Blackwater Map - Sin Imprints / Rare Crates

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  1. DasBaum Founder

    Have Fun \o/

    If you find another Rare Crate I missed or got other suggestions tell me, I will update the map.

    Edit: Update to 1.1 more crates / new route / fixed gliderpad / new background
    Edit: Update to 1.2 cleaned up routes, added time run
    Edit: Update to 1.3 more crates, route updated, crate run only version
    Edit: Update to 1.4 small crates, route updated, enemies

    blackwater map 1.4.jpg

    Crate Run only Version (old 1.3):

    blackwater map 1.3 crate.jpg

    German Version / Deutsche Version

    blackwater map 1.4 de.jpg

    Old Versions:

    blackwater map 1.3de.jpg

    blackwater map 1.3.jpg

    blackwater map 1.2.jpg

    blackwater map 1.1.jpg

    blackwater map 1.0.jpg
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  2. IcarustheInsane Commander

    Nice, thank you.
  3. SquattingPig Rookie

    Wow, this is really great. Thanks a lot.
  4. chippetychaps Cupcake

    One of the best features - you've included the route. Thank you! :D
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    Nice guide. It would be even better if getting a BWA key was not annoying as hell. After trying to get copa key for 5 hours i'm done with it. Even on world chat people aren't looking for BWA. The people that already did it and got their mask and/or warpaint are not going anymore because of the stupid durability. So great job Red5 great job indeed.
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    i have my key and run from when i log on to when i log off, also if no people want to run bwa or i see people in zone i help them to get there key.

    IGN: Delinda add me and whisper if you want BWA runs.

    EDIT: yes durability does make me not want to run again, they really need to remove death penatly for beta or reduce it to 2-4%. as it stands as a dedicated dragonfly i always try to hero triage. i want to rant about my hatred of durability but the game finally loaded. :D see you in game

    EDIT2: chats down atm :(
  7. DasBaum Founder

    update to 1.1 more crates \o/ found them in my last run, should be all now, total of 12
  8. DasBaum Founder

    Update to 1.2 cleaned up routes, added time run
  9. Char Aznable Centurion

    Anyone wanna help me get that helmet ? :D
  10. GrannySmith! Founder

    glorious! Thank You!
  11. DasBaum Founder

    another update coming soon just found 2 more crates D:
  12. DasBaum Founder

    Update to 1.3 more crates, route updated
  13. DasBaum Founder

    added crate run only version
  14. Character Commander

    Thanks for this! I havent run BWA yet but now I will have some type of guide to help me out when going in :D
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    good stuff, thanks!
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    So, what do you think about routes that collect stuff on the way back? If you don't waste time you can easily wait 30 seconds for oilspill's ship and still have a minute left when it arrives, so there's definitely time to do stuff then...
  17. DasBaum Founder

    not worth the risk in my opinion, 2 min window, enemy spawns and drop pods all over the map

    just grib it and run :p
  18. DasBaum Founder

    Edit: Update to 1.4 small crates, route updated, enemies
  19. Xpyder Maverick

    A few days ago we did a group run on all the parts for the Anomaly Key, it was pretty great and much faster than i expected and even though i had a connection problem at the end i still got the Antartica part, hurray! Was looking for a good guide for the imprint runs i've found one before but it was much simpler and i actually failed to find some of the imprints, this one seems great and with the Rare Crates, even better!