Bonus Resource Weekend [Now Ended]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by JBWill, May 6, 2014.

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator


    New Eden is overflowing with resources, and this weekend is your chance to take advantage! From Friday, May 9th at 5:00pm PDT until Monday, May 12th at 5:00pm PDT, resource rewards in all zones will be increased by 25%. Get out there and drop those thumpers!

    Note: This bonus applies to thumpers, loot drops, and mission rewards, but not resources gained from refining, blending, or marketplace transactions.

    Resource Weekend Starts: Friday, May 9th, 5:00 PM PDT (Click to view your timezone)

    Resource Weekend Ends: Monday, May 12th, 5:00 PM PDT (Click to view your timezone)

    We hope you enjoy this event and we'll see you in game!
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  2. Fooni Commander

    oh okay ._. thanks jb!
  3. mouzed Founder

    Lots of people are feeling this...

    >) Commander Hevn Out.
  4. Direwolf Apex Predator

    Incoming thunder thumpers.....
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  5. Krhys Commander

    Kewl - I've got a huge stack of daily mission crates I need to tap into!
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  6. #6
    well 25%more only? I do not see as "great event", all other mmogames usually give double when increasing any rate on server, it's a shame that players here are easily deceived. I really have pity of the R5 fanboys opss players...
  7. RequiemB War Smith

    What about salvaging and reward creates? I've been saving the daily reward creates for weekends like this and I want to know if it's a good idea.
  8. Vidrak Commander

    Yes, it works. I have been saving my crates as well.
  9. Krhys Commander

    Yip, that's what most of us tend to do.
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    You want a 100% increase in resources for 3 days? Is 25% too much of a grind for you?
    That would crash the market, driving resource costs down, and create an even LARGER grind days/weeks later. As people are now completely short of crystite.

    No thank you!

    Not to mention, I bet this stacks with resource boosts...
  11. RequiemB War Smith

    I don't disagree that it would affect the market and that it is bad idea but there is a factor that makes it not that bad and it is the fact that Crystite has value by itself. To draw an analogy infinite diamonds would make diamonds worthless but infinite oil could be used to produce more food to feed everyone in the planet. (ignoring pollution of course).
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    I havn't played a lot of games that have done these sorts of events, but from what I've seen, it 's almost always double XP. Rarely it will be a currency weekend, but I havn't seen one of those in a game with an economy (I'm sure there's a game somewhere that did one, but it's not common).

    As for why firefall only does 50% XP boosts, we only have 4 levels until you're at the maximum level (the levels are longish, but are reasonable). Other MMOs usually have at least 30 levels, and thus have a much larger XP sink for the players to chew through.
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    Love these special weekends. But would love it even better if it starts at 5pm EST...
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  15. f0d Mad Scientist

    im guessing they meant CY loot drops - as in the crystite on the ground

    i doubt that the drops for those items (explosive device, claw shells, culex wings) will change
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  16. ElemeNtje Mad Scientist

    I think it's resources only. Loot drops as in resource drops from those little robots running in Ares sometimes, remote explosive things which I don't know the name of and from crystals in nado's etc.
  17. Dubbelklik Beta Vanguard

    While this is nice and all, doesn't it just mean that resource veins get dried up 25% faster?
  18. f0d Mad Scientist

    actually it means you will get 25% more per vein

    lets say a vein gives 4000 resources - you will actually get 5000 in that vein because the 25% is given to you AFTER you get the resource (so 4000 + 25% = 5000 )
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  19. Dubbelklik Beta Vanguard


    Not that I don't believe you, but I'd like a source for that information. What you're saying is that the resource pools have been temporarily increased to offset the 25% bonus awarded after a thumper returns. Otherwise, and to the point of my question, a vein will dry up 25% faster, because the available pool remained the same as any other normal day.

    I'd like to see a source for that please.
  20. f0d Mad Scientist

    what im saying is that the resource amount in a vein remain the same but you get the 25% bonus applied afterwards and the bonus doesnt get pulled from the vein

    if you look at your log (even now with the usual 13% bonus) it says how much resource you get then it adds the bonus amount of resources afterwards on top of the standard resource amount, you can check this yourself right now if you wish by looking at the log

    the resource pools dont increase they are the same as any other day - you just get a bonus amount applied after you get the resources you thump/pickup in nados/whatever

    so you get the same amount of resources in a certain vein - but you get a "bonus" 25% after you receive your resource

    just did a quick race to show what i mean

    you can see i got 162 normal resource for the race (which is what you would normally get) then i got 13% bonus afterwards which makes 184 resources (which is what i got)

    same applies to xp i got 2700 xp but then the 5% bonus applied to that so in the end i got 2835 xp
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