Doomsday Event Live [Now Ended]

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  1. a vehicle Mentor

    The Doomsday event was like right after Tiki Time. I think the next Doomsday Event will be harder with Sober devs... just saying.
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    12pm PDT = 7pm UTC. Also, we'll be on all weekend long randomly in addition to the coordinated attacks mentioned in the article.

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  3. brad9 Titan Slayer

    had fun going againt boss with only 3-5 pilots at EU hehehe
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    hah there is more of them, you just need give them cordinates and there will be lot of reforsment cover you
  5. Sayan Descended Into Hell

    Just had Mika and Regerem here. They got mobbed pretty fast.
    And no, they don't have hats
    [IMG] [IMG]
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  6. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    lol now the Devs have learned first hand the reason we said some perks and other things were OP. XD

    The StunLock Prison is our specialty. :) :D Even if we are far from a structure we still lock our prey. :p
  7. DeckerBlack Beta Vanguard

    Their primary motive during the event is probably to test what they've put into the game to decide what needs to be buffed, nerfed, or removed. Their secondary motive is just to entertain us until the launch patch comes.
  8. [RUS] Fenr1r Lieutenant

    Get one too)

    If near will be raptors, it's be VERY fast kill...
    And... i wanna chosen LGV... o.o

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  9. DeckerBlack Beta Vanguard

    So we have these different types of dev Chosen:

    Doomsday Earthbreaker

    Doomsday Stormbringer
    View attachment 2066821
    (I can't get the image of the Doomsday Stormbringer to look like the picture of the Doomsday Earthbreaker)

    What other types of dev Chosen are there?
  10. [RUS] Fenr1r Lieutenant

    This remind me

    What other type ?!
  11. pector Mercenary

    ermagerd! im on your screenshot fen :D
  12. Harven90 The Wave

    Have the new event started already?
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    Should be LGV Race... with chosen. then a dance party in the melding. i'll bring tiki torch.
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    By now the event was marvellous, i have had a lot of fun with my army partners hunting the DOOOMS, tyvm to share your time with the comunity, this is very apreciate, cya tomorrow for the last battle.
  15. Harven90 The Wave

    Its awful for snipers lol... they move way too fast xd and Im not that good at sniping with fast objectives... lol
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    best resubly squad choise so far for againts doomsday chosens, 2 bastions+ 2 dragonflyses +1 electron
    ( 6 multiturrets 2x + 2 heavy rocket turrets + sublystations and electron overclocking stations) = heal, ammo and regen/dmg/energy buffs;) damn that was fun
  17. CrazySaVaunT Founder

    Heres a highlight of my friday COC live stream, our first encounter of the crazy strong chosen This event was such a great idea, we had soo much fun! We must have killed at least a dozen devs that night :p... though the price was high.
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    Will any devs involved in PvP balance be playing? I would just love to see them!
  19. EviltwO Field Marshal

    me too ^^

    p.s. without "freefall" kills. moar violence!
  20. a vehicle Mentor

    After seeing this event in action, I can't help but wonder whether this event is just an opportunity for the Devs to troll the players after so many years of the players trolling the Devs. :p
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