Do we have a chance to creat more than one character?

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Do you want to have this function in Firefall?

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Yes 25 vote(s) 71.4%
No 10 vote(s) 28.6%
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    I hope we can't.
    This function was introduced into many other games, WOW, EVE, Mabinogi...
    But really, this has destroyed so many players' orgnization in games, like Guild in WOW.
    Since you have a chance to have many characters in single guild, the guild actrually has less active players than it shows in guild info page. I don't know why but people just fell like to do that.
    Few other players, especially gold farmer, they just keep several character in different faction to just transfer some gold between them.
    Also, more characters means more storage room in server (it's Red5's problem not mine but I just hope you don't waste your hard drives)
    And I don't see any point to have more than one character in firefall, you can have different battleframe on one character and switch them when you want, and you can max all levels if you have enouth time.
    In order to have condensed and active armys, please don't add this useless function to Firefall!
  2. sorophx Fan Site MVP

    I think they will eventually limit it, because it is a free game. on the other hand, you can make as many accounts as you want, so it wouldn't matter anyway
  3. SixShot Apex Predator

    You can.

    And 1 character can use all classes the frames level up individually, it would be pointless having to be able to make several characters, but the option is there if one wants to.
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    i have a felling that in the future they will limit how many character we can creat and if you want more slot then you have to pay for it
  5. sorophx Fan Site MVP

    "mules" will probably be just as important in this game. never mind the fact that you can hog names you like
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    I would rather make a "commitment" to one character, and play that to the full.
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    well while we are talking about this, can we change our name in the near future?
  8. FadedPez Community Manager

    Right now players have the ability to make multiple characters. That being said, with the current plans, there is little use for "alts" since you can swap battleframes at any time at a battleframe station and you level each battleframe independently for one character. Also, since there is more emphasis on horizontal progression than vertical you can enjoy the open world content with your friends at any level. That said, as far as PvP goes, I'm not sure if we revealed any information about structuring pub matches based on level.
  9. Atavax Founder

    if there is a matchmaking system, multiple characters makes sense. make a character when i'm trying me hardest. Make a character for when i'm drunk. Make a new character to troll and kill lowbies.
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    Personally, I want at least 2 character slots. I like to use a certain name when I do competitive PVP matches, and a separate name for when I want to play PVE.
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    Presumably this will be available to purchase from the cash shop for your ingame character. As for your forum username, if you ask fadedpez really, really nicely he might be able to help you out on that one :)
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    i have a bad feeling about this really really really nicely :D
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    You may have to make a metaphorical deal with the devil.
    And by devil, I mean FadedPez.
    And by metaphorical, I mean get your coat.

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    The way i see it is if we are able to create 2 or more characters then we can see both sides for example the ponies and the brood might have different styles and you want to see both or you have a friend that you want to play with but he is on the opposite side so you can go on missions together. I'm just saying that if they do allow multiple person type things then it should be only 2 so you can play both sides. With the ability to change battleframes then there is no use of alts.
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    I really hope yall keep the character slots to a minimum. If you do get to change battleframes at your will there really is no need for alts...
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    i think 2 slots should be enough, one for a male char and another for a female char :)
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    My 2 cent.

    Yes, too multiple chars but limit the number to ?2? and if you want more pay for the slot.

    Red:red5:Studios needs to make money, that should be clear to everyone.
    Even I want to create a male and a female char but why should Red:red5:Studios pay for my greediness?
    A char does not take much of space on a sever BUT thousends or millions accounts with mutliple chars take a LOT OF SPACE on the servers.
    And someone has to pay for this.

    I am in favor of Red:red5:Studios and this game and I want to support it.
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    I'm with the deadly Chocoboo on this one, Having 2 or 3 slot's for carector's is enoff. If you whant more just buy a new slot. And for shure that :red5: will add this option in the cash shop. But i do finde that having multiple account is some what of a wrong thing to be able to do... but not much that can be done about it. The only real reson to having more thant one slot for me is when i play on diffrent servers: one for my main carector that i play with my freinds and other for a roleplay server or a heavy PVP server...
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    Other FTP games, such as DCUO, give you only a couple char slots, then others are purchasable either through micro-transactions, or monthly PTP subscription fees. I'm not sure if Red5 is going to offer a PTP option with additional benefits like DCUO, but it seems logical since other games are doing it and seem to be doing it successfully.
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    They could do like GA and have a couple slots, but all the inventory ect, is shared. Pretty much just swapping doll. But agree with the fact that there is no need for more than 2 or 3 slots.