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Discussion in 'PvE Discussion' started by Graylight, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Graylight The Gun Show

    Is it just me, or is there something seem... Off, with the resource quality in Diamondhead?

    I was under the impression that all three Melding Pockets would (typically) yield higher-quality resources of a specific family. Sargasso has awesome biological compounds. Antarctica has awesome metals. So why doesn't Diamondhead ever seem to have awesome gasses? Whenever I drop by to do some scanning around the firepit, all I can find are green and white-quality materials, comparable to those in New Eden.

    Am I just plagued by terrible luck whenever I scan around Diamondhead? Did the resource server randomly generate a lot of (relatively speaking) low quality resources, and no-one's bothering to thump them out? Are the Chosen thumping all the blue/purple Radine just beyond the Melding curtain so that we can't get any?

    Can anyone enlighten me on this issue?
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    Diamondhead is Gases, except is bugged and only Nitrine can spawn to be thumped. Meaning Radine, Octine and Methine do not spawn. I have had purple Radine and Methine from the Event though, as it pulls from Diamondheads resource pool.

    Annoying bugged I have reported multiple times.
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  3. Dubbelklik Beta Vanguard

    I'm not sure where you got that impression. I've entered any one of the three at times and found low quality resources.

    You might just be getting unlucky?
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    One of the problems with diamondhead is, it's attached to copo. It's the first key most people make. The city that is never taken by the chosen so it's energy lvl is always 3. It also gives out hisser DNA. So it's the most thumped of the 3
  5. Mark Zima Interloper

    Except average population of Diamondhead is below 1. Almost every time I jump in there I'm alone.
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  6. coLJake Founder

    I've submitted a few bug reports on this. We're being starved of purple gases. :(
  7. Silenciaco Apex Predator

    Aph is right about DH. Red5 is aware of the bug.
  8. Xodin Founder

    Interesting. I hadn't noticed this but now that folks mention it, it does seem like the resources I get out of the mineral nodes (not just mineral veins) in Antarctica have a higher quality than the ones I get out of Diamondhead. Oh well. I can spend them on Constraints :)
  9. Aishi Black Cats

    Also to mention, I'd say a huge majority of players unlock diamondhead first out of the three arcporters.

    There's also more obvious "easy" thumping spots and Diamondhead also features more of the easier mobs when thumping. Antarctica has their Brantodon that take much too long to kill that you can't focus the trash mobs that will chip your turret down and Sargasso has a load of threshers that will take some getting used to to manage bigger thumpers.

    Obviously not the only factor (or a factor at all, cause of the bug), but I'd reckon it's related to what little high cy minerals there are resources up. Not to mention Copa is just more generally accessible because of relogging into it.