Engineer Bastion Vs. Electron

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    I have NO idea which one is better. Actually, it depends on the situation. Which one do you prefer and why do you prefer it?
    Discuss plz.
  2. bleIII WMD

    biggest differences-
    the bastion can't craft burst rifles, the electron can't craft grenade launchers
    the bastion gets a deployable jump pad ability, the electron gets an emp grenade ability
    i'm going to get bastion because the engineer has no aoe except for grenade launchers.
    there are some others, but these are the most important ones.
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    FYI, jump pad is useless except for trolling stationary players.
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    I have a breakdown of which unlocks each gets here.
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    Both tier 2s get boomerang shot which is way better for aoe

    Also electron does get grenade launchers but they get the accord one and it comes pretty later on.

    And EMP is basically useless except for once in every 10 PvP games when you can land it correctly and it doesn't bug out.
  6. bleIII WMD

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    Jumppad actually has some use, albeit it is fairly limited. Multithumping squads it's nifty for traversing to the second/third/whatever thumper faster.

    I'd say Electron is better for PvE at the moment, mostly due to Omnidyne Boomerang, which Bastion doesn't get. Electron also gets Astrek assault rifle unlike Bastion, if you like those things. And sprint servos.
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    I would argue bastion's boomerang is better, because bastions offers a larger improvement in cooldown time. Which is most preferable PVE.
    Also, even with that you can only use it once every 20 seconds. You may want an AoE weapon more often than once every 20s
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    This is a question I have been asking myself as I try to decide on my T2 chassis for Engineer. Bastion is very interesting to me as it appears to get a better Boomerang with its cooldown. But Electron gets the Burst rifle, which is one of those guns I sincerely would want in my arsenal. Sure I would be bypassing a lot of AoE-its just hard to give it up.
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    electron gets shorter cooldown on boomerang, bastion gets higher velocity boomerang, both get higher damage boomerang
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    now that i think about it, i should've went electron seeing as it may be the better choice due to the unpleasant constraints the GL gives being a crafted weapon. Seems like electron is a bit more efficient in PvE due to the boomerang cooldown of ODM meaning lots of ability spams. GLs aren't that much of an issue since you're always accompanied by turrets
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    Electron also gets the Omnydine Boomerang shot, so it's good for those who want to use it more frequently.
    Bastion's jump pad is a bit hard to use due to the lag, the jumpjets must be activated at the peak of height you are being thrown at.
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    It doesn't seem like all that great of a choice. Neither favor a certain play style or preference tactics. Both demand we sacrifice desired improvements. The advantages of Bastion suggest a greater focus on DPS. Whereas the advantages of Electron suggest a focus on survivability. I'm not happy with this selection.

    I choose Bastion. The armor doesn't even change in appearance (disappointing).
  14. dopef1sh Commander

    I chose both, but it will probably still take me a while until I've got both trees built out enough to see if it makes any difference. Let's hope T3 is better.
  15. HellRik Field Marshal

    I have both @100% .
    Overall makes no differences to me...seriously.
  16. Jhollman Founder

    Both EMP and JumpPad are quite useless, so in 2 words why you should pick the Bastion:


    Bastion also have a cool black-gold suit, the other has an ugly green thing.

    So... pick Bastion.
  17. HellRik Field Marshal

    I use the Assault Rifle for long range and ammo flexibility. GL is slow, weak and low-ammo. imo
    Tesla gives short range, need longer range, so I use assault when I need to spray, and to snipe. :p
  18. dopef1sh Commander

    *laugh* yeah. I prefer not getting up close and personal with an assault/dread.
    Although the GL is nice when thumping for clearing out packs of bugs.
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    So we can choose both. How does the armor coloring work then? I wish this wasn't so confusing
  20. bleIII WMD

    the armor coloring is just the default color of the frame which it has when you buy it. you also unlock different frame options and equipment depending on what frames you choose to unlock(each frame has an unique skill and a few unique-stat items.). you can also unlock everything or at least all frames and doing that gives you more options for your next frame, but you will have to unlock, buy and play through both frames to do this..