[EVENT] Cratefall 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Darsan095, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Darsan095 Commander

    Hello guyz! We are going to repeat our community event but make it really massive! So... I'd like to invite you join us 15th of december at 19 00 GMT (+0) in game with all your daily crates! Preferably more than 7 chests.

    You're welcome in our teamspeak (be aware - broken english speakers): ts.firefallrussia.ru
    Also you can ask our army members to move you this day. Their names and event layout shall be published in this post just before event.

    See ya 15th of december and check video from Cratefall One!

    UPDATE (15.12.13):

    Crate won't live 2 mins now! So when u drop it you have to left something in! White or green resourse for example.

    Depending on the amount of your chests, you will be assigned to Red, Green or Blue team. Coordination in the Team Speak (ts.firefallrussia.ru) or whisper Darsan or Bacterial (but TS is preferably!). Each team has its own zone. Zones are marked below:


    1. 19 00-19 30 GMT - Gathering on one mirror via TS. Distribution by teams.
    2. 19 30-19 35 GMT - Event.
    3. 19 35+ GMT - Making screenshots and having fun..
    4. 16-22 of december - Video release.
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  2. #2
    That looked epic! Fingers crossed there's some juicy blues in the pool that week :D
  3. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    I like this. This is really cool and I bet it will be awesome to see in game. Great video as well love the editing. I'll be sure to add this to the Event Calender on the New Eden Broadcast site and will signal boost it!

    December 15th? Christmas is coming early in New Eden hehe :)
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  4. Ragnarz Barricade

    Thanks to google translate I can say awesome in russian здорово
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    I will be there if I can. Work my thwart my plans. Will see.
  6. Driller Storm Rider

    Saving up them crates starting today!
  7. NeoXonE Founder

    It would be even awesomer if we can do this again on Christmas Eve ;)
  8. Fox_exe War Machine

    Say better: Супер!
  9. Efface Mad Scientist

    Not sure I get this, but the moonwalkin firecat looked pretty cool
  10. Dr. Bacterial Unbroken

    already got 32 )
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  11. Darsan095 Commander

    I have more then 40.
  12. Driller Storm Rider

    Well I had over 70 daily login and daily reward crates.Used them all week before 1 redbean per crate came into play...
    Was I mad!?
    Not at all....enraged is more like it. /roar
  13. Omnires Mentor

    Nice event. I wound like to see it if I'm online than.

    Also still say that one of these days someone is going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time can get kill by one of those crates. lol
  14. Sandsnake On The Naughty List

    same here, i was up to 100 crates....
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  15. Driller Storm Rider

    dat sucks m8 :(
  16. Sandsnake On The Naughty List

    worst bit? i opened right before the patch that added red beans. like 1 or 2 days. srsly fml :D
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  17. DarkCisum Commander

    Unfortunately I most likely won't be able to join. :(

    But I love the video and the idea behind it. Sometimes doing my own "Cratefall". :D
  18. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Heh awesome video :)
    Looks like a fun event.
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  19. Kream Pixel Arcfolder

    Looks awesome! Unfortunately, I'm a crate'aholic so I open them as soon as I see one or get one.

    The crate'ahol!
  20. Dr. Bacterial Unbroken