AMP=Crystite Resonator? I don't think so

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  1. Krhys Commander

    Perhaps, instead of vendors in specific POIs magically appearing when there is sufficient juice, maybe certain items can only be crafted at the printer when it has sufficient power? Take weapons grade crystite as an example - this is just normal crystite to begin with, correct, so to weaponise it would simply take loads of power - instead of giving a magically appearing, power-hungry vendor your crystite for the item, you can actually craft with it!
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    where can we find those ressonators?
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    They may be obtained through completing various missions around the open world such as ARES missions, Incursions, Invasions, etc. They can also be purchased for 1 Accord merit point from a vendor (I think its the "classified tech" vendor, but don't quote me on that), and they are given out upon completion of a PVP match.
  4. chippetychaps Cupcake

    Why do people buy resonators? :confused:
  5. Blahu Unbroken

    Because they have no idea (yet) how useful and hard to obtain AMP's are. For a single tech 10 you need 225 AMPs...for a full unlocked frame you need 1350 AMP's.
    And I ain't even bringing into discussion future possible (probable) new frames or frame archetypes.