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  1. bobsmith99 Laser Lancer

    an alternate view that would be nice would be the same way you have the accuracy meter where each item is on a separate line
  2. Hanachi Stellar Ponies

    Thumper Status is now updated to ThumperStatus3.

    -Big changes to the code, mainly rewrites.
    -Now lets you track more than one thumper, use the drop down menu to select between two thumpers.
    -Thumper vitals is now colourized depending on the damage level: Above 75 is White, Below 75 but above 50 is Yellow. 49 and below is Red.
    -You can customize the colours by going to the Interface Options menu.
    -Thumper vitals will also 'flash' the next colour down when your thumper takes damage.
    -Added Melder support.
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    Nice changes! I will try it next time I play.

  4. AxmeisterAxl Beta Vanguard

    Works like a charm:p...thank you so very much
  5. Ced23Ric Gun Collector

    Added it to the Compendium. Nice job, Hanachi. :)
  6. Hanachi Stellar Ponies

    Updated to ThumperStatus4.

    Added a duration timer, shows you exactly when your thumper will be done.
    Changed the formatting a bit.
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    Very cool stuff.. I was trying to make one of these the other day but I've never used lua and don't know where to start learning the Firefall API :(
  8. AxmeisterAxl Beta Vanguard

    Is ThumperStatus4 Melder friendly?
  9. Jhollman Founder

    Great!!, i was testing v3 yesterday and works flawsly, im gonna test v4 today, ty Hanachi.
  10. Jekotia Commander

    Looks to be. I haven't tried to install it via Melder since I'm not home, but on inspection of the .zip, it should install flawlessly.
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    I just want to say that I've been recommending the crap out of this. Oh, and I was going to jump on here to ask you to add a timer to see how long the thumper had left ...except that you're just full of awesomesauce.

    One thing I have noticed that would be nice and isn't in there yet, would be to have it pop up the vitals on a thumper I stumble on when roaming. If I stop by to help folks with their thumper it'd be neat if I could still see the vitals on it. Is that even possible without having been there at the start?
  12. Hanachi Stellar Ponies

    It's technically possible to do that, it's just a lot of work I suppose. I'd have to rewrite a fair amount of things again, so I'm not sure if I want to yet. I suppose I can say that I might look into it.
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    You already have at least my gratitude either way.
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    Would it be possible to get a concise mode like
    implemented as an option in the future?

    I like my things compact, but it's not a big job to edit it by hand to be a bit slimmer if/when new versions pop up, either.
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    Great idea here, loving this addon though!
  16. Hanachi Stellar Ponies

    I'll add some more customization stuff to it I suppose. So you can set the text for that stuff.
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    How about you make the presentation of it more clear and straight to the point.

    Maybe a circle divided in three with the numbers inside. Less visual polution and letters on the screen.
    Something we can look at with the corner of the eye and know all the numbers without distracting from the action.
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    This is great. Easily the first add-on that I'll really need. Can't wait to try it out.
  19. Veneras Unbroken

    Would it be possible to ''break'' the thumper status in more parts at the interface menu?
    Like in the provided screenshot.

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    I want to translate this Addon in to german. Am I allowed to post the translated Addon in the german board (with a link this Post)?