Drone Module Question

Discussion in 'Crafting & Resources Discussion' started by Derix, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Drone Module being the optional Component for shielded crater, anyone know much shield integrity the module gives between 1-500 quality? Just picked one up at 735 and curious of it.
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    I wanna say that it should show you in the build preview, assuming there isn't an issue or bug that I am not yet aware of. Also grats :)
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    Thats what Im trying to avoid =/
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    Trying to avoid putting it into the build options and having the preview tell you exactly what it does? Are you under some sort of stupid impression that things put into the printer can never be gotten again?
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    No, I'm under the impression that the gear preview within the crafting UI is a lie, which it has done before.

    Just like the Cake.

    I am also well aware of the circumstances of the printer and how things work within it.