Ammo Chambers are amazing

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  1. Thalyin Commander

    I have no idea if they add damage or how much, nor do I care, they simply look amazing. Finally I can match my weapon projectile to my battleframe colour scheme ;)

    Some week screen shots of the effects...







    sorry if this is to many images

    Oh it didn't seem to effect secondary weapons (that I saw)

    Anyways there brilliant, So thanks for the early present :)
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    The fire ammo is awesome with the Assault Nova Cannon's secondary. It's like shooting a mini sun. Yes, the ammo deals about 10% of the max damage dealt.
  3. ArchSight Beta Vanguard

    I like the new feature of elemental ammo but it seems the Assaults plasma cannon got the best special effects for using them. I hope there's a planned improvement to the special effects for the other guns. The bullet firing primary's seem to only get different colored tracers and no awesome flames/smoke/lightning at the back of the projectile like the Assault's primary.
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    What are the mechanical effects of the different ammo's? Like do certain types of ammo damage certain enemies more than others?

    Also are there status effects associated with the types of ammo?
  5. Juggernaught Founder

    No, there is no damage bonus to certain types (yet). They all do the same thing right now, but one of the devs (or maybe Phobos) said they have great things in store for them so I'm certain that will change.

    There are no status effects associated with any of the ammo types, they just look different. I personally prefer the thermal chamber on an assault frame, because it makes me feel like an actual Juggernaught, shooting fireballs and what not.
  6. Sorho Commander

    I've not happened across any yet, any word on how the effect looks on Tesla rifles?
  7. Juggernaught Founder

    Thermal turns red, chemical turns green, storm does nothing.
  8. Jhollman Founder

    The Fire and Poison ones FX are great!, the storm is not good enough, it barely notices on the Assault's main gun.
    As for damage, it doesnt seems to make a BIG difference, as far i seen.
  9. Juggernaught Founder

    It adds 10% of whatever damage your shots do to it.

    Also, screenshots of the engineer tesla, chemical and thermal.

    FirefallClient_2012_12_21_11_35_19_222.png FirefallClient_2012_12_21_11_34_59_665.png
  10. Sorho Commander

    Ooooh, I like the thermal a lot, like a long ranged blow torch :)

    I shall have to keep an eye out for these bad boys.
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    Yeah, keep an eye out for some fun, new developments w/ these ammo chambers next year. The designers have some great status effect stuff in the works besides just looking different. And of course, we're always tweaking the vfx. :)
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    Status effects? Just as long as there is no slow, hold, or knockback I'm down.
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    Hmm Recons might be able to 1-shot kill chosen now. :)
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    Just me though or is the cost on those absolutely insane to craft?

    how long do does the effect stay?
    and many charges do you get with 1 crafted set?
  15. Char Aznable Centurion

    2kCY of Crystite/5 chambers is not that much
    And the effect last for about 15-20 mins
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    so its the 2k crystite + i noticed it wants 500 of something else like the quatz, for 5 chambers, say 15 mins.

    3k worth of resources for a bit over and hour (75mins). honestly not super wild about that, little bit in the middle in terms of whether i think its good or bad.
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    The only request, please add some sort of timer or notice when they are still active. I have lower video settings and it's really hard to tell when the effect wears off. Something similar to ammo/health where it locks itself out and provides the countdown to the next use.

    I tend to save mine for that special occasion, incursions, tornadoes etc.. as the cost can creep on you.
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    I wonder why everything looks good on assaults... it even changes the effects of altfire and bombs away.
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    I might be wrong about this, but I see a lot of things that make me think the Dev team favors the Assault class.

    That's what I was thinking too. 75 minutes is arguably a good value for the amount of resources paid into it. IDK, I'd honestly rather have the option of paying 1/5th the price to just get ONE ammo chamber and try it out for 15 minutes. You know...sort of like an appetizer before deciding to go full blown and invest 2K crystite. I'm a casual player and I want to make sure I have enough crystite for new upcoming battleframes, so 2K is a pretty heavy blow for me.

    My opinion: This is beta. The dev team originally had chosen drop pods raining down on us a little *too* much and they justified it by saying they want to give players the ability to thoroughly test out that AI content. They also have been going back and forth on the difficulty of the Chosen. Sometimes the chosen are too easy, sometimes they are too hard. Many players have also said that the cost of some of the "Swag" in the "New You" station is too expensive. Take the skull helmet from halloween for example. At 200 red beans it about $30 REAL MONEY. That's half the price of a AAA rated game, such as Starcraft 2 or Borderlands 2. That is indeed expensive, and I've noticed that Red5 has been releasing new items in the "New You" station that are a little less expensive. It's a balancing act. The same thing goes with these special ammo chambers. I think they started off with the cost of making this a little too high. As a result of this, a good portion of the player base will be hesitant to test these out. Eventually many players will try these out, but I think/hope that in the future there will be a less costly way to craft ammo chambers. As it stands now, I find 2K crystite + 500 of other resources a tad too costly for me to really test these suckers out.
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    I think that R5 considers assault the banner class, they have even the best things in game.