Can't add friends in-game.

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by ZidaneBlack, Jul 9, 2013.

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    I was trying to add a couple of my buddies so we could play together and it was saying they were added to my list, but when I looked at my list they wouldnt show up. Alternatively they were able to add me but it said i was offline when I was online.
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    Wow whatever ya guys did since yesterday to today really makes me not wanna play chat doesnt work inventory doesnt open up...well its open just cant see it. tried /rui does nothing to help it.
  3. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    there are some issues atm. Chat dosent work and SIN network got some problems :) hang in there tho, its not only you, its something we are all experiencing atm. give it a few hours and stuff will be back to normal.
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    The chat handler disconnecting all the time has been a long ongoing problem, it's about time they fix that error cause it also gives annoying lag in game.
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  5. Psychospark Founder

    Calldowns seems to have dissapeared too. I can't access any of mine anymore...
  6. Geas Commander

    In my case if you absolutely did NOT get out of the [Calldowns] menu nothing changes except the chat but if you try to get to marketplace, your ui gets bugged... or locked*?
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    yeah just odd game ran smooth then they patched something and messed it all up not a few bugs but a ton of bugs
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    call downs not working, sync with sin is a pain, no chat... garage bugged... o well, paching sux!
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  9. Psychospark Founder

    Everything seems to be off and on lately... One thing works and another doesn't, then the another things starts working and the other one quits working...
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    Ingame chat is broken, title says it all.

    Just sharing my sentiments and the sentiments of a lot of vets to all you new guys and gals out there.

    Edit: Original Title-I want to help new players, but i cant.

    I got "CptnFancyPants'ed"
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    Yes, ingame chat is broken but please don't spam here.
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    Atleast you guys can even log in.....
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    Nothing connected to SIN works for me. Inventories, garage, printer..all broke
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    yeah seems whatever they patched messed alot of things up...been playing in beta long tme on here no issues like this till now.
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    My friend and I are both logged in,

    We can not whisper each other or add as friends. Is there something I'm missing
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    Currently the SIN interface and servers are having issues, one of these being the friends list, i expect them to be back online soon.
  17. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Nope you're not missing anything, we're experiencing some issues with the chat server. They're being worked on :)
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    Why the Chat always broken, and why the Rum gone?
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    some one please help!
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    The chat is bugged ATM which cause multiple bugs. so far so good the game looks fun but cause of alot of bug its trash