Can't chat in the Twitch :(

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grumpysmurf, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Hi, I can't chat on Twitch on the Firefall fest, is this a known issue or something? Can I do something about it?

  2. zerobounds Founder

    You have to create an account at and login on their website. The FFFest website will find your cookie and let you chat.
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    Yeah, I figured it out! Thanks :) Another question, how do you sign up to the Razor/Laptop contest?
  4. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    As the stream goes they announce what you have to do for each giveaway.
  5. wFx Founder

    It varies, the first giveaway for a PC (AMD Computer) required you to say "I want an AMD" as a comment on one of their posting on the Firefall Facebook page, the other things (Razer Blades) I don't believe are being given away until the last day of Firefall Fest as a final prize. You'll have to actually watch the streams to get more details unless Phobos, FadedPez or one of the other community team members would like to answer this question and spoil any of the surprises they may or may not have.
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    Hm, too bad, I really need to go to bed now. Got school early tomorrow and it's night over here. Ah well... GL everyone else! GN :)