Air Sprint - guide?

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    I have a vague idea of what air sprint is but I can't seem to nail it down pat - partially because I'm honestly not sure when I'm actually doing it.

    Could someone write a quick 2-line guide on how this works? There's a lot of chat about what it is, but I couldn't find much info on how to do it.

  2. CaptainCapslock Founder

    While in the air, press shift to enable Airsprint (Space+Shift+Direction). Your energy is drained quickly but you move faster in that direction.
    Pretty simple
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  3. Stenorreaper Recon Specialist

    Hunh? Air sprint. Press jump, forward and Run at the same time. All you're doing is trying to run in the air. :confused:;

    As of now there are little flames that will shoot out of your backpack when doing this.
    Air sprint uses up fuel at a 200% rate, in exchange for a bit of forward momentum.

    Alone the item is practically useless, but it can be used in conjunction with a bounce effect that is caused by using your jumpjets right before you hit the ground. the boost is especially noticeable if you do this on a hill that is sloping down.

    This bounce effect also applies when you use the jumpjets normally, so you can chain together a series of bounces using the Air Sprint to get some speed, then a series of regular bounces to maintain forward momentum.

    The effect of this bouncing is travel that is faster than running, but slower than using an LGV.
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    Thank you sir
  5. Rompy War Machine

    Air sprint = Holding down SHIFT+direction+Spacebar

    There are also the gummy bear bounce as some mentioned above, when you jump, right before you hit the ground, hold down Spacebar to activate the jetpack. The physics of the game will allow you to bounce off without touching the ground and jet forward faster... so rinse and repeat...

    when they first introduced air sprint it was really easy and kind of OP. now it takes a little more skill to pull it off flawlessly in combat
  6. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

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  7. Stenorreaper Recon Specialist

    Whaaa? This thread is like... 2 months old! o.o;
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  8. MattxAus Apothecary


    A little skill, and a good connection. there is only like a 0.3sec window (dont quote me on that, i cant quite recall the source where i heard that a while ago) for the air-cushion "sweet spot"between when it is just jetting in the air, and touching the ground, losing all momentum.... which means if you have 200ping, it is substantially harder. if you have 400, you may as well not bother, because you wont get more than a few in a row.
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  10. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    Yep its there. And its awesome in jetball
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  11. TheJayde Commander

    That actually makes me rather happy. I felt the game was more rich to have little tricks like that in it. Specially with everyone getting the bikes anyways. And to think... here I was walking with my own two legs like a SUCKER!
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    So almost like Bunnyhoping in CSS?