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    Welcome to the Comprehensive FireFall Guide v0.400!

    Note that this is all information taken while the game is/was still in alpha. This means all the information could be subject to change. Most of this information is also without taking into account the possible customizations for the different battleframes, weapons, altfire modules, ...

    Every chapter has a small shortcut that makes searching this entire post quite easy and simple to use, just search for these letter combinations for the corresponding chapter!
    1. General Info
    2. Community channels & Social feeds
    3. Important Links
    4. Movement
    5. Basic controls
    6. Life and Death
    7. Character vs Battleframe
    8. Leveling
    9. Battleframes
    10. PvP Objectives
    11. Pve
    12. Account security
    13. System requirements


    General Information (READ THIS FIRST)

    Community channels & Social Feeds

    Important Links


    Basic controls


    Continued in the posts belows :).
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    Life & Death
    Character vs Battleframe
    Continued in the post below :).
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    Secondary Weapons

    Continued in the post below :).
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    PvP Objectives


    Account security

    System requirements



    Version 0.100
    - Base guide is here
    - Planned stuff:
    add some video links and some picture links to a new section
    add an UI section

    Version 0.101
    - Added SIN network
    - Raged at 10k char limit

    Version 0.102
    - Got some typos out (thanks Kharon!)
    - Namechanged Ashdrite to Aranhas (stick to a name already! :D)
    - Updated some alt fire modules for assault and medic
    - Added a small section in pvp about sunken harbor
    - Changed the description in battleframe vs character to make it clear you can have different battleframe-layouts, even if the battleframe itself is the same.

    Version 0.200
    - Added the engineer!
    - Changed the abilities from numbers to the event they were first announced, will continue to do so with patches
    - Added: Community channels & Social feeds
    - Met the 10.000 character limit 4 times again <3

    Version 0.300
    - all new info from GamesCom added
    - secondary weapons now have their own section
    - updated dmg on plasma cannon, sin, gamemodes, ...
    - added several abilities and secondary weapons (exact amount of dmg done etc)
    - added new alt fire for medic gun

    Version 0.400
    - all new info about the brand new Dreadnaught!
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  5. sorophx Fan Site MVP

    heh, it's going to be hard. kudos :) I suggest others to drop quotes in here to facilitate your work
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  6. sorophx Fan Site MVP

    hah! I remember playing this on arcade machines back in the day
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    Nice thread! I can tell this shall be quite informative:D Keep it coming!
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    Alright, off to bed for now, will start editing tomorrow again when I'm home from my classes. That is if you guys can manage not to post 1000pictures and videos so I don't have to update the other thread :D. Any info and corrections can be posted and will be much appreciated.
  9. RyuZero Lieutenant

    All i say i was enjoying pax and playing the demo of firefall make me want the beta to come out even more now
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    Wax on. Wax off.
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    Hoder have you thought about putting this info on the FireFall Wiki?
  12. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Hmm, I could be remembering wrong, but I dont think the Plasma Cannon can 2 shot anyone but a recon. I think it did around 600 with a direct hit. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also, you should probably mention the alt fire scatter shot (and that you will be able to customize your alt fire).
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    Can I make it shoot waffles?
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  14. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando

    Isn't your other EPIC thread pretty much doing the same thing as this? Or is this supposed to take that info and bring more detail to it?
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    This sound cool, I just found out about this game yesterday, so it's be nice to have some info! Thanks!
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    Nice, go for it, mate!
  17. SixShot Apex Predator

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    If any other thread or firefall wiki wants to take info from this post I don't mind, but since nobody gathered all the info together from pax (and a bit before and beyond). I was thinking I'd do it, since atm it's scattered throughout the forums. Alot easier aswell to make a new thread and just reserve a few posts instead of post a huge post on page 10 from an existing thread then post some more on page 11 and so on. Just makes it clean and readable.

    For now I'm far from done and good to know the damage is around 600, so that means 3shot, maybe 2shot if they took some damage or facing a recon.
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    The other one just links people around but has no real actuall text on it and people still have to look throughout all the different posts and interviews to get the information. I'm trying to bring it together in one text.