Dawn of the Invasion: Leaderboard and Community Rewards Update #4 (July 11, 2014)

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  1. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    As announced here, our resource migration event is ending in just a few days on July 14th when our game servers are brought down for extended maintenance. While all un-donated resources will be removed and applied to progress towards the individual achievements, those automatically applied will not be counted towards the leaderboards. With that said, read on for a look at the latest list of top donating ARES Pilots as we’ve had some big place movements and some new names on the list!

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    Data current as of July 11, 2014 at 12:00PM PDT.
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    How the ever living hell does one get 75 million resources?
  3. Dakirn Oilspill's Muscle

    Yeah.. obviously no exploiters in there. At all.
  4. Dakirn Oilspill's Muscle

    Well, you setup a market bot API that buys all resources at a set price instantly which Red 5 is okay with. Then since you have millions of exploited CY, you just buy your way.
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    Sounds reasonable.
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    When is the teaching thread going to show up
  7. mouzed Founder

    Everyone knows that the leader board is exploited. :red5: didn't care in the past, they will not care now.

    Chill and enjoy.

    >) Commander Hevn Out.
  8. Tostie The Flying Dutchman

    75million.... riiight
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    Hopefully, this doesn't end up happening with the DT pushback leaderboard
  10. Dakirn Oilspill's Muscle

    Apparently L33t had over a hundred million CY and just converted it to beta resources.
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    "Alright Raid, everyone use the Copa Arcporter and get the +7% HP buff."

    Nvm.. Only lasts in Coral Forest..
  12. L33T* The Best

    To clear up some doubt, and put minds at ease, I am not the only one with amounts or potential amounts this high. colJake also has some 75m+ total assets, and he hasn't logged in for months.

    I did a lot of thumping of epic quality resources back in the day when they were very valuable, and made tons of crystite by selling them at high ratios such as 1:100. I haven't exploited or duplicated anything. I have used multiple accounts for things such as Blackwater though, as it's more efficient. In all seriousness though, I really only wanted to be the richest in crystite--having a high number of donated resources in this event being an obvious byproduct of achieving the aforementioned.

    Here's a screenshot from back in the day late last year:


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    If you really did do it legit, good for you. That's some work and market smarts.
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    ok i only now actually looked at this and is it seriously an accord assault, arsenal, and 3 recons for the holo-statues?
  15. L33T* The Best

    Thank you, man, it means a lot, especially given that I'm looking towards an MBA :)
  16. Varixai Hero of the Accord

    1. Can we please see the forum avatar border the top 100 will get?!
    2. I'll be posting a detailed leaderboard with movement numbers and new additions on this thread very soon.

    P.S. The board could change so much over the weekend.. with no update after friday when we have the whole weekend to farm/donate.. that can turn out so bad.
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    from left to right, I think the frames are: biotech, dreadnought, assault, recon, engineer
  18. Varixai Hero of the Accord

    Super list #2, with rank changes and added resources!

    (click for full size awesomeness in new tab)

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  19. misterXCV Beta Raider


    No offense, dude but u insane. In a bad way.
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