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  1. Ephidel Founder

    This is where I will put up all of my Firefall music videos, some sort of "making of" videos, updates, and little previews/teasers. Everything I make game-related is uploaded on my Youtube channel.

    This entire thread was featured in: Firefall's Community Spotlight, February 10th, 2014!

    Most Recent Video

    Feed the Fire

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q38Ed5JDHwE

    ^Click on the link above for more details on the video.

    Special thanks to:




    They let me use their Firefall gameplay and other awesome videos for this project :)

    This is what the editor looked like:
    SS ff ftf.jpg
    If I had not rendered the graphics I would have had over 10 video layers, not even sure if Sony Vegas 8 can support that...

    R.I.P. Soaring Afterburner
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  2. Ephidel Founder

    The Melding Approaches

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuXzQH2NkE0

    This is my first Firefall music video, did some intense editing here. Got myself some Firefall trailers and demo gameplay footage for this one, more details in the video description.


    Back to Earth

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5W3k3YdN2o

    This video was featured in: Firefall's Community Spotlight, November 25th, 2013!

    I asked Karian (Ben Timm) to make a song for the project and he gave me this beautiful track! The video above is uploaded by him, check his stuff out! More of his links:

    Karian's Soundcloud (His stuff is mostly here)
    Karian's Facebook
    Karian's Youtube Channel
    Karian's Tumblr

    Thanks to Special_K™ for providing some clips.

    Additionally, thanks to Rardo for the Firefall font, download it here!


    Strive and Thrive

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9qoj_lO1d8

    I asked Alpha Orchestra to make a song for the project, he gave me this sweet track to use. Prepare for drums and chanting! This video is his upload. Check his stuff out:

    Alpha Orchestra's Youtube Channel

    I might have overdone some effects and visuals while I was playing around on the editor... Oopsies.
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  3. Ephidel Founder

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  4. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    very nice, very artistic?(is that the word?) and creative. Very mood setting, i like. Good job. I can see i really need a new editing program soon :)
  5. Oskar581 Mentor

    zOMG you my man are an Artist, your work along with the music you have chosen to blend with it are damn near inspirational, in your most recent video there is a shot from far off it's dark but I can see the SIN tower glowing, in that simple shot the surge of hope made me think of this "like Holy beacons shining in the dark, the Light of our SIN will always show us there are others, in the darkness" or something it was poetic when it struck but then faded
  6. Ephidel Founder

    Thanks :D was attempting something completely different from what I usually do.

    Thanks, and thats a nice take on it.
  7. GanosLal Mentor|1Mentorin

    Its just sooo beautiful.....
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  8. Ephidel Founder

  9. Oskar581 Mentor

    I love your stuff Ephidel when will you start work on the next big thing.
  10. Ephidel Founder

    I wanan finish this first, a rather complicated project. But I do have more plans for Firefall.
  11. Ephidel Founder

    Making something...
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  12. Ephidel Founder

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  13. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

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  14. Ephidel Founder

    ty, ty.
    lol, I'm up for that.
  15. Ephidel Founder

    Kinda wanna show a sequence of graphics and footage I merged into one.

    Bars and dots reacting to audio:

    blurred and deformed bars (just for an effect in the background):

    blurred bars (for glow):

    Wheel-like rotating bars + blurred copy (for glow):

    For colors, an inverted color spectrum of this screenshot, with a zoom into the flames:

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  16. Hotel6 Assault Specialist

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  17. Ephidel Founder


    (also scroll up to the first post on this thread if you wanna see it here, idk...)
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    nice job with the editing, the music suits the game perfectly :)
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  19. Oskar581 Mentor

    keep being awesome and I will keep spreading the good word of it.
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  20. Sawin Sky Conqueror

    aaaaaand I got hyped for playing Firecat again (Feed the Fire) :D Awesome videos, you had to put a lot of effort to do them as awesome as they are! Respect!
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