Community Holmgang Challenge Event - Sunday, May 18th - Worldwide Timeslot

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  1. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Hello ARES Pilots!

    We are hosting an in-game Community Holmgang Challenge Event this coming Sunday, May 18th, and you are all invited!

    [Worldwide Timeslot] The event will start at 2PM PDT (click here to view in your timezone) and will last for around 1 hour.

    We'll be meeting at the SIN Tower just outside of Sunken Harbor Arena at the start time, and roughly 20-30 minutes after that, a special timeslot of the "Sunken Harbor Holmgang Challenge" (more info here) will begin. It will work the same as the event going on this weekend, but just at a special time for this community event. Before and after the actual challenge, you'll have a chance to meet your fellow players and talk strategy. Whisper me in-game (BranFlak3s), and we can squad up so I can bring you into the same server.

    If you can't make it on Sunday, we plan on running different types of community events several times throughout each month, and on different days and times. Feel free to shoot me a private message on the forums with any feedback about these events, or with ideas on community events you'd like to see. Also, if there are any armies out there that are interested in co-hosting an in-game event, please shoot me a PM!

    We hope to see you all on Sunday!


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  2. SkaDude Community Specialist

    Moving target reporting for duty!
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  3. Bnorus Commander

    Would have been so glad to join but it's Monday 5AM for me... Please please make a video a the event !!! Enjoy!
  4. Red5 Spiffy Red 5 Studios

    Sunken Harbor shall run red
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  5. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    My body is ready. be repeatedly shot by people who are way better at this game than me T_T
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  6. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    Don't worry, you can shoot me.
    I'm infinitely worse.
  7. #7
    you and me both and me both
  8. Radec_ War Machine

    My computer will die trying to do this :/ damn you integrated graphics card....
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    i just want to watch
  10. Radec_ War Machine

    so is this event separate from the main one?

    If so, YAY because then my self and my marry band of rejects can compete at own own level which is less then that of a dry pond, it would merely be seeing who out of the 6 is the least worst lol
  11. Dingo Vuga Commander

    I just hope respawning me does not put too much of a load on the servers.
  12. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    I will be there as cannon fodder :)
  13. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    Those are the 3 SIN Towers which are the closest to Sunken Harbor


    but they are not quite "just outside of SH" so which one do you mean ? or had you the Sunken Harbor SIN Tower in mind and by saying "just outside of SH" you meant just outside the SH Arena or none of those and you meant one of the Watchtowers ?

    You have to be clear with such information, every SIN and Watchtower has a name in game so you can use those or if you want to be even more precise you can use the map coordinates.
  14. [SOULS]Axeblade346 Biotech Specialist

    +1 for recording it (or even twitch steaming it for us on a special FauFau Live) as its 23:00 on Sunday for me and I work Mondays.
  15. Virgil Imperial Artificer

    The dome obscures the view a bit, but you can definitely hang out in the stands and see the arena while the event is running and see the chaos.
  16. Krhys Commander

    Gods - last time I did PvP in this game we were pwned so badly our team lost 50 points to 1. Still no idea how we managed to get that 1 point...
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  17. McFini Skullbane


    They probably screwed up and scored on their own net? :p
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  18. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus


    Sorry for the confusion! I meant the SIN Tower that's literally just outside of Sunken Harbor (your image edited below with a red circle). I probably should have said "...just outside of Sunken Harbor Arena...," so I've added that above :) Hope that helps!



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  19. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    Yeah i thought so that You probably mistaken the Arena with the entire Town :) for the future: Sunken Harbor is the whole Town/POI with the Arena being a part of it, so you just could said "at the Sunken Harbor SIN Tower".
  20. Krhys Commander

    Yeah, that sounds about right!
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