Beta crystite pack results

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Darrak, May 7, 2013.

  1. Darrak Hero of the Accord

    I used some of my betacrystite to see what you will get out of the packs and maybe see if I could get a permanent out of them.

    My results:

    from my 22 results you can see the 1 time use version you get is most likely going to be the T.E.X. leash (second by angel wings and last a cobra) but the rest seems quit random.

    I wonder what other people got from their beta crystite packs so post your results here (if you bought them)

    (I might buy a bit more betacrystite packs later on it but for now I'm planning on using it for the 60 minuts resource boost for when im off thumping)
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  2. Selago Founder

    Will try this too. Will post my results here.
  3. Darrak Hero of the Accord

    edited OP.
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    Thank you for posting your results.
  5. Firerizer Founder

    About the same for me, also. A few 8 hour 20% resources.
    However, My Son-in-law received a perma-TEX.
    That was cool.
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    its more worth it to just buy things outright imo.
  7. Vvree Commander

    WOW that was random, I saw 20% resource boost for 8 hours then for 1 hour and not one permanent item. Last time I check that was about 100,000 BCY if im not mistaken.

    Thank you for this, though it was kinda discouraging.
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  8. Dirigible Tomato Arc Runner

    I've gotten a few resource and XP boosts, as well as a one-time use angel wing glider pad, about six one-time use T.E.X. leashes, a bunch of medium and small health and ammo packs, and a crystal wing glider pad.
  9. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    lol might as well save up and buy outright at those drop rates. :) Got TEX, the LGV, and 1 of 3 glider pads so far. :p going for the other two glider pads next time around. :)
  10. Vvree Commander

    ouch but at least you got the glider pad. Question is the resource/XP boost used immediately or activate upon use?

    Best of luck :D
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    I spent 20k in crystite packs. Ended up with a few resource boosts, a 1 time use tex, and a permanent cobra lgv (which is 75k bcy).

    saved: 55k bcy
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  12. Vvree Commander

    Wow congrats :D
  13. Dirigible Tomato Arc Runner

    Gotta activate it. I think it's also used up when you log out.
  14. Vvree Commander

    Awesome on the first part but that really sucks on the last. Makes me think your gambling your bonuses if you want them right there an now versus when you need them or want them. Also you kinda of bought them with BCY so it really makes no sense for them to disappear on logoff unlike the carrier LGV since that is free minus time and effort.

    If they do disappear on log off I hope its a bug that needs to be addressed and not intentional
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    Good to see a few worth while items on the gamble (never understood having gambling in games where minors are involved~Bad ethics). Bought all the perm crap, none of the temp.

    Don't really play it anymore since the new sys. Ended up with 1.3M left over. Should have changed the colors on the 5 & 10 % resource boost items to reflect correctly on their actual status. Purple is for Perm!

    On another note with all the items in this area. All should be able to be bought as many times as a user can afford and either used when wanted via calldown consumable & or tradeable/giftable seeing as they are going to be gone soon. That would have given many like me with a huge excess to be able to share with others on later dates.
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  16. Dakirn Oilspill's Muscle

    I agree, unfortunately they said specifically that they didn't want the resource ones to be usable at later dates which is why they are instant activation.

    Honestly it would give a massive edge to those very BCY rich people if you could get 50% bonuses and buy enough to keep you in the bonus for years.
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    This can be addressed. Purchaser of item can not use after purchase date timeout, but the gifted can. Or traded,.... That would allow those with much more to be able to give back to the community, verses the serious excess being wasted.

    For me, trading sucks. Don't like it, never will. But, in other games I enjoyed being able to gift things that are in this line of item "the roll the dice." Could help the newbies on OB, release of, major world events like bane to offset the losses due to the new damage/breakage system and should be like any other CD, used on activation of.

    Sad that many would abuse the system as it is, but the world is full of selfish jackasses. But, there are a few, very few, that could shine a light on someone's bad breakage day and give a gift that gives.

    Just a thought. Hate waste,....
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  18. Dakirn Oilspill's Muscle

    I would have liked the ability to trade them too, but since the trading system isn't in the game I don't think they will take the time to make that work :(

    While I don't have a lot of extra, I know some people do and it would be cool if there was something you could do besides buy the pack/crates and get a bunch of consumables. Maybe those consumables will be tradable in the future? That could at least be some consolation..
  19. Darrak Hero of the Accord

    thanks for posting your results to people, looks like its more profitable to just buy them (but the chance is there so if have a bit over it could be worth the gamble)

    dont think its really gambling its not that you can win back what you put in it. (just like card games irl where you buy a pack and there are some random cards in it)

    If your not using it for the 50% boost for 60 minut just use your betacrystite for packs just so you get resource/XP bossts you can activate later (not that you really need it)

    you might just gift them but if you would be able to trade them a lot of people would use it just to get profit of them (even if gift then it might get used for trading for rl money).
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    Just me, but being able to give them away would make them have a value. Don't do trading, don't need the boosts.

    Just hate having so much that could be given back to the community I've spent so much time in, versus it just being thrown away.
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