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Discussion in 'New User Help & Introductions' started by aquaviva, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Shoogli Arc Runner

    Wow that was fast :D ! Thanks :) !
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    Can't wait, a bit frustrating because I know that if I play something else i'll get absorbed for hours and miss a chunk of the beta but guess thats what tv is for huh
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    They are having login issues. If you read the thread, there is info. :)
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    Is it a back-end fix, or will we need to patch?
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    With Firefall about to roll into Open Beta, we're excited to announce that we'll be holding one final Firefall Beta Weekend

    am i reading this wrong to me that sounds like open beta has not started yet and this is the last weekend before it starts?
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    They are having login issues. There is more info further up in the thread.
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    The "anyone can log in and play" weekend is supposed to be going on now and it still says that "This account does not currently have Closed Beta access.."

    Is there someone that we have to do?
  8. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    What that means is that they're opening up this weekend to everyone in preparation for full time open beta. So you don't need a key for this weekend but after that you'll need a key to play until the open beta starts for reals.
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    i cannot get into the game without becoming a founder. that totolly sucks
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    They didn't want to confuse people and make them think that open beta is starting this weekend - closed beta runs continuously, and this is a public "Beta Weekend".

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    they are in the process of fixing the problem...
  12. Shoogli Arc Runner

    Yes I'm guessing it is also a kind of stress test...

    See ? It works : we're all stressed :p !
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    Meh. It's still the Beta so it works. Even when it's not working :)
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    Honestly the only good thing i can think of this wait is my beers only getting colder yay!
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    It's something common among all games that have a "Open beta week" or go open beta, the login server gets flushed from the hundreds of login attempts at the same time, that its just a lazy office worker you give too much work at the same time, he go's bonker
  16. McFierce Red 5 Studios


    We're working on fixing the login issues. Just so there's no confusion, you do not have to purchase a Founder's Pack to play during this weekend's open beta.
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    As Beta Testers, it is our right - nay, our duty - to report bugs and errors. Now if only everyone could look for an existing thread for their problem before posting a new one...
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    Looking forward to trying this, hurry on that fix I left early to get in on this!
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    drop me a pm and ill send you a key to the closed beta that might let you in
  20. lol misinformed much?
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