

    -This addon assumes your gamma is 2.0 to start. If it's not, just pull the Daytime_Gamma slider up to a level you like then adjust the nighttime_Gamma accordingly.
    -The addon updates once every 100 seconds, you may have to wait a minute or two to see your changes take effect.
    -This addon turns off autoexposure because it conflicts with variable gamma and variable exposure. You'll notice a drastic increase in exposure quality after you switch to the dynamic exposure setting within the addon.


    If you have any issues or problems, feel free to message me on the forums (Kama_Blue), Message me ingame (Bluepanda) or message me in IRC (Blue).

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  2. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

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  3. HipHoliday Red 5 Studios

    gooood addon. It's a pain for me to use the flashlight at night.
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  4. Nightchade Beta Vanguard

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  5. Juggernaught Founder

    What a terrible add-on, now players will be able to see me before I start lobbing fireballs. [IMG]
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    Nice addition. I'm in the same situation.
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    Wow, excellent addon. Thanks!
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  8. Eth- Beta Warrior

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  9. Char Aznable Centurion

    i see you cause you're wearing dat glowing punkin :p
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    Great addon, might give it a download.
    Althought I quite like the dark nights.
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  11. Jekotia Commander

    Here's some Melder tags for your topic post if you want to support Melder updates.
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    I personally like the night time lighting on the new patches, but I am sure other players will be welcoming this addon with open arms.
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  13. chippetychaps Cupcake

    Don't know whether it's possible, or would even make much difference, but what if the NV goggles only toggled on if you we're scoped in on something, or if it had an even brighter value while scoped? Would help those who like dark nights, but want to be able to pull off shots while sniping. :D

    Still, good add-on!
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    Finally, thanks. Tired of manually changing it. Side note, holy crap you play with high gama..
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    This is awesome, Thanks!
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  16. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    another mod in the "must have" list
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  17. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    This could be interesting. See just fine in the dark though unless in areas shadows are being cast. :)
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    Now I can turn the gamma down while it's night :eek:
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  19. ~ Daks Founder

    So I was loving this addon but I think I found a bug. On my system, when I open the map, then close it, the colors in the game are super unsaturated and dull. Doing a simple /rui fixes it but it is really weird and annoying. Turning the goggles off in the options menu doesn't help either. The only way I was able to fix it was completely uninstalling this addon.

    I isolated the issue to this addon as uninstalling it worked and re-installing brings back the issue.

    Here is a CRAPPY cell phone video to show you.
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    Nice use of CVar manipulation. :D
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