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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EricAZ4, Apr 15, 2016.

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    i got most of it recorded in the client if you would like to have it PM me
  3. DarkByke Founder

    Wish I could be there for the fun!
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    sadly it did not last long to much load on the server ):
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  5. Harven90 The Wave

    Omg really? My dream has always been to see a necronus in the Open World! Sad :(
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  6. #MFGA Tragedy Holmgang Champion

    Electrons turned it to glass and ignored all of it's attacks. I think it would've been cool otherwise.
  7. SILV3R SHADOW Commander

    heeeyyy, could i grab the replay file EricAZ4? :)
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    Yes it was amazing to see stuff like that in the OW!
    It was funny swarly was just dropping one thing at a time and we were destroyed it so fast so..
    He got the big guns :) and it ended in like 60 players seeing the white light :)
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    Quote from the zone chat "the best DOD ever" and this one was at lv100!
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    Thx for posting this! I took some ss's too. I'll try to post later
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    LOL @ how all the player icons just immediately drop to the floor when the beam appears.

    I'm glad everyone enjoyed the massacre as much as I did! Pez gave me the ok to do this more often, so you haven't seen the last of me.

    ... I think I need to find better cheats, though. Ultimately I'm a little unhappy at how quickly level 120 Necronus went down ;)
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  12. crazyjeremy Founder

    That looks awesome. Can you give us a heads up on the forums before the event in the future or does it need to be unannounced?
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  14. Direwolf Apex Predator

    Swarley, drop into Copa wearing your Necro suit so the new kids can see the sort of stuff we used to marvel at :cool:
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    Ops my bad! It was a level 120 even better!
    How much HP does something like that have?
  16. Clunker Mobile Fortress

    Oh maaaan!

    Missed it!
  17. NimbusCloud Founder

    dammit Swarley, i haven't had the pleasure of meeting you in-game yet. are you EU only or something? i always miss out on your shenanigans :(
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    It was about 5pm-6pm PST.
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    He lives in LA and I've seen him on for the last 2 days on the US west server.
    It makes sense
  20. FadedPez Community Manager


    It's not so much about the Necronus crashing a shard, regularly we just don't have quick tools to spawn them in. When I was spawning incursions, I had a calldown created by a designer that would call in the encounter. One was never created for Necronus. Swarley was likely doing that through game server commands (the perks of being a gameplay programmer!), which allows him a lot more control over what can be brought in on the fly than a calldown.
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