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Discussion in 'Community Events' started by brejifus, Dec 21, 2015.

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    Would Red5 please let everyone know what is going on with the winter-tide event this year Dec 2015 and the start date

    to elevate all the rumors going around we would like it straight from Red5 it would be greatly appreciated from ....

    thank you
  2. [HDP] ObsoleteVodka Beta Vanguard

    It's not happening this year. Confirmed by Pez somewhere in the forums and in a Not Firefall Live.
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  3. SkaDude Community Specialist


    Hello Brejifus,

    We will not be running our Wintertide event this year. We tested it out a bit to see if it was possible but we determined that there are too many issues with it right now and feel it would give a poor end experience for players.
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    Just the time to take one Warpaint from Copacabana Vendors and collect some achivements :D

    Can we test it again SkaDude? :p
    There is one more paint that i like :p
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    From what i heard so far the probs from the test (missed that one) and last year (witnessed many bugs and glitches :p) were not that bad... and you could send out a ingame mail to all players and say that there are/could be problems with the event and that the players who encounter problems are on their own if they try it or not.

    Maybe only on one shard or just in a specified area from coralforrest, or you could leave out one of the events that produce the most problems.

    And even if you leave out ALL events atleast place the decorations so it looks nice (and maybe the vendors so those who have tinstars from last year can spend them)...
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    thank you red5 for your response it is greatly appreciated we here alot in the servers not know what is true and what isn't thank you for clarification ....
  7. Onkeen Beta Explorer

    I want to try this !
  8. M2bandit Centurion

    It was pretty cool. One of my first firefall memories.