Demonic Angelic: Souls of the Dammned and Ascended

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    ((ladies and

    Mythology. The 'practical' understanding of the world as humans saw it and still do see it to this day. Creatures and beings of immense power living synonymously with these 'mortals' to create some of the most well known stories and legends. Today. That's all they are, little more then a legend written up into a book in some dusted and worn text. However, the reality and even the ability to see that which was the truth was locked from humanity many years ago.

    A pact was signed between Two planes of a Triangular system. One High Above Governing the souls of those of just and honest descent. And one far below in an abyssal plane of torture and hellfire. The Agreement? To restrict human interaction as much as feasibly possible. This worked for a time...considered short by those of an immortal nature. But their work soon became common place in the one realm they swore not to interact.

    The World of mortals has now become the very thing the two realms set to keep secret. This world soon became the playground, office, and sanctuary for many of the souls unfit or uncaring of their respective realms. These Creature Known by humanity as 'demons' and 'angel's' Commonly interact with the human race without the slightest indication as to what dangers and salvation come into their worlds.
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    Gabriel/Skies/Human Plane

    A quick flash from the skies above and a figure could be seen falling for a moment before his wings spread...large beams of immaculate light that could be called 'weapons' by those primitive enough to believe so. Gabriel was in his armor descending slightly. "Of course...why is it banishment is always the most painful sort of dismissal from her court." he said in a rather gruff tone.
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    He walked along the lip of one of the many craters, staring up at the earth in the sky.

    "Here we go again."

    With a smile on his face, he took his hands out of his pockets and clapped slowly for several seconds before disappearing.
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    Ezekiel/Skies/Human Plane
    Motes of golden light collected to form a stern looking man in glasses, his ice blue eyes staring down at his companion as his own brilliant wings spread. "Raguel isn't very happy with you. There wasn't much I could say to him, but you didn't have to do something so... Enthusiastic."
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    Gabriel/Skies/Human plane

    He flipped himself while still gliding through the air looking squarely up at his long time compatriot. "Raguel? that Being is little more then one far to obsessive with the rules to notice the actual reality of things! Enthusiastic? Perhaps! Required? Absolutely!" he said crossing his arms in a staunch defiant defense of his actions.
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    Ezekiel/Skies/Human Plane
    The sealed Seraphim frowned, mulling over Gabriel's words before responding. "He's still a Seraphim and deserves your respect. Not to mention that he's your senior, and has probably seen cases like your before. This is the best thing to do, just trust me if you won't him."
  7. DreadPyrat Arc Runner

    Akrasiel/ Mogadishu/ Roof of Abandoned Uruba Hotel

    One of the benefits of being an angelic sniper was that she didn't have to do recon. Omniscience was a great boon and saved her the annoyance that mortal snipers had to go through as part of their day to day activities. As such, she watched the Fallen One that had taken up residence in Somalia and set himself up as a drug lord turn out the light in his bedroom and close his eyes for the night through the telescopic scope on her AS 50.

    Laying on her belly, even though she didn't really have to, the night time breeze off of the coast blew her long silver hair back. Taking a deep breath and leveling her weapon, Akrasiel took her shot, blowing the Fallen's head off like an exploding watermelon.

    Thinking to herself, she sighed. Some watermelon sounded really good right about now. The avatar gathered her things and disassembled her rifle, wondering where a good place to go for watermelon would be as all the lights in the villa a mile and a half away turned on and the sounds of an alarm ringing wafted towards her on the wind.
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    Aron was wearing a Grey Hoodie and Blue Jeans, he had a water melon in his hand and sat on the edge of the hotel and looked up at Akrasiel he raised a eyebrow and tossed the finished watermelon over his shoulder. "Good shot." he had just appeared and looked at her again he knew who she was but wasn't scared of her like many others.

    On his arms his wrist blades were hidden beneath the sleeves but only someone with who looked for them would notice the slight bulge.
  9. DreadPyrat Arc Runner

    Akrasiel/ Mogadishu/ Roof of Abandoned Uruba Hotel

    The arch angel sighed and shook her head as the little one popped up on the roof at the tail end of her latest assignment. Shouldering her rifle case, she walked lightly over to Aron and ruffled his hair, speaking in her usual soft and mousy voice.

    "It is not nice to tease thine elders in such manner, young Aron." She smiled softly down at her little brother.
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    Ezekiel/Skies/Human Plane=>Mogadishu
    "Speaking of which.... There he is now. Or more specifically, there she is. Coming, Gabriel?" Without waiting for a reply, or perhaps dreading it, he burst into golden lights once more.

    Moments later, they collected again besides the two angels in Mogadishu. "Ah, Raguel. Or Akrasiel, I do believe he calls his better half. And then young Aron."
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    Aron looked fairly unamused as she ruffled his hair and rolled his eye's as well. "Of course it isn't, how rude of me not to offer any?" he then smiled as she gave him her usual smile.

    His wrist blade extended and cut another piece of watermelon off and held it out to Akrasiel, "Sorry there's seeds." he glanced over Ezekiel as he appeared and sighed, he hated being called that.
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    Kanelronsiaak/ New York City Bar/ Night

    As the massive man across from him drank his eighth shot of tequila, the group around them cheered as the man wobbled a bit. Smiling, Kane grabbed another shot glass, (his ninth), and quickly downed its contents, mostly maintaining his facial secrecy by revealing only his mouth. His Caucasian lips smacked, and the mostly drunk crowd make even greater noise for this strange man who had come into their bar and demanded a challenge from the most able drinker there. The man across from him looked at the pyramid of downturned shot glasses in front of Kane, then back to Kane's face, then back and forth a couple of times. Picking up his ninth glass, he tentatively brought it up to his lips, before promptly keeling over in his chair, the side of his face slamming into the bar's wooden floor. The people cheered as Kane strolled out the door, pulling his mask back down over his face, black trench coat trailing behind him. Walking into a deserted alleyway, the man made sure none had followed him. Looking up into the sky and concentrating, he disappeared from the alley and reappeared three hundred feet above the city. The masked Fallen disregarded the fact that his entire left leg was missing, and just fell as it quickly regenerated, sadly lacking any black jeans leg or running shoe. As he flew through the air, he laughed, tones of pure joy echoing around him, sound waves bouncing off of the surrounding skyscrapers.
  13. DreadPyrat Arc Runner

    Akrasiel/ Mogadishu

    Her smile broadened and her violet eyes got bigger as she reached out to take the slice of watermelon from Aron. "Thou art forgiven, sir." She waved a hand over the slice and then took a big bite out of it, her eyes closing as she savored the melon.

    As Ezekiel coalesced near them, she raised both eyebrows happily as she swallowed the bite of now seedless watermelon and wiped the juices away with the back of her arm. "And another of mine brothers. How fortunate I am this day!" she said in complete honesty, quite happy to see her spiritual family.

    "Greetings, Ezekiel. How farest thee, brother mine?"
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    "Quite well, thank you. Gabriel was booted from heaven yet again to think about his actions by your, ah, worse half." He stiffly smiled, obviously putting in a lot of effort. "He's quite the handful. Hard to believe he shares the same name with her."
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    Aron nodded and smiled as she took the piece he chuckled as she looked very happy with the piece of watermelon. Aron then cut himself another slice and then remembered Ezekiel and held it out to Ezekiel, "Would you like a piece?" He said fixing his hair after Akrasiel had messed it up, she always did that.

    Aron raised his eyebrow at Ezekiel's comment. "Gabriel got the boot again?"
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    Kanelronsiaak/ New York City/ Night

    Milli-seconds before slamming into the concrete ground, Kane deconstructed his bodily molecular structure, and then reconstructed himself a foot away. Picking himself off of the ground, he dusted his coat off and strolled down the dark streets, whistling a tune he made up as he went along, left leg still completely bare to the elements.
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    A few moments after Ezekiel had made his statement a quick flash and a crash latter Gabriel appeared...of course the crash attracted some attention but he disguised it as little more than a cat that had not been careful and knocked over a few trash cans. He stood up wiped himself off...porting...such an arcane form of magic that he was also not very good at.

    He mad his way in the dark quiet of the night and crossed his arms looking over at Ezekiel, Aron, and his least favorite at the moment, Akrasiel. "I would presume the mutterings of my dismissal from the creator's court is why this gathering has acquiesced to this position?" he said gruffly once more...he was extremely young so holding grudges was something that he did. Many said. "Give him a few centuries he will straiten right up!" of course those were many of the female angels who well...that wasn't important.

    ????/New York City/Night

    A quick shuttering of light of red and there was a small figure standing atop one of the many building of new york. Her nearly dead set cold eyes scanning the area around her before she walked over to the edge looking down at the many figures below. She just scanned for a while watching the comings and going of the very simple mortals enjoying the time to herself. It was a little to chaotic at her home right now...something about a lower being revolution that was being put down by her brothers and sisters.

    The only thing that remained for the Tiny, mute, dead, princess was a matter of who was going to be watching over her. Her father would of course send some being or was just a matter of how long that one could stand her.

    Veril/Under-verse Library/Under-verse

    The little demon was cowering underneath his desk the many shouts,grunts,and screams of the Lower level demons echoing around him as they slammed the doors and windows of this Gigantic Library. Veril was far from worried about getting in...they were all to stupid to be anywhere near able to break the seals on the doors or windows.

    But he was just so very scared the noises they were chanting, Promises of things they would do to could he not be fearful of his existence?!
  18. SgtSavage Iceman

    Stan/New York City

    He shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket, his mere appearance at night ensuring that he wouldn't be bothered.

    With the hint of a smile on his face, he stopped outside of the grate covered entrance to a jewelry store.
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    Wraith/New York City
    With a burst of black flame that made the night even darker, a well dressed young man appeared in the skies of New York, clearly uncomfortable about something. Letting his brilliant green eyes scan the night with their slit pupils taking in all they surveyed, the obvious demon sighed. "Accursed sensing prowess.... And the wind is blowing. Let's hope that she's on that side of the city..." He twitched his nose, taking in the scents, unflinching at the general smog and grime, searching for the one scent he had been told to look after. His eyes widened slightly as the demon took in his chosen scent, before disappearing in another black inferno.

    An instant later, he stepped out next to the princess, peering of the edge and smiling a devil-may-care smile. "Hello, dear Princ- Ah, yes, I know you don't like that. Dear Mimi it is, then."
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    Mimi/New York City

    She turned to look up at a very cavalier looking young man. Of course she had met him before as was custom to meet the many lords of hell. But she had never met him as a demon. She looked him up and down with her cold, blank eyes before walking over to him lifting her head up before rummaging through her coat and grabbing something. It was a large white picket sign and she held it up over her shoulder and words started to etch themselves into it.

    'you are the caretaker then I presume?'