Crafting: Advance MPU Bug

Discussion in 'Items & Resources Bugs' started by albireohawk, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. albireohawk Commander

    alright I'm sure I already have my Advance MPU count to 4 and i decided to craft another one for Baneclaw.

    After waiting for it to be produced, the count still shows as 4 :/ so i've decided to craft an Advance Thumper, and the count still remains 4.

    What happened here? :/ Bug perhaps? Any help?
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    I have had an Advance MPU bug as well, which i reported directly, but i think it bears mentioning here because rather than inventory lag, which i had attributed it to at the time, maybe it is an issue with only the advanced MPU. My issue was trying to make an Advanced Thumper, it said i had all the components but gave me an 'error' pop up when i tried to complete the thumper. Assuming that it was a glitch, i relogged multiple times only to experience the same thing. Hours later when i went back to the printer, it now said i didn't have the Advanced MPU. I created another one and was allowed to roll the thumper.
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  3. albireohawk Commander

    odd.. but now i've fixed the error already :D already have 5 MPUs now and ready for baneclaw :3
  4. Highrisk AMD Operator

    Ok, I also had this encounter once.

    First, I don't have an ADV MPU, so I made one ( was trying to make and Adv thumper)
    Ok, I finally crafted my Adv thumper.

    I decided to craft another Adv thumper, this means I need to craft another MPU, but then I saw I still have one ( It Got Duplicated !! :O )
    But no, its not usable, instead i get the error similar to the screenie above.

    (Sorry my english)