content dump (get it while its hot)

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  1. Firemoth Commander

    Firefall concept art booklet & official soundtrack (mp3+wav) (677MB)
    Firefall soundtrack, "bootleg" soundtrack (additional in-game music)
    Firefall Affinity Manga (132MB)

    List of internal zone names (as provided by FadedPez, i think)
    Flavor text from in-game lore cards

    Screenshot & images dump
    another image dump

    Astrek Association (fansite) Complete warpaints guide. preview any warpaint on any frame

    Firefall Arclight intro


    Firefall Blackwater Anomaly Gameplay Trailer


    Firefall Cinematic Trailer


    Firefall Gameplay Trailer (Jan 2013)


    Firefall Gamescom 2012 Trailer


    Firefall Live Special Tiki Edition
    Firefall Official Open Beta Trailer
    Firefall Open Beta Story Trailer
    Firefall PAX Prime 2012 Gameplay Trailer
    'Firefall' Gameplay Video #1 (signed up for closed beta the day i saw this video)

    Bug Killin' The Anthem

    Lots of short firefall clips (mostly for various bug reports, some longer captures in there too) (1GB)
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  2. Clunker Mobile Fortress

    Pardon, but has anyone converted the Bootleg OST to mp3? running on Itunes, and it does not seem to like .ogg formats...
  3. Firemoth Commander

    any music manager worth it's salt, and most music players ought to be able handle the conversion. and theres plenty of free tools out there that'll do the same, and some are even good.
  4. DarkCisum Commander

    Neat! :)

    You forgot to mention that The Melding Wars gallery thingy:

    As you mentioned, the problem is iTunes... :rolleyes:

    Windows with FFmpeg
    FOR /F "tokens=*" %G IN ('dir /b *.ogg') DO ffmpeg -i "%G" "%~nG.mp3"
    Unix with FFmpeg
    for i in *.ogg; do ffmpeg -i "$i" "${i%}.mp3"; done
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