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    I won a black cat kit on the lottery, and used it, unlocked the kit normally.

    Later when I logged back into the game I noticed I still had the kit on my inventory, and had the black cat skin unlocked, so I tried to see if it would sell on the market (placed a cheap price so that it would go fast), and it did indeed sold.

    So or I got 2 Black cat kit from the lottery and din't noticed, or when I used the kit it din't got consumed.
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    Can confirm this, and same issue with the Holmgang Heroes Visual Kit.
  3. HyArma WMD

    Same happened to me with a MasterBlaster Kit. 1 For me and the other for a quick 45k.
  4. BetaZerker Unbroken

    same to me with Master Blaster, i sold it at a weird low price so my friend could get it, he bought it, but the kit didnt arrive in his inventory, so we might have been accidentaly tricking people into buying nonexistant things :p
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    Not a Holmgang Kit but I have the same thing happen with a bandit mask I got via the Lottery. So right now I'm just pretending it doesn't exist when I go into the rewards tab.
  6. HyArma WMD

    I feel kinda dirty now.
  7. BetaZerker Unbroken

    yeah me too
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    What goes around, comes around.
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    Thanks for being so fair and letting us know. We are looking into that. 32939
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  10. WishCat Calamity

    The same thing happened to me with the eye shield unlock. Used it, but a duplicate is still sitting in my inventory.
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    Ooops. If this is true, i might by accident also have ripped somebody off. During the weekend i won several kits (yes, burned a few remaining red beans, too), and sold the magma kit as it seemed like i have won it twice.

    If this bug is true, i might've only won it once, but by accident both used and sold it. Not good. :(
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    Happened with me with "Zee Goggles"... but not any other kit I unlocked.

    I guess I'm lucky they did something, huh? ;)
  13. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    Hmm, now I'm wondering if the same thing happened to me. I didn't really notice at the time, because I was jamming tokens into the machine as fast as it would take them. But I did end up with several dupes of some warpaints that I swore I only actually won once. Guess I need to pull those down from the market.
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  14. emorphien Gun Collector

    I've noticed the same. To be honest by the time I was selling stuff I wasn't sure if I had somehow duped it after it bound to me or if I had actually won two at different times or something. I have not seen anything like this happen recently, it only seemed to be happening the first day or two after the vending machine went live.
  15. Munchee Black Cats

    Just a bit of FYI to all of you that have sold items I have bought a few of the differant items from the Vending machine off the exchange, and have not been taking to the cleaners as per say they have all unlocked okey dokey.

    I also threw a lot of tokens in to the machine but never really thought much to how many dupes i got but i do rember going grrrr got that and in went another token. one of these days tho i will get that BlackCat gitup.
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    Hello! I was playing the Red Bean Vending Machine game and won some new you unlocks. When I unlocked them, they disappeared from my inventory and I went on with my playing. When I logged back on later, they were back in my inventory. I tried to unlock them again, but it told me that I already had them unlocked. I had this problem before and what I did was list them on the marketplace and then the marketplace would give an "invalid inventory count" error and remove them from my inventory. This time though, it actually went through and I sold the rare item for 999 crystite accidentally. I submitted a ticket to have the items removed from my inventory (and perhaps even 999 crystite taken away) but now I'm worried I'm gonna get banned for exploiting a bug or something. I really don't want to lose my account since I spent $75 on the starter pack. Anyone have any advice?

  17. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    Moved this to the appropriate section. The "Public Test Feedback and Bugs" section is for feedback and bugs in the PTS only.
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    Oh I didn't realize that. Thank you! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. EccentricOne Titan Slayer

    I am impressed by the honesty being displayed here.... Hope they get this sorted out soon
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    Same for me, haven't sold any but I have 4/5 visual kits unlocked, and they are still all in my inventory.

    Think this may apply to all items from the slot machine, including pets and head gear etc.
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