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  1. Phobos Producer

    Hey folks,

    Thanks for tuning in to Firefall Live. Here's some of the details regarding the reveals...

    In order to simplify the understanding of the resource system, while at the same time providing a complex crafting system, we have decided to rename and regroup resources. Resources now break down to Group, Family, and Resource. Depending on the stage of crafting you are in will determine whether you need a specific resource or only a resource within the same Family or Group. Here is an image of the breakdown.

    View attachment 104942

    For instance, a Stage I crafting recipe might only require any resource under the "Mineral" Group. Which means that you could use Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Carbons, Silcates, or Ceramics. When you get up to Stage II, it will add complexity of having a resource in the appropriate Family. So a Stage II recipe might ask for any Mineral, but require a Biomaterial as well. Which means you could use Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Carbons, Silcates, or Ceramics for the Mineral; but would need Petrochems, Bipolymers, or Xenografts for the Biomaterial.

    This complexity would continue to grow to the point at Stage IV where you would need specific resources for your recipes.

    We also removed Purity as a stat on resources. It was confusing to players and created a bad experience where you would not get what you thought you deserved after refining a raw resource. From now on, all resources will refine 1:1.

    These changes will be coming online with the next patch (next week is the goal). All your current resources will be migrated 1:1 (whether raw or refined) to the new resource names. The 16th resource is Radine. No one will receive any Radine for free, but it will start appearing as a thumpable resource in the world.

    Thank you to Scott Rudi for being on the show and thank you to the crafting team for all the changes.
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  2. Trypzi Lieutenant

    Awesome time to learn everything all over again
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  3. HuNtrkillR Commander

    Cant wait to see whats new! THanks R5 for makeing one of the best games! :D
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  4. Phobos Producer

    Should be much easier to learn. Stage III and Stage IV recipes aren't in the game yet, so crafting just became 1000x easier. You only have to worry about Groups and Families, not specific resources. No more being screwed because you can't find "Conductive Sintergel".
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  5. Trypzi Lieutenant

    how are we going to convert all of the resources we have that will no longer do anything?
  6. Fusnax Founder

    great new names to learn
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    ok this only sounds more confusing ...
    really hope it makes things easier
  8. HuNtrkillR Commander

    Its probobly going to take a while for the patch to go through....
    Calm down will you everything is going to be fine!
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  9. Trypzi Lieutenant

    Im sure it will be easier no doubt. I never had a problem with the learning curve and I understood the crafting process in depth very well, but now its different again for the third time lol.

    I just hope in the long run everything goes well. behind every change we have just want to move forward instead of getting stuck working on the same things over and over.
  10. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    you use the betacrystite refining option in the printer

    all other resources will be auto-converted -- as stated in the original post

    after all its just a name change
  11. coLJake Founder

    Question: Will our Q values transfer as well? I'm assuming they will but want to make sure.

    (I'd hate to have all my purples get turned into whites during the conversion lol)

    Edit: I am happy for a new system because I think the current one is convoluted. Just wish I hadn't refined ~ 200k of purples, which had horrible purity.. money down the toilet lolol
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  12. FadedPez Community Manager

    Your current resources will be renamed. That's it, no action to take on your end and you shouldn't lose out on anything.
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  13. Phobos Producer

    Yes. Ultimately this is just a name change with additional organization.
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    But even if you're crafting with Minerals you'll still want to find Iron or Carbons (or whatever the old resources map to) when looking for high Mass, right?
  15. Jash Hero of the Accord

    Ooo, an opportunity to recycle a meme approaches potentially.
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  16. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    was thinking that the new resource - could be a freebee as an average of your current mats

    but then saw that this could also be abused

    so currently looking forward to the blood sports surrounding the new mat veins as they spring upon New Eden (Radine Blood Sports)
  17. Dakirn Oilspill's Muscle

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    Beta Beta Crystite?... ^^
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  19. HuNtrkillR Commander

    no no no Omega CY ^^
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  20. Phobos Producer

    Each resource has stats, yes. Those stats have changed a bit though. It's not Mass, Power, CPU. That was a confusion with the constraints system. Constraints are still Mass, Power, CPU, but the stats on the resources are things like Malleability, Conductivity, Density, Toughness, etc. I'll try to get a good explanation on how those all work in conjunction with the constraints.
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