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  1. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    I'm not holding out, just hoping.
    Right now it's the only game of it's type that appeals to me.
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  2. Oh my God i'm sorry i didn't enter the forum for so long and i didn't see your reply :( . Sorry friend :( I kinda quit Firefall too until i saw and email today saying something about a new game called being developed by some of the old developers of Firefall. It says it's crowdfunded. Might check it out. Sounds like a Firefall reboot to me. Have you guys heard anything? Check your emails and tell me.
  3. Earth_Soldier Beta Commando

    You are 3 months late >_<. By now everything related with "3mB3R" is being heavily censored in the FireFall forums by The9, there is not a single dev from the old R5 studio working here anymore.

    Censorship, banning people and post deletion are now the rules here sadly.
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  4. MolliMayhem Recon Specialist

    Most of everyone from here is over on those forums now. Sadly there is not a game yet...hopefully there WILL be something but it's going to take time, and some folks don't believe it will ever happen since Kern is involved....I have no opinion myself. In the meantime it's a place to hang out with the old community. Unfortunately there are about 4 people over there who like to do nothing but stir up whatever drama they can make up (much like they did here), but at least they are mostly confined to the "Flamewars, gripes, and complaints" section of the forums. And they recently caused a bunch of drama over on the Discord chat server, as well. Beats me why supposed "adults" have to constantly act like 2-year-olds in a cupcake slinging contest.

    I haven't been playing ANYTHING at all....Project Genom is coming along and should have more to do when it launches in Steam early access, probably some time this fall. I have been doing art (oil paintings) and hanging out at a horse boarding stable nearby for fun.
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  5. I loved my days in Firefall and i think i was able to complete a whole year in the army with you guys. Molli say hi to Boremac from an old AHA member and keep up with such nice activities. Und my friend you showed me the ropes in Firefall and i loved this game so much. Like all good things i guess it had to come to an end sadly :(.

    Take care people and thanks for all the help and company you gave me in this game and for having me in the army.

    P.S. Anyone who likes Warframe or Robocraft (2 completely different games :p ), thats where i'll be. My nickname in Warframe is Archegon and in Robocraft is Atreas. I mostly play Robocraft these days which is a fun little game especially for LEGO lovers like me. After the summer though i won't be playing PC games so much because i have to study more cause 1 year left till my bachelor degree ( i hope :/ )
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  6. MolliMayhem Recon Specialist

    If you're on Steam, add me and Boremac to your friends list. :)
    Hope we can stay in touch and good luck with school!
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  7. Hola a todos de la armada Ares , he decidido dejar a un lado FireFall y mudarme a Em-8Er.

    Espero que podamos encontrarnos en el siguiente juego, junto con mi hermano.

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  8. Ahoy captain hook ayuda ayuda ayuda

    le saludamos y sus tropas están listas tenemos instrucciones a bordo de los barcos y la venta hacia EM8ER pero debido a la escasez de naves

    Requieren asistencia y necesidad de volver hacia atrás proporcionan espacio en sus naves para traer un tablero más más podemos salvar más vidas.

    Espero que haya encontrado nuestra señal de socorro temprano antes de que sea demasiado tarde


    negociador de caca caca van da poopyo

    oh hi hi hi there you are!!,

    might be wondering what is EM8ER it is the SUCCESSOR of firefall

    Look for EM8ER on the internet the development of the game is going smoothly and with an even stronger community
    it looks like the project shall come to life even more so as opposed to firefall

    But your a bit worried or have doubts if you see and talk to the community you will find out a lot about what is happening
    and to also be involved with the shape of how EM8ER will eventually turn out to be so yes hop on the EM8ER BUS the journey
    is a long one but the destination gradually gets closer and closer

    SEE YOU AT EM8ER !!!

    thanks a million poop activist defender of trees
    poopy mc poopseron the 4th
  9. Earth_Soldier Beta Commando

    Last day and last post of mine as the last commander of the AHA army, I'll miss you all. And as I promised I was here till the very last damn day. Proud of being an AHA member always lets do a last salute.

    R.I.P FireFall

    Best regards to everyone.

    Undomitable, last commander of the Ares Helping Ares army, last report 07-07-2017.


    P.S.: If by any chance we meet again I'll be using this very same IGN for the Em-8Er game.
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  10. skuly WMD

    Was fun while it lasted, I'm glad I pulled out in time ;)
  11. Spaceship lands

    BEEP BEEP .... come on in we have come to take you to EM8ER!

    EM8ER is the successor of firefall if you do not believe see for yourself search on the internets this game
    and you be pleasantly happy to see big robot, big drill, big things

    Fires up thrusters and hovers across copacabana searching for more survivors
    scanning for life forms .................................................

    Casualties - 6000+
    Organisms - 100
    Chosen poophead - 69
    Survivors - N/A
    The9 - 0

    Scan complete rescan timer initializing until next scan


  12. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    Farewell, Maybe see you in another game sometime.
    But I doubt it will be C1nd3r... :D