Do You Even Art, Bro?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ThaCheez, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. ThaCheez Social Media Specialist

    Calling All Fan Art Submissions!

    "Do You Even Art Bro" is a fan art competition to showcase your art live on the air!!! But that's not all, out of each of the 4 submissions per episode that we feature, 1 will be chosen by Phobos, FadedPez, and myself to be voted on at the end of each month by YOU the Community!! There will be 4 monthly finalists and the winners of each month will receive an awesome Firefall Poster signed by the artists!!

    Submissions can be made at any time. You can submit any number of art pieces your heart desires as long as they are each COMPLETELY different and they are each your OWN work! Also, Art is a vast field including, but not limited to: Drawings, Paint, Sculpture IRL, 3D Sculpture, Sewing, Singing, Dancing, Video Editing, T-shirt Design, Logo Design, Character Design, Photoshop, Cakes, Cupcakes, Needle Point, Crochet, Poems, Synchronized Swimming, ETC.

    Thanks for helping make this an awesome monthly competition, I love the enthusiasm!!! :cool:
    Tune into Firefall Live Fridays at 10am pst on

    Subject Line - "FAN ART SUBMISSION"
    Include - Name, Forum Name, Address, Attached Art Work

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  2. Alondaar Commander

    Question: Is it the Arc Light poster? Because I've got quite a few of those now... :>
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  3. #3
    It's times like this I sincerely wish I had an talent to draw more than just stick people.
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  4. Brezals Beta Commando

    So when is the last date to submit?

    edit: nvm, the contest is each month.

    well sounds awesome, this game needs more fan-art! :D
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  5. ThaCheez Social Media Specialist

    You can begin submitting NOW! :)
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  6. Legend57 Lieutenant

    Damn! I need to finish my stuff ASAP!
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  7. raqyee Lieutenant

    My sister really liked my Firefall poster and she got pretty mad when I told her she can't have it. Good thing she's an artist so now there's a chance she could win her own. Is it by the rules if I submit the picture in her name?
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  8. Legend57 Lieutenant

    So if you say "All work must be your own" outrules most of the stuff I've posted so far - like my custom character pics (I would send a version of the Legend, but parts of his face and some bits of armor are from the original concepts)
    PS. Just in case, I'll still ask - If I post a bit more refined version (add a background, and fix a few minor details) of THIS - would it be accepted or denied?
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    Well, I'm not going to win that prize, that's sure ^.^
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    I dont see any reason your sister can't submit her own work. And anyway the OP doesn't mention age restrictions.
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  11. ThaCheez Social Media Specialist

    Good Point, have your sis sign up, maybe she'll fall in love with the forum and the game! :)
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  12. raqyee Lieutenant

    She's not a forum person. Also we use the same 2mbit internet which is not not enough to simultaneously handle two multiplayer games :(
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    Anyone got a good screenshot of a exploder aranhas?

    Edit: Before I go any further, is this strictly PnP or can we use design programs?

    Edit 2: Got my picture
  14. wFx Founder

    No, I don't think I can draw. If I was to draw something everyone would lose the little respect they had for me, I'm that terrible. In Art Class I got a 65, if you showed up you got a 65 that's how artistically terrible I am and it breaks my heart that I cannot contribute to this wonderful content creation call to arms.

    I look forward to seeing what other people come up with though.
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  15. Phobos Producer

    Any art is acceptable. Drawn, rendered, modeled, sculpted, baked, sewn, interpretative dance. Whatever you got, send it over.
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  16. Atavax Founder

    please yes!
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  17. ThaCheez Social Media Specialist

    mmmmm baked......
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    ya i can't even draw a straight line freehand, but good idea
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    So this is: So You Think You Can Draw, Render, Model, Sculpt, Bake, Sew, Dance.

    On an unrelated note, I'm really going to miss SyTyCD if they've stopped doing it, which I assume they have.
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  20. Brezals Beta Commando

    Someone should invent, melding muffins recipe, that person would have all of my votes.
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