Cosmetics in garage/new-you vs world

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    Something that has been bothering me, is the difference in appearance of the various cosmetics you can buy in the garage (warpaints) and in the New-You station (face gear, etc).

    I took a few screenshots to illustrate :

    In the New-You station :

    In the open world, during night :
    Facing a light source :

    with my back to said light :

    In the open world, during daytime :
    Facing the sun :

    In shadowy area :

    So, this isn't something related to exposure to a direct light. It looks like the cosmetics are always over-exposed. It also seems the frame of the glasses or the monocle is black in the new-you, and white in the open world.

    It is also true for warpaints ; some of them look really washed out.

    And since these aren't free items, I think it's worth having a look at it. I know I was disappointed the first time I saw what I bought...
    With open beta in a couple of days, it's only a matter of time before someone spend RB on cosmetics and come here to complain in a less "diplomatic" way than I am right now :)
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    I will put a +1 on this. I love customizing my appearance, and some of these items need a little TLC or tweaking so they are a little more WYSIWYG.
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    I am in agreement. I bought a pair of goggles that look black framed with smoky glass in the New-U but in the open world they are white frames with bluish glass. I don't like them the way they "really" are. I want them to be the way I saw them in the New-U.

    I forget the name of the goggles off hand.
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    I had the same issue, I recently bought a warpaint, in the garage the lights were bright blue but in the game world they looked pale green.
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    I had this issue as well with the New You items not matching the real-game-world experience. It's like there is a missing shading pass, or maybe there is some ambient element that affects the textures in the models which is absent.

    One observation: When we're buying gear in the New You or Paint Shop, we're seeing it in a idealized balanced white light setup against a dark background. Outside there seems to be a lot more variation. With the Locust paint scheme, the battleframes look nice and dark, but in Copa by the nanoprinter I've seen this it almost look white due to the intensity of the "sunlight" amplifying up the base material in a unrealistic way. It looks pretty awful sometimes, but it's also a labor-intensive problem to fix I imagine while Red5 is building out new game content. I'll suffer with my "It's a baby boy!" blue-colored shades in the meantime :)
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    Hmm rly? how about they just turn those Purple/pink glasses black / greay ? Totally black would be better then what they are like now..

    I also procured those glasses. I now consider to have done so under false pretences. As i guess many of us "feel" somewhat duped let us join together and create a club.. =/)

    No To Pink/Purple Tech Glasses, Yay To Black Tech Glasses.

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