Fanfic Challenge Announced! (Fanfic Challenge #1 Discussion Thread)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FrostedBranFlakes, May 8, 2014.

  1. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Hello ARES Pilots,

    We've got a great RP community here, so we wanted to create an officially-sponsored space outside of the game where our fiction enthusiasts with a talent for writing (or at least the desire to write) are given a background to a story every other week (or so). During that time, authors can continue the story and decide what happens to their character.

    You can learn more about it by clicking the link above, and feel free to use this thread for discussion of the challenge or individual entries made. Remember! Please provide constructive feedback to other authors about their entries. Don't beat each other up, but help each other grow.


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  2. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    Brandon, You are breathing new life into this Community, its hard to keep up with all those announcements :D
    Keep Up the Great Work ;)
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  3. Fooni Commander

    I wish there was prizes though...
  4. Chryis Red 5 Studios

    ^What about a high five?! :D
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    "The Childhood of El Terromoto: A story of lifelong Vengence"

    Dibs on that title lol

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  6. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Dawwww, thanks! More to come, too!

    Hey Fooni! Glad you brought this up :) This is a challenge, and not a contest, so there will be not be a winner. It's simply meant to be an avenue for those looking to write Firefall fanfic, but with a little push down the hill (the back story), and a place for those with a similar interest to come together. We'll typically save the term "Contest" for certain things where there will be a clear winner, and most likely a prize provided.

    ((I should note that the 'Screenshot Challenge' is also not a contest, but is a bit deceiving since there are images that are selected for showcasing; however, there are multiple that will be selected for the foreseeable future and will come from many different participants.))


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  7. Craseder Dreadnaught Specialist

    Perhaps if someone comes up with something particularly stellar, there's a chance that it can become canon?
  8. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    This is actually an idea for a future contest I've been contemplating :) I'll share more details about it in the future if it's something I think we can actually do.


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  9. #9
    Just a few question: Is there a limit to how many words/how long it can be? Also, does it have to be in first person, or can it be in first?

    Also, I like writing technical details into my stories, and the battleframes as pieces of technology have left a ton open for expansions, so I was wondering if some details I was thinking of including would be good by the dev's and writer's design. The ideas specifically are:

    - The cloth(ish) components on the battleframes in my stories would be a graphene/kevlar composite weave that's light and flexible, and also allows for power conduits to be woven into them
    - Each class of battleframe has a different number of Crystite reactors. Dreadnoughts and Assaults have 3 (2 Primary and 1 Secondary). Biotechs have 2. Engineers have up 5 to handle powering all their deployables and abilities. Recon only has one to reduce weight and space costs.

    Either way, this'll be a fun challenge for me. It's been a while since I've tried my hand at writing combat scenarios such as this.
  10. MrPhixit Unbroken

    I will gladly read the "Siege of Dredge".
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    This sounds fun. I guess reading up on New Eden, its people, creatures, technology and the world would be a good idea to have a better understanding of how it works and looks, from a different perspective, rather than just down the barrel of a weapon.
  12. BloodyKharma Unbroken

    Nice to see that the Roleplay section is finally getting shown some love! :D
  13. *Shaira* Headless

    Are some of the best ones going to be shown of FFL?
  14. Juno Commander

    I am so into this.
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  15. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    No limit, and it can can be in whichever #-person you'd like :) Feel free to include whatever you'd like in the entry as this is Fanfic, including technical details, as long as it follows the forums rules :cool: Looking forward to your entry!

    Something to consider! Not sure viewers would just want to watch us reading them though? Maybe we can talk Frank and Sara into acting them out live :p


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  16. *Shaira* Headless

    Please Please do it i beg of you it will be hilarious.And Frank, Sara i hope you read this.
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    I haven't written much in a while, so I gave it a crack. Hopefully it's not too terrible, but I feel like it is.
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  18. Naihlya Commander

    I can already hear the screams of Pez echoing through the halls of the R5Studios office complex...
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  19. McFini Skullbane


    All the more reason for them to do this on a regular basis, right? ;)
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  20. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion of our first Fanfic challenge!

    While we are preparing to post the next edition, please feel free to continue the discussion here or contribute an entry in the challenge thread linked in the OP.


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