Ceramic 967/Polymer 987, did you thump it?

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Did you get to thump Ceramic composites 967 or Hi-str Polymer 987?

Poll closed May 7, 2013.
I thumped Ceramic composites 967 11 vote(s) 23.9%
I thumped Hi-str Polymer 987 15 vote(s) 32.6%
I didn't thump either, didn't see any veins of either. 28 vote(s) 60.9%
I didn't thump Ceramic composites 967, didn't see it. 4 vote(s) 8.7%
I didn't thump Hi-str Polymer 987, didn't see it. 3 vote(s) 6.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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    EDIT= Red5 stated that this was a bug in the code and is now fixed. This thread is pretty much irrelevant now.
    2nd EDIT= 1st edit was written taking the replies at face value. I rescind the statements in the first Edit. The purple bio-comp barely lasted 24 hours, so the time has doubled, but is by no means fixed.

    Why didn't these resources shift in to thump?

    I didn't add bio-organic stintergel 987 to the list, maybe I should have; that's the last 3 out of 3 900+ resources that supposedly were getting scanned, according to scanhammer.info, that never actually shifted in.
    About 12 hours after they were first reported, they stopped being scanned and a new resource shifted in.

    From crates, I gathered a few hundred Ceramics 967, 41 bio-org stintergel and 263 hi-str ploymer before they disappeared.

    This thread is more about that poll than anything, as I have quoted a Red5 employee in another thread about this.

    But I think we all deserve an answer as to why the 900+ materials have been under a lottery distribution system, instead actually shifting in so they were available for all of us to thump.
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    i have about 15k of Hi-Str Polymer in my inventory. i think i managed to grab some Ceramic Composites 967 as well :p

    edit: yeah, ive got 69 Ceramic Composite 967 left.
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    Lottery winner. Makes me even more mad; like this post if your in the same boat, or post saying the same thing.
    I spent all day hammering through several instances both times for the ceramics and poly, and nothing.
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    How would you not remember if you got to thump those ceramics? out of curiosity, why did you respond on the poll if your not sure?
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    because it was a while ago. i knew i had some good ceramics, and after checking, i did.

    i have over 10k of each resource type, of multiple qualites. i dont have a perfect memory, but i knew i had a few purple resource stacks.
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    It was a couple days ago.
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    well, that shows how sucky my memory is :p
  8. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    You thump too much!
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    *dangles 18k of various Q^ Ceramic Composites in front of Nokzen*

    also, i found a few Chosen earlier but kept spelling your name Noksen, so i couldnt tell you XD

    but really, most of my thumping comes from being invited by friends, i rarely thump solo unless its to mix things up, i much prefer squad thumping since there isendless action (also why i have such high stacks, they'd be much smaller if i was thumping on my own and getting bored)
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  10. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    yea group is way more profitable and fun indeed :)
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    i got about 1k polymers from helping out non-squad thumpers this morning, then 7k from my regular thumping squad, and another 7k a few hours later from a zone request for thumping help :)

    we also had a tornado run into our heavy thumper, we got one to 100% capacity at 50% health, then the next run the tornado ran it over and instakilled it from like 80% health :S
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    I happened to be online when the polymers started showing up, so I got 4k of those before I went to sleep for the day. Did not see any veins of the ceramics, although I have 30 raw sitting in my inventory from a supply crate or something.
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    Know what material group belongs to what biome.
    Know where these biomes located.
    Patrol these locations if playing solo.
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    Oh and by the way - people were asking :red5: to make rare materials really rare.

    Here we go :)
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  16. Arti1985 War Machine

    I think this can be answered very easy. Fact is, most players aren´t interested in common quality resources, and there is the problem.
    The old quality resource nodes don´t get replaced by the newer quality nodes automatically, and if nobody thumps them away, where should the new nodes spawn? Why should lazy players/instances be rewarded for the work others do?

    Today, the first instance i´ve logged into, everybody was forming groups for thumping the Hi-Strength Polymers 987. They also found some of it. Nobody ever will try to form groups to upgrade the quality by thumping the common stuff.

    Imo, the economy :red5: are trying to create doesn´t work with the way the players seeing qualities in an old fashioned way. Its not always about high quality.
    Yes, i know, we all want better gear and thus we need high quality resources, but keep in mind, if you haven´t unlocked alot on your Battleframe (talking about the blue and red unlocks) u won´t be able to equip all of your high quality gears, only 1 or 2.

    If every player one day will get the fact that they either can thump the common stuff, so the new stuff can spawn, or wait till the reset sets in (which is afaik 2-3 weeks till), i will clap my hands and thank the lord:D. And please don´t get me wrong, this is no offence.
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    Bullcupcake; if they intend to make it this lottery bullcupcake they are going to lose a huge portion of their players.
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    So your either calling me lazy(Red5 knows how much I play and thump and I am not f*cking lazy)
    or your saying its fine if players like me didn't get to thump any because we got logged into a shard that didn't win the lottery and have any veins spawn.
    Easy stance to take when you had a winning lottery ticket and got some of the resource.

    BTW Laenthal, I know where cupcake resources spawn at. I'm not a cupcake noob, you snide prick.
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    wow Ody, please calm down. enough with the personal attacks.
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    I know the feeling. People hunt for highest quality not just because it's good for crafting, but because nobody knows for sure if it will EVER appear again in such quality. So a player misses the purple season of just one of the 15 types... and gets screwed for the rest of its game.