Bastion vs Recluse vs Mammoth

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    I'm presently getting close to my first 10 pilot tokens. I like to go after chosen strike teams, tornados, and ares missions. Not too into starting my own thumps. Of these classes what would be recommended for my playstyle? Also I tend to like to solo about.
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    I'v got the bastion, recluse, and rhino. The bastion is prity solid all around in pve, and has alot of options. I don't realy feel like there is much he can't do if you take your time. He isn't a real fast paced action packed toon tho, kinda laid back.

    The recluse is a great frame pve, probably the strongest I have tryed if you don't mind kiteing and a kind of sniper feel. Very capable pve, but pvp takes some getting used to. I wasn't a big fan of him pvp, tho he's not horrible. Alot more active than the bastion.

    The rhino isn't the same playstyle as the mammoth realy, so not sure I should comment. But over all he is alot of fun in pve, if slightly weaker than the other two. Mammoth is a totaly different playstyle tho, so you can't realy compare um. But it'll be alot more "in your face" fighting than the other two frames. Jumping right into the thick of things.

    I don't think you could realy go wrong with any of um.
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    Yeah, I'd say it pretty much comes down to which Accord frame you like playing best: Engineer, Recon, or Dreadnaught? The Advanced frames all have their differences from the Accord, but the overall play style is going to be fundamentally similar.

    Pick which of those you like best and go from there.
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    I'll start by saying that the Mammoth is (imo) simple the best non-thumping PVE class in the whole game.

    1) Ridiculously survivable.

    I know 'hurr mammoth is tank duh' but having a lot of hitpoints (most in the whole game, even) doesn't tell the whole story. You have access to Heavy Armor, which is code for 'press a button to not die for the next X seconds', and you have access to Thunderdome, which means whenever you actually have to stand still (objectives in ARES) you can do so safely. You also have access to Resilient Plating (massively increased health regen after a certain percentage of total health) which means if you get low, not only do you take less effective damage per second you're in the fight, but if you can avoid being shot for a few seconds, you can be right back at fighting strength (like half health, it's plenty when that's more than other classes get ever). None of these are the important part, though.

    Teleport Shot.

    In just about any situation, any game of any kind, any whatever, the ability to teleport is amazingly powerful. Here you have a shortish ranged instant teleport. Really wish you were over there? Press a button and now you are over there. Useful in every possible situation, seriously. Have objective, taking lots of damage? Teleport. Want to climb that big ass mountain? Teleport. Want to get behind that cover over there? Teleport. Simply amazing. Cannot be overstated.

    2) Tons of DPS

    Pretty simple. Your gun is a pain in the scrotum to actually use because you have to deal with drop and spread and that cupcake just happens. None of that matters when you're two meters from the guy melting his face off. You'll learn to deal with it because the damage you do is pretty damn good. This combined with the inability to die means you can walk into a fight, brawl for until you either win or get bored, then instantly bounce and be safe. Insane.

    3) Other spells don't suck at all

    So you have your core 3 spells spoken for, but what if you want to do some thumping? Heavy armor doesn't mean jack when nobody is trying to kill you. Whatever shall you do?

    You'll be a smart cookie and open up your goddamn spellbook, that's what you'll do. Repulsor blast, turret mode if you swing that way, absorption blast maybe, if explosive rounds actually works with your plasma HMG then sure that too... all decent enough spells at what they do. Sure maybe you like the Mortar more than Tremors, whatever, I won't judge you.

    Point is, play Mammoth. You won't regret it.

    I think baneclaw people like Mammoths too, so you even have the will of the meta-gods on your side.

    On the other two choices:

    Bastion is... meh. Sure you can make it run 4 turrets and X forever, but all of your deployables will suffer one of two fates really really quickly:

    1) Out of position

    This happens during anything you do that involves a moving target. Like an ARES mission, for example. You walk in the front room, set up your fortress, play king of the castle for a minute or two... then you have to pack up and do it all again in the next room.

    That's if you're lucky/good/paying attention the whole time. Normally what happens is:

    2) Your cupcake gets blown up

    You place your deployables. Which don't move and don't have fantastic health. Which get instapopped by everything that isn't an aranha worker or something. So you set up your little base, and it all gets exploded because that room full of Chosen noticed you existed when your little popguns started pewing them in the back of the knees.

    I guess you could set up your cupcake around a corner and lure dudes into it but... you really want to do that for 7 million XP?

    Passives are OK I guess, but you either have to babysit your turrets and go read a book (or watch TV, more realistically) or be constantly dealing with low-DPS situations where your cupcake has enough time between getting low and dying to actually heal itself.

    On Recluse

    I actually like this frame a lot, I frequently call this one the second best at everything but I don't really have anything good to back that specific assertion up. What I will say is this:

    1) AOE DOT

    It's literally your entire class. Creeping Death Shot means you can put a bubble of death wherever the hell you want, Evacuate means after you forgot you weren't a brawler you can still kill things and pretend almost dying was intentional, your Necrosis ultimate means if you have it you can actually brawl for a little while and make everything die around you... You can do a lot of damage to a lot of things at the same time. They'll die eventually.

    2) Bio Crossbow

    Really fantastic primary gun. Amazing accuracy, range, damage, good headshot bonus, good ROF, decent mag size, quick reload, you can play with the inis to crank your FOV so you can have a ghetto scope, it does a Necrotic Poision-based DOT on hit, and it has a built in grenade launcher secondary fire. That also keys off your Necrotic Poison passive. What's not to like?

    3) What else do you want?

    It's not that sturdy (unless you swap Necrotic Poison for Syphon Plating, but you don't) and probably lacks in single-target DPS. But when the hell has that mattered in PVE? You're not doing a baneclaw, you're doing ARES and strike teams.

    AOE for days. Do it.

    Before Mammoth so that R5 doesn't get the wrong idea about the Mammoth and nerf it or something.

    Just make everything else as amazing as Mammoth and your game will be fun as cupcake and everyone will play it and you'll make millions of dollars and be able to tinker with your eSports ambitions for a long time.

    Don't nerf Mammoth please.

    Edited because apparently there's a profanity filter now and I didn't want anyone getting the wrong impression.
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    Bastion is the strongest at thumping, and while it can do okay at ARES missions by setting up a turret nest and working out from it, it's not the most mobile class thanks to being heavily deployable-focused. It still dominates anything point defense, such as watchtowers and tornados. You could possibly work something out for ARES or Strike Teams with some of the Accord Engineer abilities, but that wouldn't exactly be playing to the frame's strengths. The Tesla Rifle is short-ranged but high-DPS and pretty fun to use.

    Recluse has great AoE and survivability thanks to the accord biotech passive's life leech, and it has access not only to a weapon that has a good mix of high-dps AOE spam and moderate-dps, precise single target damage but also to a wide range of strong AoE abilities. Somewhat weak for tornados compared to the other two, but it mops up ARES missions and strike teams easily.

    Mammoth is the tank frame, and has a lot of tanky abilities coupled with a primary weapon that deals high, sustained single-target DPS to anything close to you. That said it's a slow frame, and while its abilities are useful for surviving they aren't (IMO obviously) very exciting and its main benefit over the Recluse is that it allows you more mistakes. I guess I just don't find face tanking very fun -- but if shrugging off loads of bullets excites you the Mammoth is your frame.

    Personally I enjoy the Recluse the most out of all of these frames, and the Mammoth the least. The Recluse's incredibly strong PBAoE and life leech (I build mine with Poison Trail, Creeping Death, Evacuate and Necrosis) emphasize a higher-risk, higher-reward playstyle than the other two frames that I find quite fun, but if you prefer you could also build it to be safer and more standoffish. (e.g. Poison Ball, Creeping Death, Healing Wave and Chemical Sprayer)
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    Mammoth is so boring. Because u kill everything so slow. And because u can almost never die.
    I have fun with Recluse.
  7. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    Try the Raptor with an R36. A Raptor ability called Powerfield gives you unlimited ammo and increases your rate of fire.
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    I do thank everyone for your input presently at 9 of 10 tokens so getting really close will get the other beginners white areas done while thinking but I am leaning to Recluse but I will check out the raptor a bit more
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    If you're not into thumping avoid Bastion imo. Recluse is alright, Mammoth is probably the best for solo players.

    I know this isn't what you're asking for, but I would recommend considering Firecat for your first premium simply because, although he isn't the best at anything, he is excellent at everything. Amazing mobility, Superb AoE damage (Just as good if not better than Recluse, but from a less safe distance), decent solo target damage with weapon's alternate (right click) fire, great for both solo and groups.
  10. darkbud Herald of Decay

    I don't have an advanced Dreadnaught frame, but I do have a Recluse and a Bastion(also a Raptor and a Firecat). Recluse is a lot of fun. My personal opinion is that Recluse is really great because you can put the accord siphoning plate on it. That heal every time you deal damage combined with the good AoE is really nice and gives some really good survivability. Its single target damage is relatively decent, but can be outdone by other frames. All in all it's a fairly well rounded frame with high potential survivability.

    Bastion also has high potential survivability, and the ability to do some pretty good damage. The fact that your turret emplacements do just sit there and not move can be a bit of a disadvantage, however the multi-turrets don't upgrade like the engineer heavy turret. This means that repositioning them won't really cost you anything. Later on as you upgrade you can also have a whopping 8 turrets, 7 multi plus heavy. You can then either bring something to increase the sustainability of your turrets, sentinel pod, or bring something to give yourself heals and ammo, supply station. Another thing to note is those turrets start dealing some fairly decent damage later on also.

    The mammoth looks like a lot of fun and I'll probably get one of those for my next frame, but since I don't have one I cannot comment upon it. I do suggest looking at a few of the posts on the forums about the different frames, and perhaps even watching some youtube videos to see them in action. No matter which one you pick, I'm sure you'll have fun with it.
  11. JKdaKilla[AoD] Beat Boxer


    * Everything you said indicates you dont have a bike so traveling is a pain in the ass as mammoth.
    * Bastion is more tactical and also stationary, so your mobility hits the bucket there.
    * Recluse is the "on the go, lets get it done" frame.

    I recommend recluse, then unlock the other frames as you progress.