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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mrosmandxp, Jul 3, 2012.

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    hello guys i just got this game for Free! i asked the creator to give me a key you know im not english cant buy it and heres what he sended me

    Hi Mrhellxp1.

    We will give you a key if you spread the word about
    with your friends on facebook and twitter.

    But... sense i trust in your goodwill that you will spread the link, here is a key to Desura in advance ;)

    so guys go create account on desura and download desura then goto and download client/create an account.

    Inside Desura client, at the top left corner click the blue icon -> Tools -> Activate Game CD key or Gift but then the activate might not flash then delete the S and put the S back again then press Activate and enjoy a free full version of bloody trapland!
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    im installing the game myself hope you guys have a great day give this to your friends :)
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    lol thx for this notice =) ill be sure to check this out and ill tell my friends about it
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    np i cant believe he gave me it for free this was on youtube i messaged him i was a Lithuanian and i cant get english games well hes a good creator for giving a free key :) i installed it and im gonna help my friend and well play together
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    i noticed it only works for me :( but you can go to youtube and nicely ask him for a key then use the tips i gave you to install it :)
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    It said that it was sent to u so i cant use it
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    it said it was sent to a mrhellxp and that he should send me a copy....
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    could you say me the name of his youtube channel? i really want that game...
    i want to play it with my best friend :D it would be awesome :p
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    its pretty easy to find im, his youtube channel is 2PlayStudios he likes every bloody trapland video since its his game
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    Can i have the link to download bloody trapland [FREE]? Im from Indonesia so i don't have dollar anyway i always download free version and i always want free and + I'm still 11 years old.
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    What IS Desura?
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    It's basically a platform for Digital distribution of Indie games and free mods. Might get taken over by Steam Greenlight but it's an alright service
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    well im 11 years old myself.
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    hey it says i need to ask him to send it to me... incase he doesnt respond can you ask him 4 me?
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    hmmm you do know Mrhellxp1 is me? >.> i mean i just did post what he sended me Mrosmandxp,Mrhellxp,Mrhellxp1 are my accounts since they start with Mr
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    Hello ^^
    I just saw your post on here and it told me to ask you for the "code" or something after typing in the --> EPXSR-IP520-KRVB5-AARKE-COZSS soo yeah if you could help me that would be lovley ^^//Best regards Adam
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    What is the guys name on youtube