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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TwoShoes, May 3, 2013.

  1. TwoShoes Mentor


    If anyone needs Accord Merit Points or Crystite Resonators they can get them from events such as:
    • Taking back /defending Watch Towers.
    • Crashed Thumpers.
    • Melding Tornados.
    • Chosen Incursions.
    • Ares Missions.

    First step is to find the Crafting Vendor (Most likely Copacabana) and buy the Crystite Resonators. After that we will split into 4 groups and head to Copacabana, Sunken Harbor, Thump Dump and Trans-Hub, deposit the Crystite Resonators into the Power Amplifier Terminals until the POI is level 3, this will unlock the new special vendor for that POI. These vendors sell the parts needed to craft your own LGV!

    Possible prices below (credit to Springfield!).
    • Kaylee - Copacabana - 100 Crystite | The Cobra P-39 Keys
    • Corporal Leticia Delgado - Copacabana - 50k Crystite | Tri-Axial Wheels
    • Carl Denman - Sunken Harbor - 50k Crystite | Microfusion Engine
    • Corporal Jato - Thump Dump - 50k Crystite | Transverse Suspension
    • Staff Sergeant Thane Fisher - Trans-Hub - 50k Crystite | Metalloid Chassis
    You also need these vendors for progression!

    This is event brought to by FF.A.N.Z. TeamSpeak information is here:

    -TwoShoes Out!
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  2. Twistedinc Beta Vanguard

    Until we have a firm idea of how much Crystite we need to buy the parts, pumping up the power level may not be an efficient use of Resonators. It would be a shame to get all the POI's up to speed, to then discover we had a month of grind/play/saving to go before we could afford the parts.

    EDIT: Just want to say that I applaud the efforts of FF.A.N.Z and any other group to set up in game events for the community. I've had great fun in the past on Thumper Parties, Hide and Seek games and general fooling around with the community, and I'm looking forward to Thunder-bumping after the patch drops.
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  3. dotty23 Storm Rider

    well, someone's gonna have to try it, unless R5 give us the prices...

    I'm in :)
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    I understand you point of view, in regards of the Crystite, but to get the new LGV you have to upgrade the POI's to level 3 to unlock the special vendors.
    When that is done you can by the peaces you need to make the new LGV.
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    I'd have to agree with twisted with regard to the original idea.

    We don't yet have any idea what the rate of decay of POI power levels is. Plus, remember, you can buy an LGV with beta crystite (75k) which may just end up being the easiest way. Of course, seeing how much it will cost to actually make the LGV will be good information to have/content to test for when the game goes public.
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    i understand about the question of decay of the POI really i do, but if you don't go and do some upgrading and see the decay rate then you will never know how much you need or how long the upgrade lasts.
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    ..we do? They are awarded from completing open world events, or bought with 1 AMP. It says so in the patchnotes. The part which is even quoted on the OP.
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    OH wow. You know, i just saw that and still it didn't register. I'll edit my post and go slap myself in the face.

    But I'll be more eager to see how many AMP's it will take for progression with tuned values before committing mine to the cause.
  9. TwoShoes Mentor

    This event will be running from when the patch launches, and will be open for all to join! You guys can pm TwoShoes, dotty or DHAC ingame for a shard pull :)
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  10. SpringField Field Marshal

    just a heads up for you folks to :) The cost prices for the LGV parts.

    +[R5S]FadedPez_ • Spring, I believe the total final cost will be around 200k, so potentially 50k a piece
    +[R5S]FadedPez_ • That's what I heard, anyway

    Let's see if Pez's hearing is correct. :p
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  11. TwoShoes Mentor

    Thank you Springfield, thats a nice price in my mind though the beta cy one is only 75k :p
  12. SpringField Field Marshal

    That one is also limited since the vendor will disappear when open beta launches. But we will see :)
  13. ~ Daks Founder

    If those prices are correct, why would anyone do it? Takes way more time, way more effort and costs over 3X more. I won't get mad till we see the prices in game but if I'm going to do that much work it shouldn't cost more than the one I can just go and buy... 50k crystite (10k for each part) total would be way more reasonable. If I'm gonna do the work it should be cheaper than the 75k one
  14. DarkCisum Commander

    Because the BCY vendor will vanish on 9th of July and because new content is always fun! :)
  15. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    Also gives players something to do other than clog up the printer areas in town all day. :p
  16. LoPhatKao Commander

    do it cause the blue tells you to

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  17. Razael89 Commander

    I like the cut of your jib. I'll help out any way I can.
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  18. dotty23 Storm Rider

    A) as somebody already said, the beta crystite vendor isn't going to stick around forever
    B) keep in mind that upgrading the POIs also spawns other vendors and gives other bonuses
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  19. TwoShoes Mentor

    Looks like this will be happening monday afternoon sometime, im looking forward to seeing you guys!
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  20. LoPhatKao Commander

    winning strategy
    spend weekend doing lgv races on a weak frame - make tons of amp and (maybe) some pilot tokens
    hold the amp til after patch, then have tons to buy resonators with

    kinda wish now i hadnt refined all my amp into awards/accommodations/ribbons :(
    oh well.. im available after 330pm pacific monday, ill be there with my kaobells on :)

    moar kaobell!
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