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    Some useful Console Commands
                      cmdlist: Alias of LisFuncs
                     cvarlist: Alias of ListVars
                    listFuncs: Displays a list of all console functions
                     listVars: Displays a list of all variables and their values
              aim.sensitivity: Player aim input sensitivity
     aim.sensitivity_scopemul: Aim input sensitivity multiplier while scoped
                         bind: Binds a key to a console command
                        clear: Clear the console
                         exec: Load a file into the command buffer
                         find: Find a cvar or command
                         ping: Send a ping to GSS and out to all remote players that can see us
                         quit: Exit back to the OS
                     reloadui: reload the GUI ( /reloadui in chat )
         replay_playback_begi: Plays back a previously recorded replay file
          replay_playback_end: Terminates playback of the game replay
          replay_record_begin: Begins recording a game replay, optionally to a specific filename
            replay_record_end: Stops recording a game replay
                   screenshot: Takes a screenshot to a file
                      showfps: Display the framerate in the corner of the window
                       unbind: Removes a binded key from any console command
    Some Key binds
              alt + ` : console
          Alt + Enter : windowed mode
            PrintScrn : saves screenshots to My Pictures/Firefall folder
    Shift + PrintScrn : saves a screenshot with UI in the image
    chat commands here

    updated 12/8/11
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    There are a ton of commands. Not sure which ones work for us or which ones are supposed to, but I hope they already have it set so that we can't mess with things we shouldn't.
  3. Mavoc Commander

    there shouldn't be any commands that users can/need to use. Access to it has been left in for mostly debugging use.
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    Is there a unstuck command? I managed to get into places that made me have to either wait for an enemy to walk by or attempt suicide :(
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  6. Mavoc Commander

    To my current knowledge, not yet. The topic has been floating around so it will come in time. Our goal is to have all commands that a user might need to user be either in the options menu or usable from a chat slash command.
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  7. Vidrak Commander

    ROFL, I think I was in that game, Grinds. I remember seeing you wedged in between a building and/or terrain a time or 2 ;)
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    I am surprised nobody tried to spawn a buggy or anything. The console would autocomplete for you.
  9. Herobrine Beta Vanguard

    A nice command would be a /ping or a /fps command. Unless I'm mistaken and this game already shows those somewhere, I have not seen them yet.
  10. Fixious Beta Vanguard

    They show if you're in windowed mode.
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    I found
    loglevel NetLib debug
    to be interesting, it gives good indication if your connection is broken or not, also

    Additionally, alt+z removes the UI so you can derp around in checkerland while waiting at the loading screen....

    I've been doing a small amount of reverse engineering on their web api's to see if i can do anything cool like player stats, so far I haven't had the time really dig in yet...

    Public webapi some day? I'd love to write some dynamic signature images that show player stats :D

    Tomorrow I should have more time to really dig into it... Reminds me of my Minecraft modding days xD

    edit: As a point of clarification, I'm double checking the NDA before I start doing that :p
  12. Herobrine Beta Vanguard

    Did not know that. Thanks.
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    We do have plans for a public web API in the future. Reverse engineering the protocol, or any part of the game is a violation of the NDA. The web API is not available for public consumption at this point in time.
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    Even if it's only released to other beta players? It'd be great to have some cool community tools. I promise not to be a cupcake :)

    Nonetheless, I lurve me some programmin... Lemme know if you guys want any help testing or designing any public API's. I write in everything, and I'm obsessed with this game :D
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    It's cool that you can program, Chrisinajar, it really is. I mean, it's something I wish I could do. However, it might not be the best idea when JD Harris had just explicitly stated that reverse engineering violates the NDA (which remember, was in response to what you stated earlier). We'd still like you to stick around for more beta testing and not get in trouble :)

    'sides, sounds like you'll get a stab at it soon enough. I think it's worth waiting for :D
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    Which is why I asked permission, and won't because they said no......... Did you read the above posts?
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    I'm sorry, I didn't catch that part! All I saw from your last post was 'Even if it's only released to other beta players? It'd be great to have some cool community tools. I promise not to be a cupcake :)' and was under the impression you were still trying. My bad :)
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    public stats brings darkness to team players.
    every game is about personal stats.
    forget the objective, we are here for the kills.
    because kd-ratio fuels our e-peen.

    also public stats demotes competitive gameplay to personal level.
    frag all game, whine to team how we lost, how their score sucks because they were trying to get the objective while you were sniping outside, sound familiar?
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    It's difficult for me to express how much I disagree with you. I firmly believe that having community resources and public statistics (NOT JUST KDR) would immerse players much deeper into the game.... Data mining for interesting statistics is also a blast, even if not released I cannot wait for permission to start doing this at least for my own personal entertainment.

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    not much more data to collect, mayby weapon usage and hotspots.

    I can't come up with anything else that could be useful...