Dreadnaught Arsenal quality of life changes

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  1. avalon1k Unbroken

    The R36 is not a long range sniping gun. It's a in your face ares mission close to medium range combat gun. The LMG needs a grenade launcher (like in real life)
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  2. OnTour War Machine

    Hey guy, Is Particle Beam count as Explosive ability?

    well...If not, I don't know how to make use of Explosive Expert perk...
  3. <Nakata> War Machine

    You are confusing Light Machine Guns with Assault Rifles.
  4. ryunokage Unbroken

    I'm not sure whether we should simply add a scope to the LMG, flavor wise it would seem too similar to the R36's mode of operation.

    Rather then just a scope, could the LMG be reworked to have a secondary fire mode that can be activated with the alt fire button? Perhaps one that deploys a scope on the thing, quarters its rate of fire but allows the weapon to fire high explosive munitions, essentially turning the thing into an automatic low caliber cannon for providing fire support.

    This way, the arsenal's weapon would allow long range viability, but not intrude on the recon's turf.
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    First off the DMR already OPish having the fastest fire rate / biggest clipped weapons in the game...so no to taking the Recon R36.

    There is not really anything to be perplexed about. Recon has a bolt action, a charge rifle and an automatic.

    The fact that the R36 doesn't turn your screws just so....is because it is more of a scope assault rifle....which is probably why the Arsenal LMG has no scope.

    Way back, the community of griefers were saying that the recon is a useless battleframe that served no purpose other than to snipe from a distance, which as you know serves as little help in Ares missions or tower takeovers.

    They said that the fire rate was too slow to be effective in a CQF and with the debunkle - nerf of the power field there was now a lot of truth in that.

    The R36 / PF combo however gave the recon class the ability to get in the fight up close and personal in your face....no I don't mean shooting from the doorway,

    I mean in a room with 20+ chosen and wading in and mowing them down every bit as much as a lard ass dreads.

    The frame has like a max HP of around 2100 -2200 hp tops, nearly 1/4 of what the dread has, and I have no apprehension wading into 20+ chosen in a tower takeover with a R36 / PF.

    Charge rifle / PF from the (doorway) sure....... but to be thinking of wading into a tower filled room with 20+ chosen using a sniper rifle ..lol hell no.

    Even with that HP imbalance of dreads and recons, I would much rather has a faster frame with a lower HP of the recon to get around with.

    It is a versatile frame that can lay back in the hills and pick off chosen in an incursion ( sniper rifle), or get into rooms full of chosen.( Charge rifle / PF or R36 / PF )

    That's what people wanted back then, was for recon to be able to get in and fight along side of the other frames in CQF.

    It's a great set up... as all I use on my Rapture is my R36 and nerfed power field. ( no secondary equipped nor is it needed ) No HKM - nothing.

    With only those two items, one can stand against / take down anything that comes their way.

    If the recon was to be solely a sniper rifle battle frame....there would be no more snipers in the mobs fighting along side of the other frames...and certainly no Power fields for EVERYONE wants to use, because they would then be way off in the distance or up in the hills...which helps nobody other than the guy that has it.

    So kudos to the R36 recon who can get in the fight and run and gun like assaults and dreads....and in my opinion, do a better job of it a lot of cases.
  6. Neppudere Unbroken


    What? I'm not saying give said DMR identical stats to the R36 and giving it Semi Auto

    .... That's not the point of a recon. Sure it's nice to have alternatives to doing far away sniping like the NH, but for a Recon to be taking on a room of Chosen in a similar manner of a Dreadnaught completely captures another design (and possibly balance) problem. For starters a Recon type frame shouldn't be able to do this at all.

    A DMR type weapon would allow for mid range dominance, with passable performance in short or long range. Short range would be a bit unwieldy and long range you're probably better off with the charge rifle or the sniper.
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    So what you're saying is that recon should be solely recon....sniping from a far, and that's it?

    So what role / purpose does recon have in this game when considering that the meat and potatoes are all CQC....thumping, tower takeovers, ares missions.

    Long range events that happen as to where sniping from afar as such would be Invasions,Incursions which are semi spontaneous occasions, and they happen so rarely that from what you come away with wouldn't pay for a drink, never mind getting close to meat and potatoes.
  8. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    If you're using gear appropriate for the level of the enemies you are facing (e.g., stock gear in New Eden) recons cannot take on a room just like a dread can. It take a lot more skill to achieve the same thing since you must avoid being hit. A dread can afford sacrificing health for a more laid back playstyle. If a good dread were to attack the same way a recon would (dodging like crazy, abusing cover and weaknesses in the AI), he/she could fight much longer than a recon could. If a dread messed up a dodge and took 500 damage, that would only be about 1/4th of its health. If a recon messed up a dodge and took 500 damage, that would be slightly over 1/2 of its health. Recons also need to take breaks more often than dreads to reload, to get more ammo and to heal. I see no problem with recons being good at close range as long as they don't outlast dreads. Dreads are meant to be anchors on the battlefield.
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    I agree. I don't expect to outlast a dread with my Rapture HP wise..that's a given, however I do take exception to making the R36 less than it already is.
    The right click scoped view, slows the fire rate pretty dramatically. Why is that? If anything, it should remain the same fire rate and have more spread.
    The right click zoom is good...and as far as the spread...well that can be reduced in the crafting process.

    If they were to make the R36 semi auto....doubt I'd ever play the recon again.

    Seriously if it were relegated as to the hills again...They might as well take away the power field as well.

    I'd have to go to the Arsenal. Even without a scope and a slower battleframe it would be my 2nd choice.

    There again the right click for the LMG is as much use as the right click of the R36. Damage is slower.

    Other than being able to shoot through a shielded drones, it's basically pointless and far less effective in mobs as just firing the weapon normally.

    I totally agree, the dreads are the anchors of the game.

    The Arsenal however gives me less of that feeling of having a piano tied to my ass when I want to run and gun compared to the D M R frames.

    I think if they gave the LMG 3x scope instead of the shield penetration, it would be by far a more useful weapon.

    But that's just me.
  10. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    On a weapon with less than 150m range, I don't think 3x is needed. 2x (iron sight/R36 zoom) is enough for any range that doesn't have severe damage falloff and it has a wider field of view, so you can be more aware of your surroundings while zoomed in.
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  11. <Nakata> War Machine


    No one here wants to make the R36 less than it is. That is not the premise of this thread.

    Current LMG alt-fire is highly situational at best - hence why you and I agree the scope is a good idea.

    Sadly, the two of us agreeing gets us nowhere without some involvement from the devs. The silence is telling.
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    Devs be all like....
  13. <Nakata> War Machine

    I am sure they are busy, but with what? The launch release notes seem to indicate a lot of work has gone on, but when? This is the 8th year of development and the 3rd year of beta, it's all very slow going. Moreover, I notice the store works fine, and whatever team is concocting monitization schemes is right on the ball. If only we could get that kind of competence from the designers.
  14. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    I wouldn't be so quick to judge how competent someone is at a job that they trained years for unless they do something really bad.
  15. <Nakata> War Machine

    I didn't judge their competency; I merely remarked upon the fact that one team seems suspiciously superior to another. The video showing the scope on the weapon means it has already been developed and they took it off. All I want is it back on.
  16. Neppudere Unbroken

    I feel like I'm accidentally derailing this thread. But I want to make myself clear!

    No I don't think it should be limited to far away sniping only, I said that specifically D:

    The DMR style would probably match the DPS of the current R36 but it would be easier and more satisfying to handle at longer ranges. It would give mid range dominance (about 30-80m) where you can comfortably fire on targets successively and have the accuracy to land all your shots.

    On topic to this thread, implementing this change to the R36 would then allow adding a scope to the LMG to be more viable. The R36 would retain its unique role on the battlefield and won't become overshadowed by the LMG having a small scope
  17. <Nakata> War Machine

    I still disagree with your premise; there is nothing that says the R36 has to have a "unique role on the battlefield". There is plenty of overlap already between other weapons. I have agreed I personally believe the R36 would benefit from some changes (read above), but that is a separate issue to the scope the LMG needs.
  18. Krhys Commander

    Hell, even a zero magnification reflex site would work great on the LMG. Secondary fire brings it up and while using it, your shots are slowed and they can penetrate shields, so no 'encroachment' on the R36's patch - all good, baby!

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  19. Grimlog Unbroken

    The last thing the recons need is a 3rd sniping weapon. So any change to the LMG that would force the r36 in that direction for the sake of some balance is bad. The LMG isn't about range anyway. It's about reaction speed for when you rush around corners.

    The shield penetrating alt on the LMG isn't bad in theory. However in practice it's pretty useless in the games current (pre 15th july) state. When you fight a tanken boss it's easier to just shoot at his feet, jump over him or blast through the shield. When a chosen drone drop a shield it's often smarter to just jump inside it and use it against the chosen(s). In pvp I imagine you most of the time end up doing too little damage with the alt.

    Personally I would like a blade on the gun, with the alt being a melee attack that worked like a second basic melee perk in terms of calculating melee damage. And then it added a small charge (1 meter) with a similar push back.
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    Arsenal quality of life is good. :)

    He just needs to hit the treadmill for real.

    One of the funnest frames in the game IMO.
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