Community ARES Marathon Event - Saturday, May 10th - Worldwide Timeslot

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FrostedBranFlakes, May 6, 2014.

  1. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Hello ARES Pilots!

    We are co-hosting an in-game Community ARES Marathon Event with Clan AOD this coming Saturday, May 10th, and you are all invited!

    [Worldwide Timeslot] The event will start at 1PM PDT (click here to view in your timezone) and will last for 2-3 hours.

    Let's plan to meet in Trans Hub at the start. The event will be run on a preselected shard, so those who would like to participate should /whisper one of the following AOD members who will then squad with you to bring you into the shard:
    • Silencer77
    • Arvs
    • CoolBreeze113
    • OnlineGaming
    • McGovern
    Once you are at the correct location, more instructions will be given and groups will be formed. If you're interested in voice communications during the event, you can contact any AOD member in your group for their Ventrilo server information. It's recommended if you're going to be joining the voice chat that you download and test Ventrilo prior to the event starting.

    If you can't make it on Saturday, we plan on running different types of community events several times throughout each month, and on different days and times. Feel free to shoot me a private message on the forums with any feedback about these events, or with ideas on community events you'd like to see. Also, if there are any other armies out there that are interested in co-hosting an in-game event, please shoot me a PM!

    We hope to see you all on Saturday!



    Created by Clan AOD
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  2. AOD_Silencer77 Founder

    Thank you Brandon! We're looking forward to meeting more of the community and creating some fun while racking up some serious frame experience and crystite!

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  3. a vehicle Mentor

  4. ITPalg Apex Predator

    I once was blind invited (I hate blind invites) but took it anyway and followed this group around just grinding mission after mission in a rotation.

    I could only stand it for less than an hour.

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  5. #5
    Sounds great! :)
  6. CoolBreeze113 Descended Into Hell

    Looking forward to this, we always have alot of fun while doing events and i hope to see you all in vent.
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  7. CaptainZius Beta Commando

    3AM for me :(. Have fun time guys :)
  8. AOD_NewColossus Founder

    Can't wait for this, should be loads of fun!
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  9. OrionStyles Founder

    Why do I have to contact AoD to get into a private shard of a public event?

    For sure I'd like to run Ares aggressively in a shard dedicated to just that, but I'd prefer not to do it in a squad, and definitely not with any of the AoD brats. :eek::):confused::cool: Bleh...
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  10. SillaKnight Founder

    finally some interesting community event :)

    but it's 3 am for me in Thailand. hope you guys have fun.

    why not sent the invite through in game mail, so people not in forums will know it.
  11. SillaKnight Founder

    it's a preselected public normal shard.
  12. Kuroyukihimeeee Vapor Trail

    Soooooo a huge group steamrolling ARES and then its estimated to earn less XP/Hour than running solo... Nahhh you're alright.
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  13. stonelady Lieutenant

    cool :p might join in too getting bored soloing
  14. Kybern Founder

    400k an hour? Possible, even without founder bonus or xp boost. But only in the Shanty-loop. However, if the number of players gets to high, the rotation is gonna break down, because of different player speeds.

    Unless this weekend is bonus xp weekend. But I'm pretty sure that this weekend is bonus resource weekend.
  15. McFini Skullbane

    Darn, I'm probably going to be at work at that time. Have fun everyone! :)
  16. Vintagevandal Founder

    Listen I'm all for community events and I get that this might be an easy starting place for you BranFlakes, but . . . . . . man this is really encouraging some of the worst behavior that tends to limit peoples fun that are just trying to kick back and enjoy the game. Take some time, look around and throw a rock in any direction on the forums and you'll find people having problems with ARES just being bum rushed and mobbed.

    I get the spirit of the event's intent, but again I think the execution is only promoting the reduction and degradation of one of FireFall's strengths (not to mention main way to shoot things and earn) while exposing and inherent weakness In FF's design when the servers are busy. This type of behavior on a busy shard takes away a major avenue of action and combat from those that are not directly involved in minimizing content for profit.

    I get why people feel the need to do it in the current system (trust me I do), but it definitely takes a dump on all of those around it. Just saying maybe an event that didn't so directly point out a chink in FireFalls would be dynamic event based world and then encourage it would be better.

    I'm sure the marathon will be fun, but this type of behavior en masse outside of the event has been detrimental to anyone trying to experience and enjoy FireFall and all it has to offer.
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    Bran please provide some contacts to get off the shard where this happening as well as getting to the shard. I might do it for a bit, but if it is typical of en masse online events it will be a lag fest and some folks will want the option to be on a smoother running shard.
  18. VRH Founder

    damn...something interesting when I cannot play :(
  19. Krhys Commander

    So, no change to what everyone does in FF anyway???
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  20. JKdaKilla[AoD] Beat Boxer


    R5 has fixed a lot of the lag issues, if your still rubberbanding with 40+ players around (usually invasions) then your internet bandwidth must be lower than 5mbps/128kbps, maybe your network config in Firefall is higher than it should be?